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Joys of being a grandparent

January 24, 2012
Tribune Chronicle |

Our second grandchild was born recently, and we could not be happier. We have two grandchildren now, and I am almost at a loss for words. Yes, I am a proud grandparent. One is a beautiful little girl and the newest one is a handsome little boy. Because they both live in different states we do not get to see them as much as we would like. But we make the most of every opportunity and of the latest technology.

Last week we skyped our granddaughter because she wanted to talk with us on the computer. Stop and think about how good it feels to get an email that your granddaughter wants to talk to you on the computer. It made our day. We set up the day and time and the date was on. We talked, read some books together, sang some songs and laughed. Then grandpa had to go back to work and grandma kept talking. Isn't technology amazing?

The day our grandson was born we received pictures via email. We loved it and could not wait to save them and print them. Then the next day we got the video through email of the baby sleeping and making cooing noises. It was a great experience.

Neither one of our sons lives near us but we do whatever we can to stay in touch and keep up with everything that is happening in their lives. There were times when they were young that people would tell us to enjoy them, because they grow up fast. I probably just smiled and said, "Yep." Now I find myself saying that same thing to young parents. Especially if the kids are acting up and the parents seem frustrated.

Boy I sure do know now how fast time goes by. I think of what I want to teach my grandchildren when I see them and get to spend some time with them. One of the first things that I told my new grandson was that grandpa Bill loves him and is praying for him. There is a Proverb that states, "Children's children are a crown to the aged" (Proverbs 17:6a). These grandchildren and any more that we have are special to me.

But responsibility comes along with them. I look forward to trying to be a good and godly grandparent. That is my responsibility and I humbly accept it. It is my responsibility to teach them what I believe and how that belief works out in my everyday life. I want to pass on my faith and beliefs to them. I want to help them learn about many things. I want to teach them how to play sports and to try their best so that they can learn to win.

Those are just some of things I feel responsible for. There is so much more to being a grandparent than that. I do not think anything really prepares you to be a grandparent. One day you just find yourself being one. Hopefully I will continue to learn, trust God for wisdom and love them.

You see, it is not only my responsibility to love them, but also to teach them about my love for God and His word and Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. I also want them to know that I love their grandmother, their parents and them.

Teaching them about those loves in my life is a good place to start and a good order, too. That should keep me busy and excited as I watch them grow up and become all they possibly can. Then one day they will learn that they need to be responsible, too. Now if I could only get their parents to move closer.

Mazey is a Trumbull County pastor. Email him at



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