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Finger pointing begins over jobs lost

September 1, 2013

DEAR EDITOR: About the loss of 500 jobs in our area: Shame, shame, shame on all who were involved with the negotiations that led the new company to go to South Carolina. Great job....

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Sep-09-13 1:48 PM

Mark, it wasn't the city of Girard that done anything wrong. The plant wanted to use property that was in Girard. The city of Youngstown wanted all the tax revenue that was generated, and demanded that Girard annex the property to Y'town. Girard's may refused. So in the rear event that you may own property, how about allowing your neighbor to build a barn on your property and you pay the taxes on development for the improvement?

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Sep-05-13 3:23 PM

marmelade- Please kindly explain what you mean by "the restrictive, inefficient union work rules"

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Sep-04-13 7:17 PM

Someone I know, knows the guy that was trying to bring the business here. I heard second hand that those local politicians didn't know what they were doing. He only wanted to move it to the area because he's from here and wanted to give back to the community. I guess it was pretty comical. They don't know how to react to such a situation since it so rarely happens due to the strong arm bs that is commonplace in these parts.

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Sep-04-13 12:53 PM

"It's not necessarily the union wage rates, but the restrictive, inefficient union work rules that scares new business out of the valley."

Very good point

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Sep-04-13 12:51 PM

Who blamed Obama?? I will admit that his politics are very similar to Valley politics but it really wasn't him directly. It is just par for the course in the majority of areas like the valley (democrat run areas).


I don't recall ready a piece from this author about all the Bush blamers 2-3-4-5 years after he left office.

Or the republican blamers 2-3-4-5-6-7 years after they lost control of government. (meaning losing at least 2 out of three of either the WH, Senate or H of R) Liberals always had control of IRS, Education, EPA, MAMBLA, Rainbow Warriors, Media, the Cuckoos Nest etc..

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Sep-02-13 9:09 AM

The local leaders are not too smart and are at a added disadvantage because they are lazy.

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Sep-02-13 1:08 AM

I don't think its just warren area trying to throw jobs away, look at the hoops the Mahoning county is making the casino jump through. Also, look what v&m star had to go through with the city of girad

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Sep-01-13 10:21 PM

It's not necessarily the union wage rates, but the restrictive, inefficient union work rules that scares new business out of the valley.

Our reputation where elected officials join picket lines in the Mahoning Valley is well known.

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Sep-01-13 3:56 PM

Jtoday, We would not have accepted it because Warren was involved. But as usual it appears that Warren drug their feet and the deal went else wear.

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Sep-01-13 12:57 PM

We could do nothing to convince G.E to make new light bulbs in their old Ohio Lamp plant.GE could have really capitalized on keeping jobs here in America had they stayed.Instead they will capitalize on exploiting cheap labor on some distant shore somewhere.Don't blame unions there since many workers stood up to say they would take pay cuts.The blame there lies solely on the shoulders of the international mega-corporation, GE.They had the money to refurbish the old plant.

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Sep-01-13 12:00 PM

This factory was not going to be in Warren. They wanted it in Vienna. Warren was involved because the trustees were researching a JEDD which you and I know the Vienna residents would not have accepted. Are these facts correct????

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Sep-01-13 11:40 AM

The company went to where they got the best deal of reduced taxes, etc. As my old friend Richie used to tell me. "When everything is said and done, Greed will prevail"

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Sep-01-13 10:29 AM

I have said for years, many, not all, but many of the local unions would negotiate themselves right out of the workplace. There are some good unions, too many have been very greedy, and ruined it for business, AND, the workers.

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Sep-01-13 7:53 AM

I have a friend that worked for a company in Columbus that was looking to expand. He put a proposal together for them to open a branch in Warren, well after the company did some research and found out how corrupt the local politicians, police and union were they decided to open a branch in southern Ohio.

Pont is it’s not an issue of being a right to work state it is an issue of having a corrupt city and union that keeps business from coming to Warren.

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Sep-01-13 7:09 AM

The factory went to South Carolina, a "right to work" state. Given the history of labor union extortion and corruption in the valley, this was a no brainer.

Why would any manufacturer want to do anything here when people like Novak picket your business for not paying union vig, Rev. Alston pickets you for not hiring enough un-qualified minorities, and the city knocks down your door for payroll and various other "employment" taxes?

Business is in business to make money. Before someone screams "right to work for less," the area in SC where the factory is located has a HIGHER average manufacturing wage than the valley. The only ones who will be working for less will be the union bosses that can't use a closed shop to steal from everyone.

There are unions in the South, but they represent the membership, not just the top dogs. Boeing had a union in SC, but the members voted it out. The NLRB tried to make it Boeing's fault. We know how that turned out.

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Sep-01-13 7:01 AM

I would say losing $300,000 in income tax revenue should point the finger squarely at Mayor Franklin's inability to get things done over and over again in a timely manner. He must go bye bye next election for the good of our city.

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