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Climate change and behavior

August 21, 2009
The terms “global warming” and “climate change” seem to be a very big part of conversations these days, with some believing, while others will not. The question may be, was global warming directly caused by human blunders and will those blunders return back to humans in other forms? Could it be that there may be a direct link between temperature and aggressive, rowdy behavior? People, you know, are much more comfortable in a cooler room than in a very hot, sticky room where you may tend to be angrier and form an aggressive demeanor. They say also that warm, hot regions in a country tend to have a more violent crime rate. Could climate change have a real impact on our personal psyches? Could it change great personalities into hardened criminals? Most crimes do seem to be a result of angry thoughts and feelings. Rain or snow, so they say, can disperse and dampen the dreary thoughts of most criminals. They don’t like to do their work in the rain or snow. We all have seen and heard the devastating results of disasters such as hurricanes and floods as in Hurricane Katrina, where, in the aftermath of the storm, there were many cases of mental illness, depression and panic disorders. Forced separations as a result of the disasters can also lead to big time mental problems. As temperatures warm up in the midwest, the threat of flood will be dominant, so they say. With much warmer temperatures and more rain, the agricultural industry production will surely grow and grow and easily feed the increased populations, which will be a big plus. However, warmer winters will mean fewer days below freezing and our old friends, the mosquitoes, will survive and produce diseases and havoc. Interesting! Scientists claim that over this century the average global temperature is expected to rise between 1 and 6 degrees Celsius. Glaciers are supposed to melt, and seas will rise as extremes in precipitation are also to take place. Carbon dioxide is supposed to be 30 percent higher. Global temperatures have already risen. There also are people who believe that it all is a sham and nothing at all will happen. You see, when the word comes out from either government or science, many people will doubt it ever happening. We can also suspect that when total global warming arrives, new laws will be enacted immediately. At present, the theme is to go green, and after many years of neglect and destruction of our planet, we must do every thing right now. Now, that is good, and I hope we do make substantial changes immediately. But are we too late? Can our past mistakes ever be repaired on time? The rise in the temperature of the earth as well as the ocean levels is generally what is referred to as global warming. Human beings and their behavior have to be responsible for this continuous rise in the earth’s temperature. People have to be more conscious but also have to be led and educated. The main villain seems to be fossil fuels that we dearly love, including petroleum products that we use in abundance. It is believed this is how the greenhouse gas is produced. It is not a very pleasant thought for the future if all this global warming holds true. Our grandchildren no doubt will inherit not only the national debt, but fear of storms and floods and criminals lurking about, plus many laws enacted to add to the miseries. Our own behavior has produced this greenhouse effect, and, just maybe, changing patterns of behavior will take away this verge of destruction.


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