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Driver apologizes after accident, but then flees

September 7, 2013

HOWLAND — Police here were looking for an affectionate hit-skip motorist who rear-ended a Fowler Township woman Thursday night, apologized profusely and offered a hug before getting back into her ca......

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Sep-09-13 11:24 PM

the color of car was unknown because I didn't go out of my car it was in the middle of traffic I was told not to move it or move my self. I said it was a dark vehicle because it was dark outside and it was hard to tell if it was blue or green or black . im not a car expert either so I didn't know the exact model of the car I told the police officer it could be a honda or cavalier. my main concern was my child getting transported to the hospital. we are ok yes. thank god it wasn't worse. ill chalk up the money loss cause KARMA will get her.

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Sep-09-13 7:28 PM

@ car was towed I never drove away from the accident. @ billdog... the reason why I wasn't able to get the plate number or make of car is because my face was smashed by the steering wheel when I realized that I was hit my first reaction was to make sure my Son was ok. to call 911 and to make sure no other car would bash into the back of us. the girl came to my window apologized and told me her name I didn't think I had to rush out and get plate number its kinda hard to watch ur child make sure no one else hits u and try to talk to 911 on the phone... I HAD NO IDEA SHE WOULD TAKE OFF IF I HAD A CLUE YEAH I WOULD OF LOOKED MORE INTO PLATES AND VEHICLE. YEAH TRUE THIS HAPENS ALL THE TIME BUT THE ARTICLE WAS MORE TO SEE IF THE GIRL COULD BE FOUND MAYBE HER PARENTS WOULD SEE ARTICLE OR OTHER PEOPLE THAT MAY HAVE INFORMATION. TRUST ME I DIDNT WANT TO GET IN THIS ACCIDENT OR HAVE TO PAY 300 FOR TOW N IMPOUND FEE AND 500 DEDUCT. I COULD OF FOUND OTHER WAYS TO SPEND THE MONEY.

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Sep-09-13 11:51 AM

Moonie, your expectations are to high for ohcwby, he never reads the article, just makes ranting ridiculous comments. Anyway, makes one wonder about this so called victim. She don't know what kind of car hit her (maybe a Honda, maybe a Caviler,) don't know what color the car was, and didn't get a plate number. Hummmmm.

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Sep-08-13 1:57 PM

ohcwby - How is 46 "kinda rural"? Did you even read the article?

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Sep-08-13 12:31 AM

I doubt anyone was around to witness it in this area. That road is kinda rural.

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Sep-07-13 7:40 PM

LOL @Henryviii.

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Sep-07-13 5:24 PM

if she was hit that hard to cause those injuries to her and her son, no car would have been driven away. Perfect example of whats wrong with people today.

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Sep-07-13 3:43 PM

That stretch of road is the rear end capital of Trumbull county. Pay attention, get off your phones and drive.

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Sep-07-13 3:29 PM

Hysterical. I hope they find her and give her a lesson in taking responsibility for her actions. Either she didn't have a license, insurance or she'd been drinking. Hope the victim and her son make a speedy recovery.

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Sep-07-13 3:23 PM

probably went more like this in the teens mind, sorry to rear end you lady I was answering a text, let me give you a hug cause that is all your gonna get from me I don't have insurance. glad the people were not hurt too bad.

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Sep-07-13 11:56 AM

This happens a lot. It has happened to me twice. I don't see how this is a news story.

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Sep-07-13 11:03 AM

Time for the parents to stand up and BE parents! Turn this kid in NOW!

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Sep-07-13 9:11 AM

18-23 approx.

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Sep-07-13 9:11 AM

I got hit last year and the first thing I did was get the license plate. Didn't matter, the woman had no insurance and drove off.

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Sep-07-13 9:04 AM

a few details my daughter said that were left out is the accident happened at 8:15 pm almost to the light of home depot on 46. the girl came to heathers window and said her name was McKenzie. brown hair 5'5" approx. she had a grey shirt on. the vehicle could also be a cavalier. several cars did pass. The vehicle heather was in was a white car. other vehicle unknown.

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Sep-07-13 8:50 AM

Her parents must be liberal their world, everything is forgiven with a hug!

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Sep-07-13 8:36 AM

Must have been other drivers in the area to witness the accident.

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Sep-07-13 7:22 AM

"Her parents will see the damage to her car."

And, I will make a bet they will not do a darn thing about it.

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Sep-07-13 6:56 AM

Business. The kid gave her a hug.

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Sep-07-13 6:24 AM

Never give a school aged kid a hug after a car accident...I've always said that.

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Sep-07-13 3:47 AM

Too flippin funny...Glad that woman an kid are ok.

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Sep-07-13 3:08 AM

I guess everybody has a bad day sooner or later. Her parents will see the damage to her car. Maybe go to the school & find the car!

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