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Fri 2:47p.m.: Harding cancels tonight's final home football game

November 1, 2013

WARREN -- Warren G....

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Nov-03-13 8:45 AM

This is giving the local thug jag-xxxs way to much power. An entire city held captive by a group of thugs which contribute absolutely nothing to society. All they do is consume and live on the dole.

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Nov-02-13 2:57 PM

They could have played the game today in the daylight too.

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Nov-02-13 2:42 AM

surprised no one else has heard that lorain was who forced the warren official's hands...i've heard that they were the ones who called and gave a sort of ultimatum. "prove to us you can protect our kids". whether we couldn't provide the safety or meet their demands, i've heard that they forced our hand.

not to say they're wrong, but this whole "we came to the tough conclusion to cancel the game" isn't true...they were either forced to or couldn't meet the demands from lorain.

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Nov-02-13 1:30 AM

I'm fascinated that Notar had to say he came to the decision to cancel the game with help from city administration and the police....

Probably no real reason behind that, other than wanting others to also catch heat for the decision....

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Nov-01-13 10:47 PM

There was a reason behind cancelling the game tonight, how about sharing with the city as to why and what is going on. You ask not to spread rumors on social media to induce panic but you cancel a game with no explanation and expect that not to start rumors and induce panic?? I feel so sorry for those Seniors who cant play their last game, or Cheer their last game, or play in the band at their last game all because of gangs and thugs that walk the streets in this city. They took something from these boys and girls that they will never get back.

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Nov-01-13 9:25 PM

Make warren a gun free zone.

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Nov-01-13 9:24 PM

Ban guns. Where is the LAX story trib

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Nov-01-13 9:02 PM

Call Eric Holder, of course one must understand they the Dept of Justice promote divisiveness among Among Americans. Most people don't understand the change thats taking place by this evil administration

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Nov-01-13 7:54 PM

IT'S a shame that a few ignorant individuals can ruin an event for many people who enjoy watching there children perform. The superintendent made the correct cal for all involved. He not only made this decision for the Warren fans and kids but also the visiting team and there fans that were commuting to the game. We as a city may not all agree on it but at this moment in time he made what was the correct call.

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Nov-01-13 7:53 PM

So the city leaders have abdicated, and the thugs run the city now? Warren is now like that town in "High Noon". It's sad, but there apparently aren't any real men left in the city. Pathetic.

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Nov-01-13 7:48 PM

* a good idea

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Nov-01-13 7:48 PM

Not so sure if cancelling a football game and giving a whole lot of people that would be otherwise occupied absolutely nothing to do on a Friday evening.

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Nov-01-13 7:00 PM

To all the people crying about them canceling this game. You would be the very first on here moaning about if they did not and knew something would happen. Its just a game! Lives are not!

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Nov-01-13 6:57 PM

So you keep electing the same incompetent hacks and you expect real leadership?

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Nov-01-13 6:34 PM

I have to respect the people who cancelled the game.. THEY R PUTTING OUR CHILDREN FIRST !!!! To the people who don't think the violence is this bad BUY A SCANNER and u will stay very busy every night !! Like I have said b4 Stop ******** and moaning about everyone else try and help the situation !!! we r talking about a football game so many people anything could happen even with extra cops I mean come on think b4 u type people

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Nov-01-13 6:23 PM

Bottom line issue i have is you cancel a football game , where you can place Security and have a reasonable Idea that You have things covered. Yet last night you alllow kids in every street in town to wander around with NO reasonable idea that anything is covered for TRICK OR TREAT !!??? Sorry , its doesnt add up.

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Nov-01-13 6:09 PM

@mandatory,you're right.This is fear mongering.Horatio is probably right.Kids are probably posting all kinds of BS rumors and don't realize the consequences of their actions,or words.Just look at some of the so called adults here.

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Nov-01-13 6:00 PM

Weak !!! we cant put extra Security in the Stands and the parking lots, and allow pur Team and our Band to Finish thier season ??? I hate that we allow the Thugs to win ! Safety 1st ? how about we step up and stake claim to our City ??

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Nov-01-13 5:40 PM

Nortman -- Really ???? Kids are the targets??? I dont think thats the concern. I suspect "The Kids" are the punk thugs or at least wanna be up & comers.

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Nov-01-13 5:34 PM

"call in the National Guard" Seriously? That worked really well at KSU in 1970 didn't it.I guess that's one way of making sure students get shot! Idget!

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Nov-01-13 5:25 PM

I guess there were no police or sheriff deputies who could have been hired for a few hours tonight?

I thought Wednesday morning we were told that the city was safe but for a few isolated incidents?

This has changed the story from being a town that had two shootings over a two week period to being the story of a town that had to cancel a high school football game because of violence.

Way to change the narrative, fellas!

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Nov-01-13 5:11 PM

Auto correct issues:

Warren, not water

Hack, not back

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Nov-01-13 5:10 PM

Water is absolutely lacking leadership in mayor's office. Franklin was back as SSD and is just as much of a back now. Its time for him to take accountability for a town that has continued to spiral out if control since he took office.

In addition, what makes anyone think that canceling a game will prevent violence? Couldn't the police have set up a perimeter and searched cars before they park? It's public property, no one has an expectation of private before entering. How about metal detectors or wands at the gate? This is a sad decision by ever sadder leadership (school and city).

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Nov-01-13 5:07 PM

That game should be played. After the terrorist attacked us on 911 we were told to go about our lives, and not to let them win. What is the difference between those terrorist, and these local terrorist. They have won, let us live in fear. Thank you Mr. Superintendent, Mayor, WPD. They won. I could remember several years ago a previous superintendent had a zero tolerance policy, until the local ministers cried foul. Well ministers we are cancelling football games, and the school is out of control. Thank you, Maybe you should let the educators run the schools, the doctors run the hospitals, and the ministers run their churches. Because this just doesn't appear to be working.

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Nov-01-13 5:01 PM

Bummer. I hope it's just a case of paranoia and not that they have credible evidence that the kids are targets.

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