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Sat 7:12pm: McCain, Graham blast Syrian chemical weapons deal

September 14, 2013

WASHINGTON — Two Republican senators who are among President Barack Obama's sharpest foreign policy critics today blasted a Syrian chemical weapons agreement as "an act of provocative weakness" by......

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Sep-16-13 9:17 AM

If McCain and Graham are so interested in getting the US into another war, they can go fight it.

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Sep-15-13 11:25 PM

jtoday....those arent the only options. maybe osama...oops...i mean obama can just pull all out troops out of the middle east all together?

i love how democrats and republicans have completley switched in terms of their belief systems since 2008. even more, you each are slamming each other for changing positions!!! its soooo freaking hypocritical and insane.

democrats now support bombing more countries and are acting like the trepublicans of 2008. republicans are saying "NO!" to bombing and acting like the democrats of 2008.

you are all insane. you cant see how mentally abusive govt has been to you all. completely washed out.

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Sep-15-13 11:17 PM


"Obama is Osama II"

there is a first ome, but watch II. heck watch both. obama is osama.

would fulfill the head wound prophecy.

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Sep-15-13 7:55 PM


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Sep-15-13 7:34 PM

Conservatives is why God invented the middle finger

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Sep-15-13 7:14 PM

Anybody going to answer my question????

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Sep-15-13 6:45 PM

McCain and graham are both getting blasted in their home states for siding with Obama on too many times on issues that were bad for the American people. graham will be lucky if he gets re- elected he came on heavy handed with the Syrian fiasco, again not what the people here in south carolina wanted and we are the only ones that he needs to listen to.

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Sep-15-13 6:03 PM

Conservatives would have voted against using military strikes. They are against this agreement to get rid of chemical weapons. They don't like McCain and Graham. The only other options are doing nothing or all out war. Which of these options are conservatives endorsing?

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Sep-15-13 12:49 PM

I'm not a fan of either side involved in this civil war and I certainly don't favor doing anything that will aid or help Americas enemies.

It's absolute stupidity to stop our enemies from killing each other. And anybody who thinks these so called "good guy freedom fighters" are any friend to America isn't bright enough to pour*****out of a boot ! That war loving old fossil McCain is nothing but a mouthpiece for the industrial military machine and of course it won't be his grandchildren going to war or being put in harms way. And if you don't think the idea of American tomahawks reigning down on Damascus didn't scar the crap out of Assad you're greatly mistaken !

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Sep-15-13 10:01 AM

As I recall reading, FamilyGuy was totally against bombing Syria and cut down the President. Obama does not bomb Syria and found a diplomatic solution and FamilyGuy is cutting down the President. LOOOOOOOL!!!

Were I come from this is called the Romney illness.

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Sep-15-13 9:17 AM

Im sorry but I think it was a very bold move when the President went against all the advisors telling him we need to strike. He had second thoughts and for good reason. We had no business being there. So with him asking congress for a vote turned out to buy enough time to settle this without more violence. Tell me McCain how a war was going to make this better? We go into a country bomb kill even more innocent people / Really? only thing I see out of that is War we had no business being in. So give the President a break He made the right choice for now like him or not at least he was smart enough to step back and say ohh wait a minute we need to rethink this through.

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Sep-15-13 8:47 AM

President Obama has shown us again that "speaking softly and carrying a big stick" works. These two old war mongering diehards need to leave the senate. Their time has passed.

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Sep-15-13 6:45 AM

McCain and Graham are down right war mongers. Just ticked off that a problem can be solved without firing a shot. The treat of force was a clever tactic by Obama that Russia and Syria caved in on.

With that being said, nobody cares what you have to say McCain, Graham. No bombs are flying and no American casualties. and that just ticks you off.

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Sep-14-13 11:43 PM

We abdicated our position as the world leader when we beat the war drums for a minimal, politically correct, military strike against a nation that, in the words of our president, poses no real threat to America.

If there is anything worse than the indecisiveness of our president, it is the constant war chants of the two republican senators who are poster children for term limits who are willing to send someone else's children into harms way to prove exactly what??

Read our lips both parties!

We do not want military action against any nation that is not an eminent clear and present danger to America and if we must fight,we do not want politically correct restrictions on our military.

If it is serious enough to pull the trigger, it is serious enough to pull out all the stops and defeat the enemy so thoroughly that they beg for peace.

We don't use our military to send signs or signals or attack countries whose leaders we don't particularly like.

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Sep-14-13 9:25 PM

There is a reason McCain lost. He just put an exclamation point behind it.

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Sep-14-13 7:45 PM

This whole fiasco is a joke, as is, the "Commander in Chief". We're going to bomb, well, maybe not...don't need Congressional approval...well, maybe I do. Then, Putin takes the lead and makes Obonehead look like a smuck. Then, I don't want Congress to vote (and I wonder why!!!). Are you kidding me!? Russia, Syria's closest ally, is going to broker a deal? And the U.S. is going to trust the outcome? And don't even think about the economy, jobless rate, Obamacare, which is revealing the TRUE cost to Americans. People, please, please wake up and see what's happening to this country!

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