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Lordstown turbines worth the investment

April 1, 2012
Tribune Chronicle |
DEAR EDITOR: The editorial on Monday in the Tribune about turbines being slow to pay off cost dismissed the effectiveness of the Lordstown wind turbines and was typical of today’s out-of-touch conservatives. The editorial dismissed a 20-percent to 25-percent reduction in electric costs the first year as if it was nothing. I am sure most of your readers would be happy to see their electric, their gas, or any other of life’s many costs go down 25 percent. The idea that you can’t invest today for tomorrow’s benefit is just silly — you don’t plant a garden expecting that tomatoes will be free by dinner. You plan for tomorrow today. Then, they like to talk of ROI (return on investment). I have never had a ROI on my electric bill. It’s just a cost to have light and heat, hair dryers, curling irons and dry clothes. No return, just used dollars. A penny saved is a penny earned, and if a city can do anything today to cut costs of tomorrow’s bills, that’s a penny saved. I say good job, Lordstown, and wish every town could be so forward looking. Thomas Collins Garrettsville


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