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Why should school districts be separate?

October 4, 2013

A couple weeks ago, the editor wrote about the consolidation of police departments for the sake of the taxpayer and to strengthen the department....

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Nov-03-13 5:17 PM

Badger already has a new school. Guess Maplewood and Lakeview would have to be transported to Vernon every day.

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Oct-30-13 11:38 PM

knowitall: Newton Falls has 402 students in its High School. They don't need their own superintendent.

I agree with consolidation, but I think we need to consolidate into 7 districts of 1100-1500 students. Lines would be redrawn so that everyone attends the school closest to them.

1. WGH would remain one school. - 1584 Students 2. Cortland, Maplewood, and Badger would merge - 1285 students 3. Lordstown, Newton Falls, Labrae - 1086 students 4. Niles, McDonald, Mineral Ridge - 1450 students 5. Bloomfield, Bristol, Chalker - 1094 students 6. Howland, 1/2 of Brookfield, Matthews - 1490 students 7. Girard, Hubbard, 1/2 of Brookfield - 1387 students

Build schools in central locations. Charge a 3% county sales tax to replace/reduce the property taxes and divide the money on a per student basis. 7 superindendents, 7 high school principals, 7 food service directors, 7 athletic directors, 7 transportation directors, 7 bus systems. Millions of dollars per year saved.

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Oct-14-13 8:51 PM

So explain that one. If consolidating within a school district and keeping the same number of Athletic Directors takes away opportunities for our kids, how would there be the same number of teams with fewer athletic directors and fewer districts? That doesn't make sense!

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Oct-11-13 7:44 AM

WWR and Harding became one school. Not the same thing.

It is more than a superintendent. How about the AD, treasurer, curriculum director, etc?

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Oct-10-13 11:39 AM

Warren Reserve and Harding went from two teams to one team?

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Oct-10-13 11:38 AM

Is it worth consolidating schools only to save $100K for a superintendent? Not worth the political headaches.

Imagaine if all of Trumbull was under the same local school would we have different identities/teams? Things might be very different if we go in this direction. As it is in Europe.

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Oct-09-13 9:09 AM

truthmonger, you would have the same number of schools, with very few exceptions. Not 1 high school would close. How would that cut the number of teams, etc?

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Oct-08-13 6:18 PM

ANY school district that TRULY wants to combine can do it. But it's NEVER done...only in the rarest of financial chaos...witness Farmington Schools. Everyone is for "consolidation" in theory, but operationally, no one wants THEIR school consolidated. Heck, in Warren they actually had to add one million dollars to the bill to preserve a part of the old high school just to get the support of enough people to approve the building of all new schools--80% paid for by the state! There's an example of not consolidating a worn out closed down school! But that's what the people wanted. So be it!

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Oct-07-13 9:00 AM


Where did I speak falsely? June's column is titled "Why should school districts" be separated?" Is it wrong to run with her suggested ideas on an opinion blog? Good grief!

I actually like her idea of consolidation, but there will be pros and cons. We need to think of them all before moving hastily in any direction.

The charter schools experiment has proven this clearly. Free market nutjobs have been attacking the integrity of public schools for decades with false words and as a result many students, parents, and taxpayers have turned against the schools.

A house divided will fall.

Is the premise of Junes' column to help unite communities or further divide communities by drumming the free market charter school drum "wasted taxes on public schools"

Be honest!

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Oct-07-13 8:48 AM

jej001- Sorry June. But you proposed consolidating schools to save taxpayers' money, right? Why only 2-3 close districts in Trumbull? If it works so well, why not whole country?


Maybe we're the model and they're in the stone age? More districts means more copies of school teams, clubs, student senates, and so on...allowing more of our youth to develop into real leaders. It may be expensive, but America has lead the world for the last 60 years using this method of education.

America needs to invest in our children--they are our future--like it or not!

The "free market" kneejerk religion has become: "lower taxes and higher corporate profits at all costs"

Corporate profits are not better for America than educational opportunities for our children.

One day soon greed will dry up the whole American experiment.

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Oct-05-13 1:22 PM

Gosh, for being a 'truthmonger' (according to your moniker) you sure are good at putting false words in June's mouth. I don't see any of what you wrote about within her article....not even a hint! Looks to me like she's just suggesting bringing some obviously close school systems in Trumbull County together to save some money not revamp the whole national school system. But hey, if it does work here.....

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Oct-04-13 9:52 AM

The Governor doesn't want to keep blowing money on waste.

The districts in Trumbull County should be Warren, Niles, Girard, Newton Falls, Hubbard, and Trumbull County. For the new TC district, The savings on centralized purchasing and food service would be huge. 1 Superintendent, 2 asst supers, 2 athletic directors, 1 treasurer and an asst. That just saved millions. Don't forget all of these people have secretaries. 1 school board. Don't forget curriculum directors, special ed directors, etc.

Transportation savings. Redraw the boundaries. Lose the rule that says annexation doesn't affect school districts. If you live in Warren or Niles go to Warren or Niles, not Howland.

Other states do this. We have to leave the stone age.

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Oct-04-13 8:53 AM

The new Ohio budget will dictate Junes approach be seriously considered since the 12.5% property tax rollback has been eliminated. All new and replacement levies will cost you about 14% mathematically more than those who state how much per $100,000 home the cost would increase. In addition, the Homestead Exemption rollback for those who turn 65 in 2014 will be limited to income under $30,000. This will cost average homeowners about $400 per year in reduction on property tax. Current 65 and old get to keep the reduction. Let those requesting levies lobby for a permanent change with Ohio legislature to correct this situation. Sadly this same situation exist with all safety force levies as well. Until then: Starve the Beast.

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Oct-04-13 8:00 AM

Why not go all the way June and make every public school in America federal and level the playing field for every child in America? Why only three schools? Let's combine inner city schools with your kid's schools.

Talk about economies of scale and savings; they could have one superintendent per county. Local schools could still have a school board and have levies for local initiatives such as a new high-tech science lab or aeronautical tech program or a new football stadium.

Why is every school in Ohio trying to pass levies at the same time June? Maybe it's because the conservative Governor is jerking the rug out from under public ed? Then, you blame the school for trying to pass a levy and smear their character as if they care more about money than kids?

Most school employees have taken serious cuts in income. Please look into it before smearing the reputation of your child's (grandchild's/nephew/neighbor) educator. And while your at it, look into the root causes

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