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Probation for jewel thieves

Woman, husband took $200K in goods from home

September 5, 2013

WARREN — A judge warned a Mineral Ridge couple that their heroin addiction was at the root of their crime spree and he would only give them one final chance before threatening them with seven years......

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Sep-06-13 11:04 AM

Drphildrone you are absolutely correct.

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Sep-06-13 10:45 AM

There there Afret1, do you find my comment to be a lie or is the truth too uncomfortable? You made a big deal out of being called names and disrespected but turn around doing the same to me without my having started in on you.

Does that make you hypocritical or just rude ignorant and angry? You know I'm a he, is it the homosexual in your blood that compels you to call men she? I believe long ago it's been decided you don't get to control the conversation here or the subject matter.

So if I decide to interject race into every article I have the right to do so. Deal with the truth instead of working to conceal it. In this article the interjection of race is relevant.

Why didn't you attempt to control marine12 who actually interjected race at 9:58am long before I did? Are you mad at Cincin and OHCWBY who said the same thing or just believe you can pick on me?

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Sep-06-13 6:20 AM

I placed judgement upon her actions and said she should own up to what she did how am I judging her personally. Robinj get a life and stay out of my life.

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Sep-06-13 6:12 AM


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Sep-06-13 6:11 AM

Robinj how am I a hypocrite when I said she should pay for her actions. I have seen what drugs can do to a person first hand. So what I used planned parenthood before I will have to answer for that not you. Everyone has free will and they will have to live with them. I am done.

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Sep-06-13 2:30 AM

The funny thing is Marine12 is probably right. LOL

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Sep-05-13 11:55 PM

Can't we for ONCE comment on a story without race being interjected?! I expect this from DrPhilchitforbrains, who rarely posts comments, but when she does, it's always to introduce color into the dialogue. The "Dr" is a prime example of the reason we keep growing further apart as a divided nation instead of coming together as Americans - regardles of the color of our skin!

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Sep-05-13 8:14 PM

Such obvious hypocrisy, once again, from the one always claiming to be judged by others, most recently for her financial support of the single largest abortion provider in the US, as she blatantly posts her scathing opinions, and obviously placing judgement upon the female in the article! Tsk! Tsk!

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Sep-05-13 7:02 PM

Addiction recovery statistics are grim. There needs to be medical attention, behavior interventions, and a relapse prvention program.

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Sep-05-13 6:48 PM

"And all our yesterdays have lighted fools The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle! Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player That struts and frets his hour upon the stage And then is heard no more: it is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing."

Ah! Macbeth!

This isn't Dunsinane, though. And is the tragedy our justice system, the loss by the owners of the jewels, or the drug addictions that fueled the situation.

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Sep-05-13 6:07 PM

$200,000 in goods...taken from a home on Country Club Dr.

Tells you how much they're overcharging for this useless jewelry thing.

These two aren't the ONLY thieves in this article.


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Sep-05-13 5:06 PM

marine 12 everything is race? maybe the 2 losers in the back would deserve a harder sentence than that,you don't even know why they are there but of course you cry victim because you just seen the color of their skin.

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Sep-05-13 3:19 PM

exactly truthmonger. these idiots were caught on video stealing the jewelry, left a nice paper trail by providing I.D. and signing pawn slips and even gave a video tapped confession. seems some heavy fines are in order to recover man hour costs at least. Hard to cry about a fine and sentence after you confess.

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Sep-05-13 3:11 PM

Is that her two Attorneys in the background?

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Sep-05-13 3:10 PM

marine12 you read my mind except they don't usually toss less than 15 on black criminals no matter the crime. Aversion programs are for juveniles. Not grown a**ed dope addict trash like this. They knew just what they were doing and have done it before.

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Sep-05-13 3:08 PM

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Sep-05-13 3:08 PM


I agree 100%. The cost of extra police and DEA and court costs and prison costs and rehab costs and everything they caused should be divided among the dealers and users of h-er-oin. Their wages should be garnished until the costs are covered or until they die.

But that's "cruel and unusual" they'll say.

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Sep-05-13 2:55 PM

?????? eight years and $15,000 fine each is the max. sentence. The clerk of courts isn't showing sentence details. Does anyone know if they bothered to levy any fines here? or are the tax payers going to eat the cost of this investigation also? just saying, those that cause the need for additional police should start funding it when caught.

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Sep-05-13 2:37 PM

Is there still any question about who is the reason drug cartels prosper? The moment it is realized who the big spenders are that keep this industry going maybe the focus will shift to suburbanites where it belongs.

These two get probation but Mayor Franklin's son gets jail time for smoking a plant? Dudes in the hood get years in prison for $200 worth of cocaine while never stealing so much as an rubber band?

Does anyone honestly believe there is equal justice under the law, or that skin color plays no part in who gets jail and who is set free? Are we finally ready to face the truth?

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Sep-05-13 2:25 PM

How does a 21 yr old with no money and steals to support her ****** habit afford to hire Gary Rich as her lawyer?? She could afford a public defender. Rumor in town is the guy she sold the jewelry to paid for her bail and legal fees not to rat him out. There is a bigger story here Tribune. You should get a reporter on it.

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Sep-05-13 2:24 PM

First, the Trib should interview the judge and ask the question so many posters are asking: Why the ridiculously light sentence?

Second, did it ever occur to anyone that the police are in that area of E Market St because that's where the high school is? Everyone is complaining about the tickets given out. I have to ask how many accidents they have prevented by their presence.

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Sep-05-13 2:18 PM

Those tears are as fake as she is. She should put her big girl panities on and deal with her sentence and be lucky she got a light one. I am sick to death of these girls crying because poor me has a drug problem. Nobody stuck that needle in your arm that was your choice so deal with your actions. You choose to steal that jewelry from them. What your pay wasn't good enough to support your habit then maybe she should have had rehab a long time ago.

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Sep-05-13 1:48 PM

Liberal Serfdom: You are correct, at one there were 3 police cruisers on E Market between Pizza Works and the Tennis courts--Not a student in site, he students park in the back of the school..In addition the State Patrol also likes to hand around the area..You will never find the Howland Police where crime is being committed,,I understand they don't have one person qualified to enter a crime scene and take finger prints. This is not a Police Dept--they are sone step above giving tickets for parking violations.

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Sep-05-13 1:27 PM

What an outrage!Why didn't the Tribune report the name of the person they sold the jewelry to?? Typical lame Tribune reporting. There is a paper trail in this case and the Tribune should investigate it. The owners of Genes Jewelers are great people and great members of the community. They deserve justice.

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Sep-05-13 12:21 PM

These two idiots will be right back doing the same thing. The rule should be, "There is no crying in sentencing"... You are outta here.. And what about the people who had their property stolen? What did they get? How about this one....Did the perps say who they sold the jewelery too? Why weren't those folks given jail time? What a bunch of crap.

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