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Torn apart

A local mother is haunted by a night of terror and murder

September 15, 2013

The eyes of the 46-year-old mother welled up once again as family members reminded her that, yes, she too is a victim of her son....

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Sep-17-13 12:38 AM

"...a friggin pinktoed savage maniac killer...." MYNAMEISEARL

You dare to make a comment like this after whining about all the racism on this board? Any doubt about who is perpetuating the race hatred now, folks?

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Sep-16-13 1:46 PM

No Senator I'm not kidding! Unless I read something I find racially offensive I have no issue with what anyone writes or the subject matter they choose.

Consider carefully the difference here. I never oppose or criticize dialog unless it is derogatory & demeaning towards my ethnic heritage, feel free to prove me wrong...

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Sep-16-13 1:40 PM

Once again another self entitled POS with no ability to see beyond him/herself, attacks another. White, Black, Hispanic, Asian doesn't matter to me. A POS is a POS. His own parents. Yes, he is like a rabid animal that should just be put down. Not provoked, not threatened, no reason. Depression and anxiety are not excuses for this behavior.

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Sep-16-13 1:24 PM

"Lastly, exactly why do you make it your concern about who says what on this message board? Why become so bent outta shape over the free expression of 1st amendment rights?" NMC--Are YOU kidding US here???

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Sep-16-13 10:42 AM

I find it very strange Afret that you often appeal to me to be civil with you, respect you and not engage in juvenile insults. Yet you once again start the insult fest by accusing me of being on meds?

Is that an invitation to begin a barrage of ignorance since you drew first blood?

Lastly, exactly why do you make it your concern about who says what on this message board? Why become so bent outta shape over the free expression of 1st amendment rights?

You maintain so much concern over what 2 or 3 people write but never once objected to libh8ter/cleanupwarren before he was zapped from the site after being arrested. Will you be donating bond money to his cause?

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Sep-16-13 10:00 AM

Impressed that you know of Jakub Earl! And to Afret, when the content of my comment proves to be true I will be ringing your bell.

Why not be real by saying, "yeah you're right but your comment was an unnecessary sucker punch"?

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Sep-16-13 7:44 AM

SMH @ the children of yakub.

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Sep-16-13 7:33 AM

There they go with the "OFF HIS MEDS" bs,trying to soften the blow & water down this heinous act of murder & attempted murder,call it what it is...he's a friggin pinktoed savage maniac killer..this is what happens when you raise little devils to the devils work. She's 46 ? maybe 64 wowzers.

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Sep-15-13 11:57 PM

Lisa Frye, I pray God's healing hand to touch you and strengthen you. I pray that justice will be done for your husband and for your son.

I hate the way our military personnel is treated, like throwaways. And I know that many PTSD patients self medicate with drugs, which makes it all so much worse.

Only God can untangle this mess, so I pray He will work His miracles for you and yours every day of this process.

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Sep-15-13 10:39 PM

Prayers for you Ms. Frye. No one understands what you are going through but many of us are praying for you.

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Sep-15-13 8:28 PM

Very well said horatio.

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Sep-15-13 2:38 PM

Another rotten to the core ungreatful man child who was dependent on mom and dad for his worthless survival

Just like that worthless pos Lou Mann who murdered his parents after they took him in after being released from jail

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Sep-15-13 2:27 PM

Well said Horatio. This poor lady was a victim and is in no way to blame for what her doped up bat s.h.i.t. crazy son did.

That said I think we all wonder why our so called legal system allows the constant appeals when the evidence of guilt is so totally overwhelming.

Yeah the military might change people but meth makes them insane as a rabid skunk and we all know what the cure for a rabid animal is.

I hope this poor woman will be able to find the peace she so deserves so she can move forward with her life. She was a victim of a souless,heartless drug crazed s.o.b who should be put out of his misery asap !

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Sep-15-13 11:06 AM

Lisa Frye,If you read the comments today,please know this,there are people who are praying for you.I don't know you or your family,but I know the usual attitudes of the TRIB commenters.So far,none have mentioned you.I can't imagine having a son that has done what yours has.I'm sure there will be accusations from family members of your deceased loved one,along with the guilt that you say that you feel.You did not do this,you are NOT responsible.Your son is an adult and is fully responsible for his own actions.He sounds mentally ill.That does not mean innocent by reason of insanity,it means insanity is why he is guilty.He is,not you.God bless your elderly parents for their support.I hope you heal in time,Focus on the goodwill of your parents and perhaps find a faith based group to help you cope.God bless,and good luck.I also wish all the good things possible for the deceased mans family.Sorrow,hurt,loss and anger that I can't imagine must be your daily companion.God bless you all.

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Sep-15-13 11:03 AM

Although I don't think the military is to blame, I'm married to a Marine and I can tell you it changes people. They don't place value on the human life the way everyone else does. None of us can say whether or not this is because of the military.

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Sep-15-13 10:22 AM

Only a greedy scumbag lawyer will buy into this sudden "after the military" mental illness. This guy was a known druggie and meth addict around town. The only thing the military did to him was introduce him to cheap drugs. This sounds like the "but he is such a good boy defense".

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Sep-15-13 8:35 AM

Mental health issues caused by her son's military service. It sounds like she is setting him up for his insanity defense.

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Sep-15-13 7:18 AM

Sounds like serious mental issues which may mean not guilty by reason of insanity. Long time if not life in a mental institution.

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Sep-15-13 6:58 AM

Life without parole is my vote.

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