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Out with the old, in with the new

February 7, 2012
Tribune Chronicle |

We are more than a month into the new year and I wonder how many resolutions people are keeping? I do not make resolutions but I do make changes and keep commitments. One of the commitments I made this year was to use my Kindle daily. So far, I have kept that commitment. I read a lot and usually travel with books. Even if I am making a short trip across town I take a book because you never know when you will have time to read.

There were a few reasons that helped me see the value of owning and using a Kindle. One is that I read a lot and you can put a lot of books on a Kindle. Secondly I am pursuing a doctorate and thought multiple textbooks on one device would make traveling and studying easier. The third reason is that I read and study a lot for my work as a pastor/teacher. With the Kindle I take fewer books back and forth between my home and office.

Another reason involves my sons. They are far more technologically advanced than I am. They use the latest technology in both their work environment and their personal leisure time. But I like to tell them that there dear old dad is hip to the latest technology. They just smile and joke about me thinking I am technologically savvy. The truth is my youngest son is my regular tech support. He is only a phone call away.

Now I use my Kindle every day. That was one of my goals for the New Year. I do my early morning Bible reading and study using my Kindle. It was easy to download three different Bibles onto it. Two of them were free. I chose to read through the Holman Christian Standard Bible because I have never read it before. Recently I traveled to Indiana and only had to take my Kindle and a notebook for my early morning reading.

The space on the Kindle is amazing and I am grateful for how many books it will hold. One of the other books that I have committed to reading through this year is Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem and it is 1,290 pages long. It is a big old honking sized book and I am glad it fits on the Kindle and I do not have to carry the book around.

At first I did not think I was going to like using the Kindle and not having a book in my hands. But the more I use it the more I like using it. There are still things that I have to figure out like taking notes and highlighting sections. In a little time I will figure it out and take advantage of those functions. Using the Kindle kind of makes me think of Star Trek The Next Generation and Captain Picard using his reading device. Like I said, "I am so high tech!"

The sad part regarding the Kindle and its use is that I got mine before the Kindle Fire came out. But isn't that the way with technology? You get the latest and most up-to-date and then bam. It is outdated and something better has come along. Both my wife and I have Kindles and use them and both of us would like to have the Fire. Maybe someday.

Now I am not completely out with reading books, papers and magazines because I still enjoy holding a them in my hands. But I am going to try a magazine on the Kindle and I wonder about getting the Tribune on the Kindle. What about you?

Mazey is a Trumbull County pastor. Email him at



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