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More police the answer to problems

October 13, 2013

DEAR EDITOR: This is regarding the question “Should Warren hire more police officers?” Where will the money come from to do this? From the money voted on when O’Brien was mayor? The people were aske......

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Oct-16-13 7:16 AM

No Warrenproud segregation is not the problem. There is a problem for the black community but it is not segregation. It is the lack of family ties. Young boys growing up in homes with no father figure. Young men having multiple children with multiple women and supporting None of them. Children having children and expecting grandmothers to raise their children. Poverty is a problem but drug dealing and robbery is not the way to solve it. The white community has these same problems just not yet on the scale that the black community has.

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Oct-15-13 12:00 PM

By the way, only my mailing address is Girard. I do not live within the city limits of Girard. PML Girard, Oh 44420

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Oct-15-13 11:54 AM

I never believed in Big Government, but when Warren was my city, the police had a substantial force and prescence. Poverty is no excuse to sell or do drugs. Where does your money come from to buy, do or sell this junk? Poverty is no excuse. I was raised poor but my father and mother never believe we deserved anything free except the soup they got after standing humbly in line for it!

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Oct-15-13 7:09 AM

Get off the police they get enough bad wrap. I would not want to do there job exspecially with warren consider lil Detroit

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Oct-14-13 4:43 PM

Fix the two biggest problems in Warren - poverty and segregation, and more police officers are not needed. Where are the jobs for those who want to work, but can't find a living wager job in Warren?

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Oct-14-13 1:53 PM

Wrong RGARGANO,the money got put into the general fund. this has been an issue with those that pay attention for a long time. The citizians of Warren should have filed a law suite admittedly when O'Bee One Skinnyman and his counsel did it. Much like Liberty, I'm sure the money would have went right back were it belonged.

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Oct-14-13 8:34 AM

If you live in Girard you need to shut up about Warren and solve the meth epidemic where you live!

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Oct-13-13 5:47 PM

Well said, BigJ.

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Oct-13-13 10:29 AM

I too remember those days Patrick but I fear they will NEVER return, we are now living in an age that the progressive liberals have created for us and I do not see a return to a time when people were God fearing, hard working, and family oriented "meaning a husband and a wife" in the household. Yes Patrick we can all think back and fondly remember those days gone by, but they will never return as long as the trash remains in the city and the liberals control it.

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Oct-13-13 9:34 AM

Well said, Patrick. You bring up points that most people think about, but don't verbalize.

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Oct-13-13 8:22 AM

Henryviii - local politics have been and always will be to some degree corrupt. Nothing new. But, now there is nothing left for us. We needed leadeship when the steel left town to remake us and we didn't get it. We have reaped what we have sowed.

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Oct-13-13 8:18 AM

Poverty certainly has an impact on divergence from societal norms. Being broke, and hungry makes you do things you never would have thought yourself capable of.

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Oct-13-13 8:08 AM pretty much nailed it!

But, the element of corruption in the city official should not be overlooked!

To change the path...we have to change the people!

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Oct-13-13 7:51 AM

The bigger question is why is the crime so bad now if it wasn't back in the day? Was it because of a police presence or did people willingly, for the most part, follow the rules because that's just what people did? The lack of general social and family values is the ruin of us. You see it in schools, in DC, and on the streets.

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Oct-13-13 7:26 AM

the money went to unlimited overtime for the police on duty

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