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Elected officials no longer statesmen

October 6, 2013

DEAR EDITOR: I am appalled by the insensitivity of our duly elected congressmen and senators for not working ‘‘together’’ to prevent the shutdown of most of our government offices....

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Oct-09-13 11:21 PM

Im curious what your answer had to do with any point I was making tweaker or digger? I was making the point, since you obviously aren't getting it, is that every ruling by the Supreme Court is not necessarily right. As you can now see, maybe, not sure what your point is? No you are also wrong as to why Lincoln freed the slaves in rebellion states. It was to break their economy, and because slavery was wrong. There were actually politicians that had ethics and morals back then. The Republican party was actually founded by Christian Abolitionists mainly. See the Tea Party is much closer to those people than wonderful Progressives like John McCain and John Boehner.

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Oct-09-13 8:20 PM

The supreme court broke the law and changed the legisaltion because oral arguments from big ears were that it wasnt a tax. Obama also broke the law by making 17 changes to the bill after it passed. We are living in a post constitutional top down fascist police state. The kenyan marxist is a dictator. Ill be surprised if he leaves after his term is up.

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Oct-09-13 1:28 PM

@trerker: thank you for that info. I did not know that till your post. but Lincoln only freed the slaves in rebellion. so he did not free all the slaves. And he only freed them to get troops for his army. Sounds like Lincoln was like every Republican politician. I cant free all the slaves, if I did I wont get reelected. I'll lose all the northern vote.

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Oct-09-13 12:36 AM

@stew: then again the black people were never freed by the scotus were they? A man using Executive orders freed them didn't he. Honest Abe put himself at risk for doing that all for his own political purpose. the individual states had to free their own blacks in each northern and border state. believe Del. was the last state to free their slaves.

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Oct-08-13 11:33 PM

Good point coaldigger lol.The Supreme Court ruled black people as property. Is that something that we should have sat down and shut up about also, maybe we could have grown to love it? The Judicial branch was actually supposed to be the weakest of the three FYI.

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Oct-08-13 11:29 PM

So the Supreme Court ruled that the individual mandate was constitutional if it was a tax means they ruled the whole bill constitutional?You really should understand what your talking about. The government argued that it wasn't a tax. So was it a Supreme Court justice that changed it into a tax,i'm a little lost on that one.Senator1218 lol.Russia and Iran are full of Progressives.Progressives are the Communists that are to big of wimps to take it to the streets and fight it out.They sneak in the shadows for 100 years and then take over while everyone is sleeping in the guise of 'fairness'.They are the anti-Constitution party,you really should understand politics better before you run your mouth. Teddy Roosevelt was the first big Progressive in America,followed by Woodrow Wilson.Who re-segregated the military and had viewings of'Birth of a Nation' in the White House.Your on the side of the modern day slave masters.Your right,slave master Progressives were around at the founding.

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Oct-08-13 10:38 PM

@stew:Seems you have no respect for the constitution you seem to forget the part that says about the 3 divisions of government. You left out the Supreme Court who decided what is legal and what is NOT and their decision that everything in Obamacare is legal. So as most propagandists do, you try and use what you approve of and forget the rest. So get used to obamacare you may grow to love it. as soon as you know what you are talking about.

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Oct-08-13 6:34 PM

The lack of term limits is NOT the problem. It didn't work in Ohio and it won't work in DC. Why eliminate the voice of the people by not letting them decide. When you limit terms you take the base of power and influence and turn it over to special interest groups that are NOT accountable to the people. In light of Citizens United and the anonimity of huge big money and its influence on the political system, limiting terms is a big step in the WRONG direction.

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Oct-08-13 6:30 PM

Stew, you need to leave this country. Progressives have been part n parcel of America since its founding. You need to find a country where Progressives are outlawed...say Iran or Russia.

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Oct-06-13 11:37 AM

No matter what you think of Dr. Agana or anyone else who speaks out against The ACA you have to know that with all the controversy over this bill SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH IT. Pelosi gave us the first clue..."you have to pass it before you can read it." Remember that? Now start paying attention to the details you are hearing about coverages and steadily increasing premiums, death panels (less coverage in later years), fewer doctors(rationed care)and on and on. We alsoo must remember that if this ACA gets put in affect the fight we are having now is Bull Run compared to WWlll we will have trying to change it later. There is so much hatred going on in our government right now. We are in trouble. The world is waiting to eat our lunch!

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Oct-06-13 9:36 AM

If the Founders were alive now, you idiot Progressives would have them arrested and executed. The real jack******are the idiots that have no clue of politics but get on here and run their mouth, even when proven wrong. Please tell me which of the Democrats aren't Progressive radicals? Only radicals you have a problem with are the ones with respect for the Constitution. I would also add, why would you support compromise with radical Progressives Dr. Agana. The whole bill is unconstitutional, what parts do you agree need work? The part that forces you to buy it? The part that sets up national registries? The part that lets the government choose who lives and dies when they run out of money? The part that makes my premium go up so much that my family won't be covered because I work for a living? I assure you idiot Progressives that Dr. Agana is not a Tea Party person, she really barely understands anything to do with this stuff, except a little of the health care bill, since she is a Dr

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