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Politicizing the White House garden

November 3, 2013

DEAR EDITOR: Last week, there were several news reports (Daily Telegraph and Reuters, Oct. 14, and Washington Times and UPI, Oc....

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Nov-06-13 8:15 PM

Allowing anyone other than the National Park Service to tend the garden would violate the Antideficiency Act. See 31 USC 1341.

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Nov-04-13 8:54 AM

As mentioned by others, the lefties here can bash this letter all they want. The truth is that Michelle Obama could have gone out and tended the garden that she claims that she planted. Or, she could have had a charity come in and benefit from the bounty of the garden. Most people will see that as the truth. Only partisan political hacks will see the rotting food as the fault of the GOP.

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Nov-03-13 1:44 PM

A real farmer learns crop rotation & fertilizer.

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Nov-03-13 12:55 PM

What happened for all the non farmers is that a farm subsidy was paid to turn that crop into fertilizer; for next years harvest. happens all the time. they just turned the soil over.

And that IS a Teachable moment.

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Nov-03-13 12:46 PM

@timeflies; guess you know how many signed up for Obamacare . Now how many signed up in the 14 states with a governor who wants their people to have the safety of HEALTHCARE.

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Nov-03-13 12:43 PM

How sad a teachable moment was wasted in order to bash Republicans.

Yes,the White house certainly could ave served two purposes by allowing a charity to harvest the garden to provide healthy food for the needy. A wholesome photo-op missed.

Instead, michelle-my-belle chose to sit on her ample posterior and bash Republicans while the food spoiled.

We also wonder about the work ethic of the obama girls who did not lift a finger to help.

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Nov-03-13 12:05 PM

This is the type of children these politicians are. They play these types of games that undermines this country and the productive people in it. This is not an example of leadership, its perpetual victimization. People that support these theatrics are considered complete fools.

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Nov-03-13 11:56 AM

Michelle snuck a few celery stocks from her garden to eat with her dozen wings and blue cheese.

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Nov-03-13 11:33 AM

Citizen Reese, apparently you don't understand that the White House garden, like that group of people that stands behind Obama at his speeches, is just a PROP for political purposes. Like every typical liberal, Mrs. Obama is a hypocrite who wants to impose her wishes on the unwashed masses, while she retains her own privilege to consume what she wants. It's not prominently reported, but she still regularly splurges on junk food and other high calorie "unhealthy" meals that she excoriates for the rest of us. Pat, go on with your life and don't worry about what those phonies at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. are pontificating about on any given day.

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Nov-03-13 11:29 AM

if you have a garden you will keep the garden.

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Nov-03-13 9:27 AM

My Belle Michelle first politicized the garden when she published a book on what she planted, etc. We all know that she never took her big rear end out there and got dirt under her talons.

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Nov-03-13 7:47 AM

Actually this letter says a lot more about it's writer than it does about the Obama Family.

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Nov-03-13 7:17 AM

Maybe if the administration would stop the childish rants and try to listen to some of what the loyal opposition is saying we would all be better off. Who knows maybe more than 6 people could have signed up for Obamacare if health care was done in an organized logical manner as opposed to "Pass it now and read it later" mentality.

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Nov-03-13 6:13 AM

Want to know why people detest the GOP and the Tea-party?

You have this Pat Reese character more concerned about a first lady garden comment than a $24 Billion Republican-tea Economic disaster. "Here's You're Sign!"

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