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Thinning blue line

City police adjusting to revenue loss, fewer officers

September 16, 2013

Due to budget cuts caused by revenue loss over the past several years, the city’s police department has seen decreased funding for new hires and equipment, officials said....

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Sep-16-13 11:48 PM

Most were hired in the 70s-80s to enter data on microfich and data entry and then eventually some went to school took classes an become analyst to keep their jobs.

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Sep-16-13 11:43 PM

Arctic I have a friend that was in the "system" and they all retired, state employees retired an were not replaced, this I have known for a very long time because he had told me years and years ago. Alot were just kept around til they retired, their jobs were replaced years ago by computers.

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Sep-16-13 11:33 PM

Just like everyone else, the poleice dept spent the money as fast as they got it on new cars, the latest gadgets instead of saving it for a rainy day. When I was a kid, when alot of us were kids theyy drove cars that were 15-20 years old an worked on them, these days they say they are old after 5-6 years old...Yeah OK! Guess your right since your out of money an all now. : )

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Sep-16-13 6:40 PM

When one person has $70 Billion, naturally there will be shortages elsewhere.

But hey, this is the system you all love and support. You're getting exactly what you want.


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Sep-16-13 3:12 PM

Good thing we are in the midst of a robust recovery! With all the new jobs, there will be more income and sales taxes for Niles.

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Sep-16-13 3:11 PM

Commonsense, it would be a police levy not income tax. ie. your property tax, if you own any.

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Sep-16-13 1:47 PM

Time to raise the city sales tax at the mall? Put it on a ballot vs raising income taxes.

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Sep-16-13 1:31 PM

Okay, so in this thread about local money we have 1 stupid comment about how it's all the fault of Kasich and the Republicans and another stupid comment about Obama.

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Sep-16-13 1:02 PM

By the way nmcLone, that neck thing I think is called a turkey gobbler.

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Sep-16-13 1:01 PM

Maybe if every officer wasn't a Sargent, lieutenant or captain they would have enough money. Don't get me wrong, they couldn't pay enough to do the job of a police officer anywhere. Some of the worst crimes are happening in areas that nobody ever dreamed a decade ago. Murders in the burbs, mass murders in the country and burbs, school shootings haven't happened in the inner city, crimes against women and children. Every time I hear a young person say they want to be a police officer, I think of officer Hartzel (I think) in Y'town shoot in his cruiser by the animal that flipped the judge off. Just not enough money for me. Yet a community can only pay what they got to give.

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Sep-16-13 12:34 PM

Okay, nmclone, I hate to admit it, but I laughed.

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Sep-16-13 12:12 PM

LMBO at nmclone!!! Funniest comment I've read in a LONG time!!!

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Sep-16-13 11:36 AM

Am I reading this article right? The City of Niles generates $5.7 million in income tax, and the police department gets $4.3 million. That leaves $1.4 million to run the rest of the City. Is this accurate?

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Sep-16-13 9:17 AM

Time for a levy!

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Sep-16-13 6:56 AM

Warrenproud, That if funny, then please explain why the number of state of ohio employees decreased, by the largest number ever under the former democratic governor????

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