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Cuts would be tough on dialysis patients

September 22, 2013

DEAR EDITOR: We, of Youngstown-Warren Home Dialysis, are writing to express our concern about the recent proposal from the U.S....

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Sep-22-13 6:56 AM

Here is a thought. Maybe it is not getting cut. Maybe it is being brought in line with what it SHOULD COST. It could be dropped that much and maybe it would mean one less Mercedes in your Garage.

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Sep-22-13 7:06 AM

Also, should have thought of this before raising the rates on average of 12% a year for many years. Greed does has its consequences you know.

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Sep-22-13 9:03 AM

Seems like the dream of being taken care of in our later years, is starting to bust. Many worked and paid into the system to protect themselves or spouse, from being unable to get proper medical care. True the medical industry is a big part of the problem, by inflated costs. It seems the norm to just cut or reduce needed medical care, that many seniors need. When you live on a small fixed income in your later years, it's hard to make ends meet each month. Insurance company's increase co-pays or eliminate paying for office visits completely. Many seniors fore go needed medical care, because they can't afford it today. What is needed is regulation in our medical industry. The costs of a hospital stay for just over nite is outrageous. My wife was in the hospital just overnight, and the bill was over $12,000 not including doctors fees and testing. Luckily we had insurance, but still ended up paying over $1800 out of pocket. The ambulance bill for transporting her 5 miles, was $960 alone.

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Sep-22-13 9:25 AM

Daniel. You remarks are idiotic and uncalled for. Grow up.

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Sep-22-13 9:54 AM

Ah yes. One more testimonial as we head further down the continuum to full scale socialized medicine. Medicare, Medicaid, VA, Obamacare. All just way stations on the road to the final destination of rationing, death panels, and medical big brotherism.

As Ben Franklin might say, 'They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary government protection deserve neither liberty nor protection.'

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Sep-22-13 6:07 PM

I see no reason to bash the doctor(s).

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Sep-22-13 6:07 PM

Yes Daniel I agree that this is much about greed and wealthy Doctors being forced to deal humanely with their charges.

One less Mercedes in the garage is well said...

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Sep-22-13 7:44 PM

I had a garage sale this past summer. I put the prices at three times what this stuff sold for new.

I wonder why I did not sell anything? Daniel had it correct. I wanted my Mercedes.

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Sep-23-13 4:33 AM

What's wrong with out patient dialysis at a hospital center for 9.4% less? NOTHING. I see these doctors are out to get theirs. Probably own the home dialysis business that would lose the 9.4%.

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Sep-23-13 10:16 AM

I'm not a doctor, and I don't play one on TV, but I know if the government sets prices below costs, it ALWAYS leads to shortages. The commentators here may not like the fact that physicians earn nice incomes, but if they think they are going to buy the time, skills, continuous learning, and accessibility of doctors for peanuts, they had better get prepared to accept rationing and doctor shortages.

Just as a plumber won't snake out your toilet drain line for minimum wage, smart ambitious people won't go into the medical profession to make ten bucks an hour, when there are other professions that will pay well for their abilities. You can huff and puff, but you can't repeal the ironclad law of supply and demand. Obamacare will soon find this out.

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Sep-23-13 11:45 PM

Well if that's true insider then when the Doctors say they are in it for the "people" that's not really true. We all know they make plenty of money to pay back their student loans (that's if they do at all) live-n large, big cars, big houses. Then there are others that don't live large an pay their student loans and drive old cars/trucks have normal homes that are not excessive. These are the ones that care about their patients/people.... I have Doctors that are both. : )

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Sep-23-13 11:52 PM

Daniel is spot on.

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Sep-25-13 12:54 PM

Well, President Obama did tell us what was in store before Obamacare was passed. "Maybe Grandma doesn't need that new hip or knee. She can take a pain pill instead". Maybe Grandpa doesn't need that dialysis, he can just die instead. Adfter all, the government is now in control of our healthcare and they will cut anything they don't like.

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Sep-27-13 2:52 PM

Unfortunately Drs, most people are going to view you as the problem in this instance, and in the coming identical instances which will soon manifest, even though you are not.

Furthermore, and just as unfortunate, at a quickening pace the amount of coverage seniors and disabled people receive via Medicare is going to sharply decline. During the same time, the cost to perform procedures is going to rise, just as fast. I use to warn about this coming, but after reading your letter can see that it is currently happening. With all due respect, that's going to put you boys in a pretty tough spot.

The cheese is always free inside the mouse trap gentlemen. Good luck to you fellas'.

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Sep-28-13 2:46 AM

The affordable health care law will reduce future Medicare spending by $716 billion. Its now called buyers remorse!

Idiots like Daniel should pray they never need a kidney doctor! Stupidity prevails in their posts affirming ignorance and lack of basic medical knowledge! These jealous idiots would rather fault the Drs for their education, expertise, life saving skills, knowledge, and experience!

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