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Sat 9:45pm: GOP sees health care law as big 2014 opportunity

November 16, 2013

WASHINGTON — In his West Virginia district, the TV ads attacking Democratic Rep. Nick Rahall over the calamitous startup of President Barack Obama's health care law have already begun....

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Nov-18-13 12:27 PM

Again I am talking personal attacks. For instance I can say... 'The Republicans were hostage takers over the government shutdown'. That is different than saying 'Michelle Bachman kidnapped the Lindbergh Baby'.

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Nov-18-13 11:53 AM

LOL @ Liberalsmurf. First off, those are "selective" quotes that you have chosen. Anyone with a brain can do that. It's funny when someone alters or post a so called "fact" just so it could compliment their opinion.

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Nov-17-13 11:56 PM

jtoday The democrats have called the Republicans--Anarchists,arsonists,extremists,hostage takers,extortionists,and from another planet. That's just some of the names. So yes, they have made personal attacks. And Obama himself has done some of them himself.

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Nov-17-13 7:00 PM

uh03937 tell me about the list of personal attacks against the Republicans. Remember personal attacks not political. Something resembling 'you were born in Kenya'. You know something personal.

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Nov-17-13 6:00 PM

JTODAY: For 5 years Obama has demonized and made personal attacks against Republicans. His propaganda machine coupled with the Media has continued these fanatical attacks. Of course,when you're lied to over and over again, some people will believe it.. They believed Hitler, he also wanted to change things and his propaganda machine is mirrored by the Obama propaganda machine.. He accuses in order to appear superior.

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Nov-17-13 4:19 PM

When I post I rarely post my likes or dislikes. I post facts. I can scream Obama lied all I want but that does not change the fact that the Republicans are universally disregarded. I can't get the chance to comment on Obama because I spend all of my time pointing out right-wing inaccuracies. See there, I didn't say lies.

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Nov-17-13 2:35 PM

The President's poll numbers are down but the Republicans numbers have not risen.

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Nov-17-13 2:35 PM

2014, a big opportunity?

If you liked your health plan and it was cancelled and you must buy a higher cost Obamacare plan, keep voting for Democrats. Period.

If you're a young, healthy adult and now you are mandated to buy an overpriced Obamacare policy to subsidize older, sicker people, keep voting for Democrats. Period.

If under the Obamacare law, you like paying healthcare premiums for services you don't want or need, such as Sandra Fluke's birth control pills, keep voting for Democrats. Period.

If you like paying higher Obamacare taxes that break Obama's pledge that those who make less than $250,000 wouldn't pay one dime more, keep voting for Democrats. Period.

If you like Obama arbitrarily changing the Obamacare law anytime, anyway, for any reason, keep voting for Democrats. Period.

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Nov-17-13 2:04 PM

Not sure i would be bragging about the democrat stranglehold on trumbull county. Haha look around then look at republican communities. Where would you rather live. With people who contribute and have a stake in the community or with the leech class that ***** the life out of a community.

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Nov-17-13 1:09 PM

Blatant lies of leaders of the free world- Bush 2, WMD - Clinton, I did not have sex with that woman - Bush 1, read my lips no new taxes - Reagan, trickle down economics and I shot footage of Nazi concentration camps in WWII. C'mon AFRWET they all do and will continue to lie. Israel an ally? only if we pump billions into their economy and bow to their lies to the Palestine people.

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Nov-17-13 11:59 AM

I'm also amazed at the amount of things Republicans attribute directly to the President as if anyone intentionally lies about subjects so serious.

Both sides should be ashamed at the state of American politics, other than guns they're no different than thugs on the block. Its all about money, votes, posturing & victory but no concern for suffering citizens in the middle.

What's even worse is the way zealots welcome the feeding frenzy of citizen suffering with the hope that it'll get them a few extra votes. This behavior should sicken every decent American.

While each zealot disagrees, ask yourself why can't you parlay those disagrees into votes electing a Republican in Trumbull County!

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Nov-17-13 11:53 AM

Do GOP people take tax breaks for shipping jobs overseas? Ha ha. So it's the democrats that are looking out for the middle class? Well they're not doing too good of a job, are they?

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Nov-17-13 11:46 AM

NMC, the GOP is the party of big business, corporations and fat cat bankers. There's NOTHING else they represent! Middleclass? HA HA HA! What's that? Ask John McCain? He said that "decent" wages are $5,000,000.00 per year! How OUT of touch can one man be?

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Nov-17-13 11:00 AM

As usual GOP zealots has their focus in the wrong place. As Americans their obligation should be helping Americans get coverage instead of seizing any opportunity to make political gains.

Any idiot knows President Obama wanted his word to be good and believed folks would be able to keep their policies. It was the insurance executives who decided to cancel existing plans & raise rates.

However even if I'm wrong the GOP has no alternative plan to guarantee coverage or those aspects of the ACA that are great...

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Nov-17-13 10:23 AM

oldman, either you are not too bright or you overlooked a few facts. Obama said the site was up and running, he lied. you say the site was hacked 11 times, Obama said it was secured, he lied. Obama said if you like your plan you could keep it, Obama lied. Obama said the average person would save $2500.00 per year on their plan, obama lied and he lied to your face and yet you support him still. i'm leaning toward you aren't too bright! the democrats are going to pay and pay dearly at the polls. you made your bed following a liar, now your party will pay the price.

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Nov-17-13 9:58 AM

Obama (and his Democrat henchmen) 2009, "If you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan, period. No one will take it away, no matter what."

Voters 2014, "You liked your lying pledge. You will be held accountable for your lying pledge. Period. You can't weasel out of your lying pledge, no matter what."

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Nov-17-13 8:39 AM

The GOP will try to hang their hats on any lie, if they think it will get them votes. Wonder why they didn't jump on the issue that the official Obamacare site was hacked 11`times, that's why it was working right. It was stated on the news and on virus was named Kill Obamacare. I was surprised that they never mentioned that not once. To me when someone avoids talking about something important or tragic, they know something about it. Heck it wasn't even mention on Fox news, which really surprised me. I figured the GOP would be all over the issue, but not one statement was made. When you down play or say nothing about something you been against and fighting, tells me something. I could be wrong, but then again I could be right.

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Nov-17-13 8:39 AM

Genocide of 30-40 million Americans? You fall hook line and sinker, you are a perfect pawn for the liberals.

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Nov-17-13 8:26 AM

Between obammy's unaffordable care act, his many scandals, and one huge lie after another, the world has finally seen what an epic failure this phony and inexperienced "president" really is.

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Nov-17-13 8:00 AM

Can always count on daniel the 5th grader to make moronic statements. His wife must think the world of him. Glad somebody does.

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Nov-17-13 7:40 AM

The Government Shutdown caused by the NeoCon Republicans and the Tea Party will carry the day for the Democrats.

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Nov-17-13 7:29 AM

Millions lost their Health Insurance, this is a fact. This bill passed in the middle of the night without any Republican involvement. They were not invited. This is 100% democrat debacle.

Democrat Rahall " I'm concerned about my integrity with voters.. well he should, he didn't the read the bill, he just voted Yes.

Notice Tim Ryan has crawled back into his hole, he really pushed this ill-fated plan, now he can't he seen,he now hob-knobs with the Money people.

Ohio's John Boehner warned Obama that his actions are a giant train wreck and must be slowed down.

Millions have lost their insurance and millions more will lose the best healthcare in the world. This law must be defunded.

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Nov-17-13 6:48 AM


Grow up!

30 - 40 million people will not be denied health care and you know it.

Even flipping illegals who have no right to be in America get free health care.

The challenge is to design a program that provides assistance to the 10% of Americans who are truly medically needy to obtain insurance coverage that covers their basic needs without tearing down the existing system that was satisfactorily serving 90% of the population. Basic protection, not requirements for all the bells and whistles to satisfy all the special interest groups.

When government ventures into the private market place, they always get in over their heads.

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Nov-17-13 6:36 AM

When a leader looses the trust and respect of those he was elected to serve by untruthfulness and lack of integrity, he looses the moral authority to continue to lead.

He can continue to RULE by brute force, but can no longer lead those whose trust he violated.

And that extends to his underlings who also lied to perpetuate the myth.

Now that obama has prematurely attained the status of Lame Duck, perhaps he might spend his remaining days trying to fix the messes he has created.

Or, more likely, he will again just double down and compound the misery.

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Nov-17-13 6:25 AM

How would they justify the possible genocide of 30-40 million people, plus tell everyone else that does have insurance with pre existing condition to die, and die quickly?

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