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Marvel of sowing and reaping

March 16, 2012
Tribune Chronicle |

It's seed time. Farmers are preparing their fields for the coming harvest. I gladly anticipate the locally grown fruits and veggies that will soon appear. Meanwhile, it's a treat just to view the colorful display of luscious produce at the local supermarket.

As I munched on some imported grapes the other day, I thought, ''What a gift to humanity.'' This delicacy is a result of the divine process called ''sowing and reaping.''

To this day, farming is still governed by unchanging laws. Preparation of the soil is essential, along with sowing the proper seed. No farmer has ever sown wheat, and reaped watermelons. The nature of the seed is the nature of the harvest; i.e. whatever is sown is reaped.

Significantly, the farmer reaps more than he sows. Just one kernel of corn planted will yield a whole stalk, with several ears, each having multiple kernels. He's then able to sustain his own needs, taking the rest to market. Such a positive, abundant increase is tremendous indeed.

Life in general is a result of sowing seed. Not only is it the ''principle of production'' in the vegetable kingdom, but in the animal as well. The male seed meets the female egg to initiate conception. Each of us became a unique human being through that process. How marvelous and miraculous is this divine gift of life.

Sadly, these graces can be easily abused and misused. The fire in my furnace serves me well; but if it escapes into the basement, it will burn down the house.

It's alarming that 41 percent of births are to unwed mothers. What does this say for marriage in general, and the hardship of young mothers and children in particular?

What about so-called fathers, who are nothing more than ''sperm donors?'' Have they considered the awesome responsibility of bringing children into the world? Has someone told them that it doesn't take much to father a child, but it sure takes character and grace to be a father to a child?

The family is being reinterpreted, and those who uphold traditional marriage are considered old-fogyish and politically incorrect. That's nonsense, and further explains why our country is headed for destruction. We are sowing the seeds of our own demise.

Believe it or not, there are definite distinctions between male and female, other than the basic equipment. It's well known that a young lady looks for a loving, secure relationship; thus, she will ''play'' with sex to get love. A young man, however, in a hormonal sweat, will play with ''love'' to get sex. Therefore, premarital sexual encounters come short of true commitment to marriage and family, leading to unhappiness and assorted heartaches. This is an unwarranted use of the seed.

Even in our daily interaction, we cannot escape this principle. For instance, each time we open our mouths, we influence someone either for good, or for bad; either we build them up, or tear them down. Words are powerful, being used to curse or to bless. It's been truly said that, ''There's been more deadly wounds inflicted by the edge of the tongue, than by the edge of the sword.''

We must reclaim our homes as havens for planting the seeds of truth and character. The airwaves must be monitored, and used for positive, wholesome purposes. A child's Bible storybook and other classics would be great assets for a daily share time. Children must be warned that the seeds of profanity, disrespect and other forms of ''wild oats'' can only reap an eventual whirlwind. This is a monumental task, but we need to get started.

No one changes overnight. All of us are today what we have been becoming. In other words, we are now living the harvest of seed sown in the past. That's a sobering thought indeed.

Finnigan is a Howland resident. Email him at



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