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Thu., 8:15am: CIA delivering light weapons to Syria

September 12, 2013

WASHINGTON — The CIA has been delivering light machine guns and other small arms to Syrian rebels for several weeks, following President Barack Obama's decision to arm the rebels....

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Sep-14-13 12:10 PM

Oops, that should have been @MandatoryM...

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Sep-14-13 12:09 PM

Yes Marmel we can use a multitude of twits & turns to vilify a President, and I won't dispute the accuracy of your comment. However are you willing to seriously suggest Obama is engaged in a deliberate destruction of America?

Didn't Reagan get involved in gun running & trading in order to fund Iran, arming Rebels, etc... that resulted in cocaine being smuggled into our neighborhoods and a huge scandal?

My point?

Even the most well intentioned Presidential plan can become twisted outta shape. Especially when adhering to the advice of intelligence sources and strategists...

Republicans are holding Obama to a standard never held to one of their own. With all your insight you miss the simplest truth. At their core every President endeavors to move America forward, there has never been a subversive traitor in the White House seeking to destroy us!

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Sep-13-13 5:40 PM

That's just it Marmel, we don't exactly know how or what they're doing or what they've learned that led to those decisions. Nobody on this message board is more in tune with National Security, the intentions of our actions or what's really going on than those in Washington.

It amazes me that anyone can rant against President Obama, the Democratic party or anyone else in Power while sitting in Warren watching CNN or Fox. That is not rational or sane! Seems to me hard line right wingers have more of a problem with the man than the office.

No President intentionally attempts to weaken our status or drive our economy down. If these things happen it's more a sign of the times than Presidential flaws. Especially since every Presidential decision ever made came from a group of advisers who all agreed to the same thing. Like I said before, a President does not single handedly rule America...

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Sep-13-13 4:42 PM

MM - the fact that he (Putin) said we should not consider ourselves as an "exceptional" country. Anyone who believes that should consider moving.

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Sep-13-13 4:42 PM

"the Media or Marmel is privy too"

I know about Libya & Egypt! What happened to those "arms"?? Hmmm?

If we are going to provide arms we should just drop air loads of fully automatic weapons and unlimited ammo all over the middle east and Persia. That would solve the middle east issue. Next Detriot!

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Sep-13-13 4:11 PM

As much as I disagree with Obama on his domestic agenda, I certainly wish the president maximum success in the international arena.

Recent stumbles are enough to cause a hurt in all Americans hearts.

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Sep-13-13 4:07 PM


We certainly agree on this one.

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Sep-13-13 4:05 PM

FG, from where you & I sit it appears Bush might have made a mistake with Iraq but I'm content to believe Bush did what his intelligence sources & his advisors decided was the correct move. I've never blamed Bush as President much the same as Obama can't be totally blamed.

Both Presidents like those before them are simply part of a team whose job is to make decisions for the Country. No President rules America single handedly, although you'd think by the comments folks are simple minded enough to believe so.

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Sep-13-13 1:53 PM


I repeatedly said the same thing about Bush and the Iraq war. They just "had" to know more than what we did.

20-20 hindsight showed that trust to have been misplaced.

Learn from history.

No more politically correct limited military strikes or other meddling in the Middle East.

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Sep-13-13 1:29 PM

Hope & Change - We could use change in the White House, a whole new administration. And I HOPE he is stopped abusing the presidency position.

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Sep-13-13 12:01 PM

Although I disagree with America arming Rebels, I also know the decision was not a Presidential one alone. It should be clear this move was the conclusion of several informed National Security dept heads all agreeing to send arms to Rebels.

Furthermore I realize these National Security dept heads along with President Obama are in possession of information & intelligence that neither myself, the Media or Marmel is privy too.

Knowing that it would be very dumb, ignorant & unpatriotic of me to second guess the experts who are out front and have knowledge of Syria, foreign policy & classified intelligence no citizen or Media source can access...

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Sep-13-13 8:39 AM

I wish Putin would tell Obama to stop being that it looks like Russia has more influence than America now. Image that! Russia the world authority, ***** slapping Obama around. Great job MR. President, you have achieved your goal.

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Sep-13-13 8:11 AM

Who and the F is in the whitehouse???? WTF!!! We have never seen a more inept, bungling administration in the history of history. Dear lord, arming more terrorists.

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Sep-12-13 5:04 PM

The one (only) thing I agree w/Putin on in his OpEd is that America has a propensity to attack other nations time and time again. STOP THE MADNESS! My exception is to debilitate those with the intention to develop a nuclear weapon, i.e., Iran and NKorea, but otherwise, let the named country fight their own battles. Nuclear weapons are more easily delivered and pose a greater danger, so deserve more serious discussion.. Too much right here on our soil to fix.

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Sep-12-13 2:58 PM

If they don't rearm al-queda how else will they be able to convince us they must continue the fight against terrorism? Since they are a tool of the CIA anyway... someday the lights will turn on for the sheeple.

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Sep-12-13 2:50 PM

Oh, Yes, arming our enemies; what a great idea!

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Sep-12-13 10:08 AM

Finally our government admits to gun running to the al Qaeda linked rebels in the Syrian civil war.

If America and other meddling nations would cease sending arms and jihadist fighters to Syria, perhaps Syria could sort out their differences and this civil war, with the 120,000 "rebel" deaths, could be resolved by the Syrians themselves.

We are doing no one any favors by our meddling.

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Sep-12-13 9:12 AM

We are arming the rebel soldiers that will soon turn those weapons on us. Why would they not want to receive arms from US? Grrrr.

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Sep-12-13 9:03 AM

I must have missed the news, but when did the Assad regime declare war on America? Why are we getting involved in a foreign civil war? Many, if not most, of those rebels hate America, Christians, Jews, freedom, and liberal democracy! Enough with this meddling. Let Allah sort out their feuds!

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Sep-12-13 8:47 AM

This is total LUNACY, can we arrest obama for supporting a terrorist organization. I'm living in a world I don't understand, where the rule of law is only applied to the serfs and the feudal lords get away with murder.

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