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Obama correct about chemical weapons

September 22, 2013

DEAR EDITOR: We hear the most absurd criticisms hurled at the president, aimed at belittling his recent chemical weapons foreign policy endeavor.‘‘His foreign policy is a muddle. He leads from behind....

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Sep-22-13 6:16 AM

The Syrian situation will be remembered as the water shed moment where obama ceded American world leadership to Russia and other nations.

America has indeed slipped from an economic, diplomatic, and soon to include military super power to become just another nation at the international table.

A primary goal of the world governance crowd.

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Sep-22-13 7:41 AM

This was a NO WIN for Obama and his NeoCon Republican opponents. No matter what he did, they would have said he was wrong. People like Hannity & Limbaugh & Faux News HATE him that much. The diplomatic solution is a good one to Syria and I support our American President for it.

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Sep-22-13 8:26 AM

WarrenProud. You are a closet racist.

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Sep-22-13 8:41 AM

You took time out of your life to write this love letter defending a man who couldnt give two flips about you lol. Obama is the best. Obama saved us. Obama this obama that. Get a life and open your eyes. The politicians including obama are destroying the country.

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Sep-22-13 9:19 AM

I wonder if Martin Luther King Jr. ever imagined that his dream would be shattered by a black President....

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Sep-22-13 9:37 AM

they need a way to transfer 401ks and IRAs into social security. there is only 1 way they can accomplish this....scare the bejesus out of you.

war is a no go. they just tried it and failed. the rebels were armed with those chemicals. they used them. the world didnt buy it thank goodness.

the only other path to get our remaining cash is thru an economic disaster or a staged event bigger than 9-11 to get more Americans to support more war. only 23% of obammy supporters favored bombing syria....obammy has to find a way to increase that number.

bankers control your gov't, not you.

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Sep-22-13 10:09 AM

Big Ears developed the Syrian issue because he's stonewalling on the Benghazi deaths-Numb Nuts had time to save our servicement but he went to bed and then to Las Vegas.. The IRS is still abusing Americans--Where is the Liar-in-Chief--still lying.

He is the crisis-creator

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Sep-22-13 10:09 AM

This President has certainly been remarkable with foreign policy and has made fantastic decisions. Can you imagine where the United States would be today is McCain or Romney were President? How many American lives does it take to have the courage to say "no more"! And then FOX News can't understand how Obama won the military vote. One President is bringing our soldiers home, while McCain and Romney want to sent them to war. Perhaps when their son or daughter comes home in a body bag, they'll understand.

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Sep-22-13 10:59 AM

Let's see here, The President said the Syrian rebels used poison gas as a weapon and had to be taught a lesson. The Republicans said "Not without a vote in Congress" and promply voted his response down. The President all the while was using diplomocy to resolve the issue and that approach is currently working. Now the Republicans want to say that the President backed down. Are YOU kidding me. It was the House Republicans led by BONEHER and Senetor Rand Paul that folded.

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Sep-22-13 11:46 AM

Daniel,reallytired and Albert3 are correct.Those in agreement with the author of this rant are doing what they always do...cry about losing the election.This POTUS stands tall,while the right enjoys their roles of stone throwers,victims,and being on the WRONG side of history.

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Sep-22-13 12:28 PM

hey Daniel, guess what .Obama hasn't gotten those weapons yet.Assad wants us to pay to disarm them and we probably will.

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Sep-22-13 2:02 PM

Syria is not over yet. It is about to escalate again this week!!

Get ready for war ladies and gentlemen.

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Sep-22-13 2:04 PM

Status change as of tomorrow....

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Sep-22-13 2:15 PM

Alfred as soon as I see your name I can almost guess what new stupidity you'll spew out of your skin color obsessed mouth. If Oblahma starts murdering white people you will write what a great idea Shut up please

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Sep-22-13 2:15 PM

Tuesday in Latin is dies Martis or the day of MARS

Mars of course is the god of war.

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Sep-22-13 2:16 PM


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Sep-22-13 2:42 PM

Do any of you honestly think that the US is now viewed as weak? Do you honestly think that the rest of the world thinks the US is weak?

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Sep-22-13 3:05 PM

Mix 401K's with IRA's add that up to Social Security and you get Banker's controlling your government. and running a war in Syria. for their benefit! Very interesting.

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Sep-22-13 5:52 PM

The first two words in the headline..."Obama correct..." is an oxymoron.

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Sep-22-13 6:44 PM

The family guy is the only one who in my humble opinion is closest to being correct. Most of you have been drinking the "Democrat" Kool-aid. This president only cares about one thing and that is making everyone dependent on the government. Everyone! And that is the only thing he is accomplishing otherwise he is just Mr. Cool who is taking advantage of his position and enjoying his life and ruining ours. Wake up folks!!

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Sep-22-13 7:38 PM

So where is obammy in regards to non muslims being murdered in Kenya or the Christian church bombing inPakistan? Oh, that's right,these are not fellow muslims being murdered in Syria.

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Sep-22-13 9:07 PM

Remember Obama fabricated a crisis, THERE WAS NO CRISIS, WE WERE NOT THREATENED It's important in order to understand Obama's head fake.

When a President has not one but two ex Sec of Defense criticizing his verbal threats.. Both Gates and Panetta publicly called him out on this issue. He acted poorly and a weak President.

No one wanted to go to War- Democrats or Republicans--Obama made an international mistake and the USA's prestige is tarnished because of Obama.

Obama doesn't want to deal with the IRS abuses--He knows what he did, he used the power of a government bureau against its citizens.

Obama only wants to fight Republicans and only wants Al Quaida to have AR 15's and Muslim countries to get F-16 aircraft...he doesn't want Americans to be armed, only his radical Muslims.

He is shameful and should be impeached

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Sep-23-13 10:03 AM

Obama is the biggest disappointment to come down the road. He was going to work with the opposition, heal this land and bring the American people together. Rev. MLK would be very disappointed in what this black president has done to this country and race relations. He has a problem with white people, appears angry most times and simply is not presidential material. Romney would have been a much better president, but you can't win when your opposition is giving handouts to everyone. You can't run against the free gifts offered from taxpayers money. Your money and mine going to lazy people who have no desire to find employment. He is simply in way over his head--let's face it. America screwed up.

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Sep-23-13 3:06 PM

I agree with the author of this letter. There is one thing absent from discussion: Russia and China are both threatened by rouge elements who obtain chemical weapons. Ours is not the only nation threatened by terrorists. But, since Russia (and China) support the Assad regime, they were reluctant to step in a secure these weapons. To save face, they have jumped at the suggestion to secure them. Remember: the 2014 Winter Olympics will be held in Sochi, Russia -- not so far from Syria. the last thing the Russians want is the release of chemical weapons at the Games!

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Sep-23-13 4:05 PM

Amazing how the blog always turns into a political debate. Do you people realize that is what ALL the politicians want left or right? Oldest military strategy known, Divide and concur. May the idiots scream a little more about their lack of knowledge.

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