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Mandate a drain on residents

October 9, 2013

How would you feel if every month, you received a notice from the state ordering you to make a contribution, perhaps several dollars, to a wind farm or solar energy installation? Most people wouldn’......

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Oct-28-13 6:48 PM

All the ball are in your dirty ho mouth.

Got it, simp?

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Oct-15-13 9:57 PM

All the balls are in your mouth, ho.

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Oct-14-13 7:05 AM

"Under my plan, electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket". barack housein obama. Circa 2008

Looks like socialist lap dog Strickland was cut from the same cloth.

Screw the working person!

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Oct-11-13 9:11 PM

Tell 'em all about your unicorn farm, libtard. Soooo pathetic she can't put her *little* money where her big mouth is. Funny since she makes that little money with her mouth on the street corner. Come Don Duchexite. Show off that rainbow farm.. PATHETIC.

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Oct-10-13 5:17 PM

DefeatSBB5 must be unemployed from her liberal PAC job again. Hey girl!

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Oct-09-13 8:43 PM

Yes indeed, Strickland was a great friend to public union workers wasn't he, too bad he forgot about all the hard working other taxpayers, but alas, he's no longer with us is he??

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Oct-09-13 6:06 PM

"One research group, the Beacon Hill Institute, has calculated that between 2016 and 2025, the mandate will increase Ohioans' electric bills by $8.6 billion."

The Beacon Hill Institute? Are you serious?

The same Beacon Hill Institute founded by Ray Shamie, the late Mass. politician and former chair of the Mass. Republican Party?

Ray Shamie, who never won an election in his life?

If the Beacon Hill Institute is so freeeking free-market, where is their "research" calling for an end to coal, gas, and oil subsidies?

Huh? Where's the "research" on that, all you free marketeers?

Where's the "research" on how the American taxpayer subsidizes his own poisoning?

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Oct-09-13 5:50 PM

"The additional expenses are passed on to consumers, who already have coughed up millions of dollars needlessly."

"Coughed up?"

LOL on the Freudian slip, Trib editorial board! Or was this one of those self-serving West Virginia coal-lobby public-service announcements?

"Coughed up?" Thank Almighty God in Heaven above that we HAD leaders like Strickland at one time who were courageous enough to at least attempt to do something about the poisoning of the population through the burning of fossil fuels, poisoning that has gone on since the Industrial Revolution, and now should begin to stop.

"Coughed up" indeed!

Compared to what victims of fossil fuel burning have "coughed up" -- all those asthma sufferers, and those with lung cancer and heart disease and emphysema -- the tiny sums fossil fuel-burning utilities have "coughed up" to encourage the development of "green alternatives" seem paltry.

"Coughed up?&

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Oct-09-13 12:17 PM

How about a little research Mr. Ed on how all those polls and electric lines were paid for 100 years ago. Geez. It appears to me the electric company could give a little something back.

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Oct-09-13 7:17 AM

Don't forget the $1.50 each month you now pay for those dangerous mercury containing CFL lightbulbs that the power companies are distributing now. Thank you Republican legislature who listen to their energy business lobbyists.

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Oct-09-13 7:00 AM

Just like that "little" add on tax that on your monthly cell phone bill. This goes to those "poor folks" so they can also have a cell phone without bothering to work for one themselves. Maybe government should add a tax when we buy a big screen tv so the poor can also have a big screen, what's that, they do have big screens, never mind.

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