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Johnson’s priority is just Bill Johnson

October 6, 2013

DEAR EDITOR: If you stand with the poorest excuse for a Congressman in our congressional history named Bill Johnson, you should explore other political avenues....

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Oct-11-13 11:49 AM

motsttaw, the liberals did answer for Detroit, they blamed the GOP for it. You know, the party that hasn't served Detroit in any capacity in recent memory was the party that they held at fault.

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Oct-11-13 11:45 AM

This criticism means so much coming from someone who holds closed door sessions of council to discuss the condition of the building that is to be the subject of a major purchase for the city. Mr Dean, why don't you address the condition of the city of which you are the council president? Why lay this at the feet of Mr Johnson when Mr Ryan is the congressman who represents the city? This is nothing more than a political hatchet job.

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Oct-09-13 4:37 PM

Hey Dean boy...who the h$ll do you think you are.

This guys is educated, has delivered in the private sector, and woud eat you for lunch...hands down.

Go play in the community development world if you wanna play business man.

You have NO ground to stand on here.


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Oct-09-13 11:59 AM

Bobby, I hope your not thinking Warren is the fourth largest city in the country.

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Oct-09-13 12:55 AM

@conservit: and we all know because of your experience you are an expert participant at what you are describing.

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Oct-08-13 6:24 PM

It is sad how hateful so many Democrats are toward ANY Republican. Hahahahahahahahaha. And what has the entire number one mission of the GOP been since 1/20/09? Failed!

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Oct-07-13 9:34 PM

Mr. Dean I agree with you. You are not alone there a many people in this area that see the same thing about Mr. Johnson.

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Oct-07-13 5:58 PM

Dean is the perfect example of why the city and area is in such sad shape. But the sheeple will keep electing these loonies into office.

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Oct-06-13 6:49 PM

Wow! I'd love to lay into Dean on this, but there are already enough posts calling him out for the ignorant self-promoter that he is. There isn't one single fact in this letter that substantiated Dean's distain for Johnson. Dean's constituents should be humiliated.

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Oct-06-13 12:38 PM

coleman young is a liberals dream. look at detroit, the liberals must answer for that one. listen to their silence about a man that was once a uaw union official and was thrown out of union office because of his radical views. what say you liberals?

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Oct-06-13 12:07 PM

Mr. Dean....How about some FACTS. I know it's hard to research facts when you have your head firmly implanted in your anal cavity.....

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Oct-06-13 11:39 AM

Sounds like Mr. Dean is running for another office. I don't think you have to live in a district to run. Am I correct?

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Oct-06-13 11:26 AM

You should rethink what you call 'country' running through your veins. The Progressive agenda is the exact opposite of the Constitutional values and beliefs our country was founded on. You are on the other side. It is the administration unwilling to negotiate and attacking veterans at privately funded memorials, and laying off military contractors and personnel that didn't have to be. It is Reid that refuses to allow a vote on funding the military and children dying of cancer. Sit on your perch looking down on everyone, ******** about people that don't even represent you, while your city's murder rates, and crime rates rise. While your fellow council members are out on the picket lines trying to run business out of your city. lol

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Oct-06-13 11:21 AM

Mr. Dean, it's obvious that basic writing skills are not a prerequisite to hold public office, so I'll give you a tip for your next letter to the editor. You'd make a better argument for your point of view if you include factual evidence in your letter, rather than just name calling, bald assertions, and general incoherence.

But then again, your constituents are hard core Democrats, so maybe it was effective.

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Oct-06-13 10:58 AM

It seems you have been in politics so long, Mr. Dean, that your mind has apparently atrophied, so I wanted to give you a heads up before you embarrass yourself with another letter to the editor. WARREN AND WARREN CITY COUNCIL IS NOT IN BILL JOHNSON'S CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT!

You have the right to speak out on anything you want, but why would Mr. Johnson care if he wasn't re-invited to address a hostile city council, led by its ignorant president in a Democrat city that's not in his district?

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Oct-06-13 9:34 AM

This country sounds irreparably split politically.

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Oct-06-13 9:31 AM

This sounds like a promotional ad for Bob Dean.

I have found Bill Johnson to be an honest and sincere congressman.

Wow! It is sad how hateful so many Democrats are toward ANY Republican.

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Oct-06-13 9:27 AM

Mr. Dean, so, what are your complaints exactly about the congressman. Please be more explicit.

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Oct-06-13 9:18 AM

Where is Tim Ryan? He has been scarce lately.

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Oct-06-13 7:40 AM

PS Doobie...if he were criticizing you...would you call him racist?????

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