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State politics

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1453 days ago.
by 6079SmithW
Ohio’s right-to-work debate

Posts: 0 - The Ohio Workplace Freedom Amendment will guarantee Ohioans have a choice in whether or not they join a labor union and pay dues or fees at their place of work as a condition of employment.

1760 days ago.
by TacticoolOperator
senate bill 5

Posts: 0 - here is a little info on SB5, the bill that the republicans are trying to kill the middle class in ohio with.

1908 days ago.
by covertgirlisdumb
one term governor

Posts: 0 - there are approx 750,760 employees of the state of ohio and local governments within ohio, that is a huge voting force in this state along with all our family and friends, so i cant wait until...

1917 days ago.
by Daniel
governor and senate salaries

Posts: 0 - im really happy we pay this puke governor kasich $144,269 a year, and all our state legislators $60,584 so they can come up with garbage like senate bill 5 to kill our middle class.

1919 days ago.
by Enigma
taxpayer funded pensions

Posts: 0 - its real nice that our elected state officials only have to work 5 years to get a taxpayer funded vested pension, while the rest of us have to work 30+ but thats ok, i guess we dont need a middle...

1942 days ago.
by clemmens14
Where are the jobs???

Posts: 0 - So many job creation campaign promises were made and doesn't seem to be any progress. For every pink slip handed and there are many that is just more that are joining unemployed ranks. Mr.

1960 days ago.
by ObeytheConstitution

Posts: 0 - Help me if I am wrong, please. I have been reading about the Ohio code on recall petitions, and have discovered that the only officials subject to recall are the locally elected officials.

2193 days ago.
by alliaha
Bob Hagan Brings the Thunder

Posts: 0 - And everyone knows it to be true.