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If I could only have five Trumbull County meals

June 23, 2008

I few weeks back, Memorial Day weekend to be exact, I joined a few friends at my old stomping grounds of Ohio University. A group of us who used to work at Buffalo Wild Wings in Athens stayed pretty close since graduation, and we decided it was time for a reunion. The main purpose of our pilgrimage was to see if we could "hang" like we used to. You know, keep up with the college kids (emphasis on kids because everyone looked like they were 12). In some aspects we haven't lost a step, we could go toe-to-toe with the young ones. We just wanted to be in bed by midnight. If anyone is familiar with Ohio University, there are many watering holes in a very short distance. Twenty-one in a two block radius, to be exact. But it wasn't hard for us to decide where we wanted to visit when it came to the bars. What gave us a headache was deciding where we wanted to eat. We were craving the restaurants and hole-in-the-walls that only Athens had to offer, but we only had five meals. Trying to coordinate this effort took more thought than figuring out what I wanted to wear. We actually had to add a "pit stop" meal just so we could sneak in our favorite pizza shop. But by the end of the weekend, we had drank everywhere we used to and ate every delicious thing I remembered from college. So as I'm driving home Sunday, with a half of my calzone from D.P. Dough in my back seat, I started thinking. We purposely didn't eat at "chain" food restaurants because we could eat those at home. But, if I were to move away from the lovely town of Warren, and I was visiting Trumbull County for a weekend and had five meals, where would I eat? Never fear ... I have it all figured out: Friday night: As I arrive Friday night, I would probably drive straight into Warren for the Hot Dog Shoppe. No dropping off clothes or bags. Just drive straight there. Two with sauce, fry with sauce and cheese on top and a vanilla shake. Please. Thank you. Saturday: I'm going to play this one safe and assume I went out Friday night, so I probably didn't wake up in time for breakfast. So now that I'm looking for lunch I'm going to swing over to Pizza Joes for either a veggie pizza or a pepperoni roll. I realize Pizza Joes is a chain, but I'm going to assume I don't have one where I live as to make this column work. So veggie pizza, here I come. For dinner that night, this one might be the easiest selection of all. One of my favorite restaurants in town is Salvatore's and their dish of Cajun Shrimp Alfredo. It's yummy-ness at its best. I'm drooling just thinking about it. Sunday: Though my mom would probably want to do Bob Evans for breakfast, I can do that wherever. I'll wait for lunch and hit up Sunrise. Pizzaburger Splash with a can of Diet Pepsi. And this is just my gut reaction. I, and I'm sure many people out there, could probably think of a dozen more places to go eat if you only had a select few times to go. I would probably want to stay another week just to hit up Mary M's, the BV, Brother's Pizza, and other fine local places. And please, if I have forgot any, or maybe if there are places maybe I don't know about, e-mail me and let me know. I do love to eat and would be happy to try anything. But I still have dinner Sunday night. But I'm home, which means my grandmother is cooking lasagna. Hey, with all the restaurants in the world, nothing beats your grandma's home cooking. Sulonen is a sports writer at the Tribune. E-mail her with other restaurants she might have missed, or if you know what D.P. Dough is.



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