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Constitution should not be misinterpreted

September 1, 2013

DEAR EDITOR: On Aug. 18., the Tribune carried a story of D-Day in Conneaut, Ohio. I was one of about 10,000 who saw a re-enactment of the original D-Day....

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Sep-09-13 1:35 PM

If most people had the ability to do mathematics they would realize that they tend to collect in SS benefits in less than two years what they paid in their entire lives. So Nort if you plan on only living two years after you are unable to work any-longer, maybe you could invest that money better.

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Sep-07-13 12:58 PM

Please do not retort about how you would have made WISE investments.Unless you had a large trust fund at 18 yrs. old in the MILLIONS,investment of your withholdings would NOT yield enough to pay for the services you would need.

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Sep-07-13 12:48 PM

nortman,you are delusional.If you started working at 16 and worked for 20 yrs. until you were 36 and saved the amount that was taken from your income for SS,would you have enough money saved if you suddenly became disabled?Would you have enough for medical bills,and living expenses for the rest of your life?No,you would not.SS disability is PART of our SOCIAL CONTRACT.We live in a SOCIETY.SS and SSDI are the life blood for many that live in our SOCIETY and thank GOD for the fact that they HAVE IT!

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Sep-06-13 11:42 AM

Defeat, the way our politicians handle the money, there won't be Social Security when I'm at retirement age. Yeah, I think I can do a better job at managing my retirement than the federal government.

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Sep-06-13 8:56 AM

Hey nort! Take the money you paid?


You want to rely on your own expertise in the "free market," rather than government handouts like Social Security and Medicare?

So you would take the cash, and go it alone, risking another down-turn like the Bush Depression?

Such slings and arrows of outrageous fortune are what the social safety net is supposed to cushion us from suffering.

Hate Obammmmmy and the Dems and the Libs all you want, but for your own sake, don't cut off your nose to spite your face! Don't shoot yerself in the foot! Whatever victory you achieve would most certainly be a Pyrrhic one.

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Sep-05-13 5:41 PM

WarrenProud we don't need anymore CLOWNS

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Sep-03-13 8:04 PM

Her syph has started running it's course.

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Sep-03-13 9:59 AM

Defeat, I would be more than happy to not take my Social Security or Medicare money if the government was willing to refund the money that they have taken off of me for it and let me invest it for myself.

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Sep-02-13 11:48 AM

Sad, have to get the spirit of patriotism by watching a re-enactment of death and destruction.

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Sep-02-13 11:04 AM


We somewhat agree with you, but you must admit that we did indeed meddle in Lybia with countless volleys of cruise missiles, gun running, and CIA operatives even though we didn't have traditional military boots on the ground.

The turmoil in Egypt was precipitated by America "nudging" long time ally Hosni Mubarak out the door in favor of the Muslim brotherhood.

How did that work out for Egypt or the world?

Probably agree with the rest of your statement and hope you are right about Syria.

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Sep-02-13 10:33 AM

I'd like to think we are going in the right direction. Out of Iraq, almost out of Afghanistan, and the best thing about this President is we didn't go into Libya, Egypt or North Korea. Hopefully, we will stay out of Syria.

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Sep-02-13 9:42 AM

How about Medicare, A.J., as well as Social Security? Ready to give that back?

After all, you wouldn't want the government controlling your life, would ya?

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Sep-01-13 1:09 PM

We are in complete control of our own destiny...well, we and those special interest groups and the lobbyists...and then there's those pacts,agreements and binding contracts we have with other entities like the UN and the WTA...but ,besides THOSE, we are somewhat in complete control of our own destiny.

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Sep-01-13 11:17 AM

So he says the Constitution should be followed then says the Supreme Court should have to be 6-3 votes, which isn't what the Constitution says. That's great logic.

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Sep-01-13 9:07 AM

"Who should control our lives, the federal government or the states?"

Read the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Bible. "We" control our own lives. Governments exist only to protect our God given rights. Problems only begin to occur when we delegate our personal freedom and responsibilities to Big Brother.

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Sep-01-13 9:03 AM

Well spoken AJ. Thank you for your service.

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Sep-01-13 6:36 AM

I keep waiting for one of the 5 to leave the Supreme Court so Obama can appoint a liberal judge and all the votes will go 5-4 in his favor. You are right though, this country is divided almost evenly and it is not getting any better.

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