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National politics

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Please take 4 min.

Posts: 0 - "Red Skelton's Pledge of Allegiance" if you are reading this, go to youtube, putin that title and watch the 4 minute video. The entire thing is amazing and uplifting.

Dems or Reps???

Posts: 0 - "In 2010, influenced by the Tea Party and its focus on fiscal issues, 17 states elected Republican governor.

1564 days ago.
by doowoptokidrock
chuck norris killed gadhafi!!!!

Posts: 0 - WASHINGTON - Federal authorities have confirmed that Chuck Norris, working with Libyan rebels, has killed Muammar Gaddafi! According to reports inside the compound Norris tackled three of Gaddafi’s...

1564 days ago.
by doowoptokidrock
He waved his sleeves

Posts: 0 - "Oh, is it? [url=***********bizonmall****/]coach outlet store online[/url]" Sheng Yu Xuan will be handed a porcelain vase in front of him.

1715 days ago.
by Footlost
Women & Politics: Should intermingling be permitted?

Posts: 0 - I recently spoke with a person who comments regularly in your reader forum and I was disgusted, appalled and quite frankly infuriated over a comment that she told me had been posted about women not...

1716 days ago.
by unitedfortruth

Posts: 0 - i hope you like bailouts americans. i hope you like stimulus.

1717 days ago.
by unitedfortruth

Posts: 0 - Well, they said that their first order of business was to make Obama a one term president. We now see how far they are willing to go to see that happen.

1717 days ago.
by cgroves
Facts of life and politics

Posts: 0 - Someone wrote that our President is BLACK ?????- OMG I did not even notice-but then I don't judge people by their race-their religion-their political or sexual preference-words that people need to...

1751 days ago.
by unitedfortruth
Spending faster than the speed of light!

Posts: 0 - Interesting tidbit: (these figures are rounded off) The U.S. debt increases about $60,000 per second. The speed of light it roughly 180,000 miles per second.

1787 days ago.
by politicalpoo
President Obama Rocks

Posts: 0 - And I get to make that the first topic ever in this forum. That is all.

1792 days ago.
by AmericanGirl
Birth Certificate

Posts: 0 - "Schooled! High Tech High Students Expose Flaws in Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate, Rescind Invitation for President to Speak at Commencement"....

1868 days ago.
by unitedfortruth
droppin bombs

Posts: 0 - "Nobel Peace prince Obama launched his liberation of the good people of Libya with his own shock-and-awe bombing campaign appropriately on the eighth anniversary of Bush's illegal invasion of...

1940 days ago.
by clemmens14
9.4 unemployment LOL

Posts: 0 - Ok, let me explain this monster of a lie to you, 9.8 down to 9.4 It takes 150,000 jobs to account for population growth in this country.