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County and city politics

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1026 days ago.
by LilPookie
Niles Municipal Court

Posts: 7 - So, the last I checked, as a judge in the judicial system of The United States of America, you are obligated by the oaths that you have taken and this little thing called, The Constitution, to make...

1169 days ago.
by ifudontknowujustdontknow

Posts: 1 - Hmmmm, Whats Next?

1195 days ago.
by MandatoryMullets
Video Cameras Spying or Security

Posts: 4 - County engineer Randy Smith claims the video camera system recently installed is needed for security. Do you really buy that? I don't. There are camera systems that do not include audio.

1291 days ago.
by pollwatcher
Trumbull County Sheriff's Race

Posts: 1 - Well, Its business as usual in Trumbull County, our Sheriff stopped by to drop off a fruit basket soliciting support for the Democratic endorsement..


Posts: 0 - ometimes the development of things far to imagine the opposite of. The orange male just pose ready to pick up yet Hope, But at this moment, she woke up.

1751 days ago.
by JustAthinker
Mahoning County Sheriff's Election

Posts: 0 - Has anyone investigative reporters looking in to why Sheriff Wellington fought so hard to enforce the rules that a county employee could not run for Sheriff when it came to his campaig.

1812 days ago.
by zipcityboy
Jim Traficant

Posts: 0 - Will he be re-elected?

1872 days ago.
by JudgeDrone
Family Court Magistrate Anthony Natale sleeping during proceedings..

Posts: 0 - ***********youtube****/watch?v=gBQ2ZBPyDhg he must have made someone mad to get the court recording released.

Septic system politics?

Posts: 0 - Well, we tried to take a walk along the Howland Township park boardwalk last evening. Couldn't get to it because of the septic tank stench that permeated the area.

1983 days ago.
by 0ldManGrump2
jim graham

Posts: 0 - hey folks,i think warren is so lucky to have such an inspiring candidate such as jim graham,who wants to be our next mayor.finally someone who is not part of the "system".

Trumbull County Judge

Posts: 0 - So who will be the best judge for the Girard Court? I see that 5 are running and don't really know anything about them. what do you all think?

2041 days ago.
by AEagle
Protests at McKinley Memorial

Posts: 0 - Feb. 22, 2011, I attended the Mahoning Valley McKinley Club dinner that honors President William McKinley’s birthday at the National McKinley Memorial in Niles. The speaker was Karl Rove.

2173 days ago.
Chamber of Commerce dust up

Posts: 0 - Why has the Tribune not been reporting on the current dust up with the local Chamber of Commerce and Mr.