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Do the math before you criticize

September 29, 2013

DEAR EDITOR: What is wrong with the idea that the government is spending too much money? It’s simple, the number of people who the government must serv....

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Sep-29-13 1:01 AM

Your right. Maybe we can have a deficit of 2 or 3 trillion next year. No big deal, we will just file bankruptcy. Or wait, maybe we can seize everyones money. More is being spent on education than ever before and it's worse. Now comes 'Common Core', im sure retina scanners for our kids are cheap though. So please spend, spend, spend. The bill will never be due. Do you think the government has an unlimited supply? Your the one that is a nut. How long would your household last if you spent roughly a quarter more money than you had every year. Use some common sense. Oh, and here comes Obamacare to cost us billions more, which will leave my family without insurance since im not in the Senate, I can't get mine paid for. Don't worry though, the FED is printing billions and handing it to Wall Street, everything will be fine, stock markets up lol. Obamas buddy GE is one of those companies that doesn't pay taxes, thats ok though, they are on his side, so no big deal.

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Sep-29-13 6:56 AM

People like to complain about it but contribute no good idea's on how to resolve it. They cheer when millions of children just got taken off food assistance but say nothing about the rich and Corporate America get 10 times or more in welfare.

They worship their God Reagen who raised the debt ceiling 8 times with clean bills, tripled the deficit and then compare Obama to Hitler for cutting the deficit in half.

Kind of makes you think there are some real mental issues with these folks now days.

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Sep-29-13 8:26 AM

I could not agree more:

"Tea party people are ignorant and they want the rest of us to be even more ignorant to each other."

It isn't happening for me. Obamacare is good and right for the majprity of the American people.

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Sep-29-13 9:26 AM

Obama cut the deficit in half? What planet did that happen on? He has run a trillion dollar plus deficit every year he is president. Sorry, but your beloved president is king of crony capitalism. He had a super majority for almost 2 years and did nothing to stop the supposed corporate thieves. He sits by while the FED prints billions and hands it to those very rich people and corporations you hate. When were millions of children taken off food stamps? The food stamp rolls have increased, like the debt, every year. No millions of children cut. Obama even cut the work requirement for some people. Go look at the debt clock some day. I think the crazy people are the ones that think you can just spend trillions, and never have to pay for it. I have a solution, cut funding to half of the worthless government programs that aren't needed. Limit welfare to people that need it only, for a limited time.Cut taxes to promote growth.Quit funding islamic terrorists, I could go on and on.

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Sep-29-13 11:47 AM

Stew here's the fact on deficits under Obama and Bush : Obama Deficits FY 2015*: $577 billion FY 2014*: $744 billion FY 2013*: $973 billion FY 2012: $1,087 billion FY 2011: $1,300 billion FY 2010: $1,294 billion

Bush Deficits FY 2009†: $1,413 billion FY 2008: $458 billion FY 2007: $161 billion FY 2006: $248 billion FY 2005: $318 billion for more years click

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Sep-29-13 12:02 PM

Stew: Proving your ignorance.

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Sep-29-13 12:19 PM

The numbers you just put up prove my point. The only ones that are smaller are the 'projected ones', lol if you think those numbers will hold up in reality. FYI, Bush was a progressive also, not sure what your point is. He was more on your side of the spending spectrum than mine. Would a Conservative create the DHS, the Patriot Act, 'go against free market principles to save the free market'. Bail out companies, thereby picking winners and losers? No, a Conservative would not do this. So both people you listed, that are and did spend us into oblivion, were your side. No, Bush was no where near as radical as Obama, and actually liked his country, but he was a progressive light, and therefore more like your ideology than mine.

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Sep-29-13 12:56 PM

Have to point out also, Bush wasn't president in 2009.

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Sep-29-13 1:46 PM

Warren Proud, The Republicans are handling Obamacare all wrong. Let it go into effect. Most of the people that need it won't buy it no matter how inexpensive it is. They are used to getting everything free. The cheapest plan is about $100/month and has deductibles of about $5500-$6000 per year and that doesn't include co-pays. They will never buy it.

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Sep-29-13 1:58 PM

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office estimates the current year deficit will be $642 billion when the fiscal year ends Monday at midnight. (The deficits include annual interest payments on the national debt.)

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Sep-29-13 2:28 PM

2012 is not this year by the way. When I refered to this year I meant the 2013 budget year.

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Sep-29-13 3:00 PM

Good luck with that. I don't know where you are getting the numbers, but I really don't think they are right. They havent had a budget in years. How would Obamas first year with stimulus, that Bush didn't approve, be his? Good luck on those numbers, all the CBO does is redo its wrong numbers continually. They have already redone numbers on Obamacare several times before its even taken effect. Those numbers went up, not down.

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Sep-29-13 3:13 PM

Stew: It's from the CBO! You will know this after October first because that is when the fiscal year ends for the givernment and the new one begins. They will report the acyual deficit for fiscal year 2012 then.

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Sep-29-13 3:19 PM

If you believe these figures are correct, how did that happen? The spending numbers I saw, even with the horrible sequestor, were still higher than last year. Was it from the hundreds of billions that they cut from Medicare, this could be a little of it, but not enough to cut the deficit in half, this is the only one though that actually happened? The war in afghanistan that they stopped? The welfare rolls that have gotten smaller? The wasteful spending they have stopped? The new IRS agents that they didn't hire? Where did all that billions of savings come from?

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Sep-29-13 4:40 PM

It happened because of 2 things one the economy is getting better so more revenue and two the taxes on the rich. I know you will argue how bad the economy is on a personal level but on the agrigate it is better which raises revenues. Had we put more taxes on Corporations as well it would be even better. Note the etter states that in the 50's corporate revenue wa 40% of the budget income now it's less than 9%.

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Sep-29-13 4:50 PM

When did all these mammoth tax increases happen? No economy barely moving upward. I think you are mistaken. I didn't realize tax revenue increased, by your estimate, 500 to 700 billion dollars, in one year. Wow, they should just do that every year. The economy isn't even back to 2008 levels, not even close, and we are making that much in taxes. We should have the national debt taken care of in 4 or 5 years. Does that seem legitimate,even to you? Use some common sense.

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Sep-29-13 5:49 PM

You see? They talk out there rear end and don't even know about the deficit. It just sounds better if they fabricate numbers from Faux in the hopes that people dumber than them believes it. LOL! The sheep must follow the Baggers.

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Sep-29-13 6:48 PM

You know, I really get tired of the hypocracy here. COngress may pass the budgets but the President always sends what he wants in a budget to congress before congress works on passing a budget. Yet when your gut is in the white house and budgets are bad you blame congress when our guy is there you blame the president. SO yes, go ahead and look at it and see who faught for what when and what was passed. he house does not control the budget the house starts the budget. The President doesn't even have to submit a budget just sign off on it.

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Sep-29-13 7:07 PM

Believe what you want, the bill comes due some day. Then we will all pay. I assure you though it will be mostly the middle class and lower class that suffer because our country is in complete denial. The rich will be insulated from the economic disaster that is coming, remember you supported what leads to it. You two obviously lack all common sense. Sorry, for the fiftieth time, I don't watch FOX news, I don't watch any worthless mainstream media. It's like you guys were programmed to say that. Hear it on MSNBC or CNN? Seems you leftists are the one that follow talking points and such from TV. I think for myself, I don't need FOX to tell me wasting trillions,year after year, is bad.

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Sep-30-13 1:23 AM

Article 2 section 3:Section 3.

He shall from time to time give to the Congress information of the state of the union, and recommend to their consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient; he may, on extraordinary occasions, convene both Houses, or either of them, and in case of disagreement between them, with respect to the time of adjournment, he may adjourn them to such time as he shall think proper; he shall receive ambassadors and other public ministers; he shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed, and shall commission all the officers of the United States. There is no set deadline Constitutionally. Define "from time to time". The State of the Union can just be a letter to the Congress and for over a cenrury that's all it was. I believe it was Wilson that started the joint session to address the state of the Union. ANy other deadline is a self imposed one.

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Sep-30-13 1:41 AM

Oh, and since you guys insist on blaming the President for the current deficit when you argue that the House is in charge of the budget, you can blameyourself for the deficits since 2010 when retard republicans took over the house and have killed anything to pass that would actually deal with the budget in a meaningful way. Sabotage the government from within is the republican agenda and motto.

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Sep-30-13 1:42 AM

Stew: Your problem isn't that you think it's how you think. Disregard facts and push ideology that has been proven wrong over and over again.

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Sep-30-13 6:13 AM

LiberalSerfdom, What would you do if Faux News went off the air today? would you be able to even think?

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Sep-30-13 8:15 AM

Thanks for pointing that out Leif! Very good analysis.

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Sep-30-13 11:29 AM

I see letters from this writer and instantly know the content is as silly as his screennames poor spelling! thediffrence ... Too funny!

Such poor spelling and/or typing skills I certainly would NOT trust his math skills!

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