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Grant to benefit Mathews

October 29, 2013

Tribune Chronicle VIENNA — Locally operated Cafaro Foundation has approved a $300,000 gift to the Mathews Local School District to help provide a local match for school facility construction....

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Nov-01-13 9:52 AM

Our taxes are already going to go up 12.5% due to the loss of the homestead exemption

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Nov-01-13 9:47 AM

Thank you Cafaro for wanting to help Mathews Schools- $300,000 is a nice gift, but when you need $25 million and people in the community have already given alot, how can they afford to give any more? If someone offered me $5,000 to build a house that would be great, but I DON'T HAVE the balance to build so I can not build. WE CAN NOT AFFORD TO GIVE ANY MORE! Maybe the BOE can get donation from other companies.

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Oct-30-13 6:12 PM

Thank you Cafaro Family from the Mathews community. Take it for what it's worth. A donation to help. Again, Thank you so much!! And to must be new here. If you think Mahoning county's politics is bad, you've alot to learn about Trumbull county!!

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Oct-30-13 8:37 AM

If you can actually find something negative about a resident donating money to your local school then you really have a severe problem and you should probably go see a trained professional...I mean what negative motive could possibly come from being generous to a school system you actually never attended? The only possible sinister motive could be that maybe at his age he wishes to go back and play football again.... possibly has a year of eligibility left in high school? ....people...please take a look in the mirror and ask yourself what in the world is wrong with me that every single positive thing in this area has to be some contrived conspiracy plot!!!! I think a bigger more serious problem is families and people with a lot of money that are doing absolutely nothing to help their community....that's a problem!!!! God blesses people so that they may be a blessing Anthony my family thanks you for this much needed donation

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Oct-30-13 12:35 AM

A new school is needed but it will be sad to see the old one go. : (

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Oct-30-13 12:33 AM

I graduated from Mathews (Fowler-Vienna) then over 30++ yrs ago. Yes a new school is needed, but I wouldn't say it's desperate. Maybe they don't have WiFi or whatever and all that fancy stuff, but that school will hold up to a tornado which is more than I can say about the new schools being build today...I wouldn't trust most of them in a really hard hail storm.

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Oct-29-13 10:43 PM

Wonderful gift...Thank You Thank You.Mathews definitely urgently needs a new school. Putting money into a building that is one hundred years old is just wasting it.

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Oct-29-13 7:48 PM

We should be thankful that the generations of Cafaros are in the Trumbull County community and wish contribute to the development of the area and now the local school. Their philanthropy and business opportunities/employment should be praised and respected as being a good neighbors. To imply otherwise smacks of jealousy and Mahoning County politics at its worse. Welcome to another generation of Cafaros and thank you.

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Oct-29-13 6:27 PM

its weird..but in all of my years of living in the district, i don't ever remember of a cafaro graduating from mathews...not that the grant isn't appreciated..but doesnt that say something

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Oct-29-13 4:12 PM

Mr Cafaro,Im not judgeing why or what reason you gave the money for the School.Personally I don't care..Ijust want to say THANKS to you and Your Family for the donation.I went to Mathews many years ago,And I for one think its time they do get a new building..Thank you again,And to the others who aren't thankful,They could of given the money to anyone they wanted ,But wanted to keep it local..Thanks Again ...

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Oct-29-13 1:51 PM

Okay let me back up and restate. I hope to see a new building rather than keep spending money on old buildings that are inadequate. I support the need for building new. Mr. Cafaro, my apology. I did not mean for my statement to insinuate anything other than wanting the board to be careful of due diligence. I am a patron of your businesses, am glad of having a business that supports communities. The Cafaro Company has been and is very generous. Not all companies are as open handedly generous. They want things on the back side of deals. School boards must be vigilant. Again my apology, my post was not well worded.

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Oct-29-13 1:44 PM

KSmith, the article states that the money is to help meet the state requirement to build new buildings. That was pretty clear.

I've lived in this area most of my life. Grew up in Niles, live in Warren, been around here a long time, and I still don't understand the constant need to p00p on the Cafaro family. When you manage a corporation you view every decision as having an impact on that business; donating a large sum of money to support local education has a long-term benefit to a local business. I think some members of the Cafaro family make their homes in the Mathews school district, so that's a motive right there. Further, a good business leader knows that the next generation of business leaders are in today's schoolrooms. Providing support to the educational process is therefore a good business decision. Are those two things representative of "an ulterior motive"? Sure. And I say, good for them.

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Oct-29-13 12:58 PM

My family has lived in Vienna for nearly 40 years. We are blessed to be in a position to give back to worthwhile causes and organizations locally and across the country. Vienna is a great community that we are proud to call home. To insinuate an ulterior motive is offensive and proves nothing more than ignorance! -Anthony Cafaro Jr.

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Oct-29-13 12:16 PM

I hope the offer is sincere. But I hope more that this school board will look long and hard at any strings attached. The buildings need updated, especially the HS. I hate to see more money flushed thru a building that is inadequate.

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Oct-29-13 10:35 AM

And what will the Cafaros want for their donation? I trust them; don't you?

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