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Does Obama really care?

November 8, 2013
Tribune Chronicle |

The "Obamacare" production of so-called "affordable health care act" has saturated the daily news these days. Proving more to be "unaffordable" health insurance, our country is facing serious medical challenges. A growing number of wage-earners, I understand, are losing their private coverage, or being shackled by inflated deductibles and "out of pocket" fees. At the same time, those who are jobless and/or indigent, etc. can go to the ER with a "hangnail" and receive free medical care. There's something wrong with this picture.

Does President Obama, and his regime, really care that everyone has medical access? I doubt that, especially when under our present system no one with a legitimate need is turned away from the emergency room. No one will deny that our medical system has room for improvement, but that's not what's going on here. There's a deeper and more subtle scheme in play here by political ideologs, who hide behind the "caring" facade.

In his campaign for the presidency, Mr. Obama promised to "change" America. I assume that most folks really didn't know his definition of "change." We all wanted a stronger economy, etc., and what a shocker it was to realize that this president's desire was really to make our republic a gigantic, socialistic state. Not working alone, he took advantage of a growing trend toward government dependence. This has been spawned by a lazy, immoral segment of society that has lost its way; now almost 50 percent of Americans receive some government assistance. A growing number of folks have figured out that they can do better financially through government aid, than by working for a living. This is not what our forefathers had in mind.

Obamacare is part of a ploy to promote government control over the populace. The "haves" will have to give to the "have nots," until the "haves" don't have anything. This attempt to "level the playing field" is leading to a "classless society," one of the classic tenets of Communism. They know that those who control the pocketbook (economy) and the health care system controls the citizenry. Sounds like "slavery" to me.

In my opinion, we have a "Chicago thug" in the Whitehouse who is dedicated to destroying America as we've known it. Motivated by an insidious and distorted ideology, and bolstered by like-minded cronies, he will defend and promote his socialistic agenda with no regard for truth. He's a master in the art of "casuistry" - which is defined as "reasoning that is specious (apparently right), misleading, or oversubtle." (Collins English Dictionary) Simply put, "the end justifies the means;" whatever it takes to achieve one's goal is justified; therefore, misleading statements, bald-faced lies, etc. are of no consequence, so long as the desired purpose is consummated.

This left-winged agenda has been effective in a country that has lost its moral compass. After all, there's no right or wrong anymore, is there? Undermining the Bible, the Constitution, and legislative authority is the order of the day, becoming almost a virtue.

In his recent article, "Is there a way out," economist Walter Williams, labels the government entitlement program as "legalized theft." Congress is "taking the earnings or property of one American to give to another, to whom it does not belong." The government has no funds or resources of its own; therefore, we are faced with the reality that "the only way Congress can give one American one dollar is to first-through intimidation, threats, and coercion-confiscate that dollar from some other American through the tax code."

This "handout" mentality has become epidemic. It is rapidly leading to levels of federal spending that are unsustainable. But who cares? As long as folks receive the goodies, why sweat it? Liberal politicians make their re-election bid by playing Santa Claus, promising freebies that don't belong to them. How would a presidential candidate fare if he declared, as James Madison did in 1794, "Charity is no part of the legislative duty of government?"

Williams concludes that if we're to avoid ultimate collapse, it's going to take "a moral reawakening and renewed constitutional respect - not by politicians but by the American people." Could this be an economist's way of saying, "we can't fix this thing without Divine intervention?"

It's clear that we need an invasion of Truth into the hearts of a decadent, violent, and ungodly society. God's blessing upon our nation has been evident, especially when His Word, the Bible, was revered; but now we are facing judgment, and our leaders are powerless to remedy the problem. I think it's time to acknowledge our sinful pride and plead for God's mercy. It's time for our national motto, "In God we trust," to be stamped not only on our coins, but on our hearts. Let the "turn-around" begin.

Finnigan is a Howland resident. Email him at



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