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Don’t support levies for public schools

November 3, 2013

DEAR EDITOR: In Tuesday’s paper, you ran an article about supporting school levies and reason why to. After I read it and saw the content, if I was ever going to vote for a levy, I would not now....

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Nov-07-13 8:17 AM

Did anyone read the article on wkbn web site about the Lordstown principal throwing scissors in the lunch room? When parents asked questions, board member,McGrail got up and walked out. Now they wonder why the levy was shut down. When parents have questions and concerns where should they go for answers?

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Nov-05-13 4:32 PM

Too bad Medicare and Social Security funding isn't voted on.

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Nov-05-13 4:17 PM

Enough bantering...just get out and vote and lets see what the people want.

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Nov-05-13 4:14 PM

There is a reason why so many professionals send their kids to private schools.

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Nov-05-13 4:11 PM

@truth,,,some of that negative news comes from the U.S Dept of Education.I dont believe for one minute that people want to destroy public education. I believe more and more people want to improve what we already have. I would venture to say: if people could afford it, more and more people would opt for private school for their children. So, everything boils down to finances for people. What can you afford? Based on that, more and more people become frustrated with their local schools expecting more accountability for the money they pay in taxes

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Nov-05-13 2:31 PM

the skinny: voters are saying "no" to the only public entity they can--the public schools. Sadly, the fate of our nation rests on the performance of our public schools.

People who listen to the negative news on how our children fare on international tests are being deceived. The average American kid lags behind only the top few nations' average kids, but America's best and brightest out-compete the rest of the world when it comes to creativity and technology. Asian leaders claim to have modeled modern schooling after America's public schools. Yet, deceived American citizens seek to destroy the very thing that has made us number 1.

Don't destroy it until you have a better plan...

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Nov-05-13 12:35 PM

When defeat says Votes yes for the children, she really means vote to keep the pensions whole!

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Nov-05-13 12:26 PM

Citizen you are so right consolidation is just what we need!!Throw away all the new buildings just built. Unemployee thousands of teachers and administrators in these communities. Thats just what this area needs? Think before you come up with such mindless ideas. Because we are a me first society everyone thinks Howland is so bad administratively? Whay are there Dozens upon dozens of other school districts running levies. All of a sudden every school systems administration just got dumb and decided to abuse their finances? Or did Kasich do what he set out to do ruin all public school systems!

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Nov-04-13 11:44 AM

FamilyGuy: EXACTLY! Consolidation is key. Consolidation works for everyone except the handful of administrators whose services will no longer be needed.

CONSOLIDATE into 7 districts in Trumbull County.

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Nov-03-13 10:00 PM

Obviously this author didn't benefit much from his free public education. If he had, he wouldn't be so anti public education.

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Nov-03-13 12:56 PM

Are we funding better education for the kids or are we funding all the expensive little fiefdoms for the administrators who reject consolidation of services to protect their personal domains?

The business models need to be updated to 21st century realities rather than just pouring more money in to antiquated ways of running the business.

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Nov-03-13 10:00 AM

@Defeat,,you sound like either a politician or a used car salesman in your postings.

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Nov-03-13 9:28 AM

Our kids are the world-wide leaders in every aspect of modern life, from technological innovation, to engineering, the arts, medical technology, space explorastion, genetics, cancer research, archeology, anthropology ------ you name it!

American kids rock!

Vote "YES!" to keep them rockin'!

Vote "Yes!" to maintain America's leadership[ in science, technology, and the arts!

Don't give in to the darkness!

Vote "Yes!" to keep spreading light into the world!

Howland Schools! "YES!"

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Nov-03-13 9:13 AM

I highly doubt that our public school systems is a wonder to the rest of the world. Our kids test consistently lower compared to kids from other countries. Something to think about.

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Nov-03-13 8:07 AM

@Anna I've done all that and it didn't matter at Howland.

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Nov-03-13 8:05 AM

Actually, America's system of universal public education is one of the wonders of the modern world, and absolutely essential to the health and vitality of our democracy!

Should Ohio's system of funding public education be revised? Yes!

Has the Supreme Court of the State of Ohio ruled not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES that Ohio's system of funding public education is unconstitutional and should be fixed? Yes!

Never-the-less, we should not make the mistake of shooting ourselves in the foot by cutting off our nose to spite our face when we throw the baby out with the bath water!

Anything other than a "Yes!" vote on Tuesday damages out community!

Go to the polls and vote "Yes!" to continuing Howland's place as a leader in Trumbull County education.

Vote "YES!" on Tuesday!

"Yes!" to excellence!

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Nov-03-13 7:12 AM

Voting no on a school levy is a vote against the future of this country. I can understand why people are upset, but work within the system to affect changes. CALL your local board members, school officials, volunteer in a building to see what REALLY goes on. Don't short-change our youth b/c you are angry. Be part of the solution, not the problem.

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Nov-03-13 6:45 AM

You got my NO vote!

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Nov-03-13 3:48 AM

School levies are an important part in educating our children. In today's ever changing world with technology we have no choice but to except it and make every effort to keep up with it. I'm wondering what "Christian values" the reader is referring to. Books are extremely expensive as is paper. Computers are a must. Most schools need upgrades constantly to prepare our young people to enter the workforce or continue their education. One room school houses simply wouldn't make it in today's world

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