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Love and forgiveness what country needs

September 1, 2013

DEAR EDITOR: I was hoping and praying that goodness and spirituality would come out of the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream Speech.” I admired and held Dr....

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Sep-04-13 10:49 PM

Still waiting for the Senator to concede!

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Sep-03-13 3:29 PM

Just read the comments, the libs spew Hate & Blame!

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Sep-03-13 10:36 AM

No one is more hateful, intolerant and discriminating than a liberal democrat.

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Sep-03-13 10:33 AM

This letter should appeal to everyone, especially liberals since they claim to be fighting for it. The paradox is that they only claim to fight for equality and fairness BUT would be out of business if that was the case, otherwise they wouldn't continue to divide and make things worse as they have. Republicans hating black people is ridiculous. Look at the way black conservatives are treated by all the "compassionate" liberals.

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Sep-03-13 10:07 AM

That's not true, but that is what most of them believe because that is what is drummed into their heads by Libs. They ought to listen to the highly educated and intellectual likes of Dr. Ben Carson, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Herman Cain to name a few. The Democrats use the blacks and pit them against whites unfairly. All people need to educate themselves re this country and its government.

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Sep-03-13 6:27 AM

The bottom line is the Republicans hate black people and refuse to recognize anything positive that they have contributed. They use race baiting at every turn to get the white peoples votes and deny the black population of America the right to vote. Look at how the Ohio middle aged white Republican legislature put them in their own little racial segregated districts.

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Sep-02-13 6:45 PM

Senator. I am NOT WRONG. What I wrote earlier about Todd and Scott is correct. There is a place called your homework, pal. And if you have a pair of glasses, I would use those, too.

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Sep-02-13 6:35 PM

Senator. MSNBC is far from being a right wing news blog. And you know...... What difference, at this point, does it make?

This administration has down one helluva job screwing this country up.

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Sep-02-13 3:49 PM

Junkyard--you are WRONG. You are not reading your own right-wing Newsbusters blog correctly. It wasn't Chuck Todd that said that. "Republican strategist John Feehery pointed out that the only African American in the United States Senate was not invited to speak." ALL members of Congress received an invite three weeks prior to the event.

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Sep-02-13 10:51 AM

You have to know the answer unless you don't listen to the news. It started the first year of his presidency and it hasn't stopped. He has turned this country so far around it will never be the same. He has taken sides when he doesn't even have the facts straight in many cases. He has pitted one group against the other from the beginning and continues to do so. He has emboldened and angered certain groups to the detriment of others. He is a divider not the uniter that he claimed he was going to be both here in the states and abroad. He has made many mistakes that surfaced in spite of their secrecy. He calls them phony! The list is endless. When, Daniel,are you going to put your racists stripes aside and think of our country and the direction it is going.

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Sep-01-13 8:50 PM

Jt. Do your own research. If I could find it so can you. Do we have to do everything for you guys!! I am not making these things up. These are not "phony" remarks!!

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Sep-01-13 8:35 PM

Wp you should rephrase your post to read the working man and the lazy leeches of society.

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Sep-01-13 7:46 PM

'MSNBC's Chuck Todd' So now you believe MSNBC??? Also when did Mr. Todd say this????

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Sep-01-13 6:45 PM

According to MSNBC's Chuck Todd, Tim Scott was not invited to attend or speak, but as usual the Lib blamed it on the Republicans.

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Sep-01-13 5:42 PM

The Senate’s only black lawmaker wasn’t invited to speak at Wednesday’s 50th anniversary March on Washington, because Tim Scott’s office declined an invitation to attend the ceremony as a spectator, according to a source connected to the event. “Much of the speaking program was created based on those who were able to confirm availability to attend the event, and thus were able to speak at the event,” the source explained. And based on an email exchange obtained by CQ Roll Call, the South Carolina Republican did receive an invitation to attend the festivities commemorating Martin Luther King Jr.’s delivery of the famous “I Have a Dream” speech. The invitation, sent Aug. 8 from the Coalition for the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington, appears to have been a form letter to all members of Congress, with invitees listed as “Representative” rather than by name. Within a d

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Sep-01-13 4:46 PM

Country seems more divided than ever. Have to ask yourself why .. how can that be with the first black President. We had expected a unifier and someone whose course was set on healing, building,and leading us in the tradition of MLK. Sadly, he has set the tone, and it is not a pleasant one. Wasted opportunities. Squandered for politics as usual.

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Sep-01-13 3:55 PM

Well, I think most of you are missing the message. Politics be damned. The facts are the facts and this lady is right. If you want to know who wasn't asked to participate, I can tell you. The only black senator we have is Tim Scott-SC. He was NOT asked to speak at this MLK Anniversary. Go figure!

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Sep-01-13 2:28 PM

Pay no attention to these politicized comments,Elizabeth.Your message still comes through.Racism,poverty,education are all linked together.We need to help and lift up one another not only our own selves.Love and forgiveness are the two most powerful forces in the universe.

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Sep-01-13 12:08 PM

Heres what Bill OReilly said, verbatim...

"I said that there were no Republican speakers invited. Wrong. I was wrong. Some of the Republicans were asked to speak; they declined. That was a mistake; they should have spoken. Now, the mistake…entirely on me. I assumed that since all the speakers were liberal Democrats that Republicans were excluded. Now, here’s the tip of the day: Always check out the facts before making a definitive statement. And when you make a mistake, admit it. By the way, I’m sorry I made that mistake. Because I know that you guys watch The Factor for accuracy."

FYI-Hardly reluctant or half hearted!

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Sep-01-13 11:57 AM

Funny thing...the right also criticized the speeches in 1963. Now those speeches are OK but this years are wrong????

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Sep-01-13 8:30 AM

Blah Blah Blah.

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Sep-01-13 7:20 AM

Elizabeth, You should have done a little research before writing this letter. If you had, you would have quickly learned that Republicans were asked to attend and give speeches. MLK was snubbed by all of those Republicans. Even Fox News race baiter Bill O'Reilly had to make a reluctant half hearted apology for accusing Democrats of not inviting them.

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Sep-01-13 6:51 AM

Martin Luther King Jr.’s DREAM is dead. This country is so divided by economics of the haves versus the have nots that there is little hope that anything will ever change.

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