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Green space turned into concrete jungle

September 1, 2013

DEAR EDITOR: Developmentally challenged: Could we get smart about development in this area? Challenge the idea that any development is better than none? For example: on Elm Road there was a 7-acre......

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Sep-08-13 9:02 AM

The way to "put a top to it" is to give incentives to use existing space rather than build new space. You can't legislate away freedom. If you own the property and it is zoned for your use, you can build on it if you want. If you make it cheaper for a business to remodel an existing space instead of buying and building new, most companies will do that.

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Sep-07-13 4:12 AM

truth, our States, Counties, and Cities need to put a stop to this practice. It seems like it has gotten out of control...Thanks for the info.

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Sep-05-13 3:18 PM

I disagree with the practice, but that's why i believe they do it.

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Sep-05-13 3:17 PM

Alincoln, turner, and cwby

I think I know why they do that. It's a chain, which means they buy a million and one of everything they need to build a million and one stores at bargain prices. So they already own all the stuff to build a new store and all of their shelving and stuff is custom fit for their stock buildings. It's easier to build a new one, than rent/buy an old building.

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Sep-04-13 8:37 AM

I agree with those who think that it's kind of dumb to biuld new buildings when there are so many empty buildings that would probably work for them. There has to be a way to encourage businesses to take over these buildings and fix them up rather than just build new. I would suggest tax breaks, but then I would be accused of only thinking about helping the rich.

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Sep-04-13 6:30 AM

Yeah, I guess that beautiful farm that was where Wal-Mart is/used to be. Bet that would look good about now, looks better than that empty parking lot and building that's there now! How's that song go...Paved over paradise and put up a parking lot. LOL In this case they really did, if anyone remembers, that was a really beautiful farm.

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Sep-04-13 6:22 AM

Great one Leanne Turner! Hopefully someone on the inside reads this editorial. : )

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Sep-04-13 4:42 AM

This writer makes a great point. There isn't any game plan on how or why business is developed in Trumbull.

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Sep-03-13 1:18 PM

A lack of any vision for what the area should look like 10, 20 or 50 years from now is why we have zero leadership brave enough to think beyond their next paycheck.

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Sep-02-13 10:13 AM

Its kind of rare for a very similar business to open the same sort of service in a location where one existed already. Its a hard sell to open a restaurant where another such restaurant was ,for example.It CAN be done, but its rare to see it succeed.Previous places ought to be required to do SOMETHING with the old structure, for sure, even if its converted to green space..just don't leave us with an empty lot that will crack and peal and not allow rainwater to get down to the ground and a building that will have to be razed....PLUS the eyesore quotient.

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Sep-01-13 8:48 PM

Hey, Truth, I know a little about business....My only complaint is WHY couldn't they use an existing building. Plus, yes, they do marketing and statistical surveys but so have many other businesses who happen to study markets now have empty storefronts.

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Sep-01-13 5:36 PM

I don't think this writer is against the auto parts store. She is questioning why other already developed vacant property was not used.

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Sep-01-13 4:04 PM

Can't make any green sticking with the green.

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Sep-01-13 12:51 PM

Auto parts stores are (or seem to be) a better way to go than do the plethora of five-and-dime, dollar general and Big Lots that are on every corner these days. People are keeping cars on average 10 years these days and we do need competition between parts stores.Ask the folks in Cortland how thrilled THEY are to see a new pole building Family Dollar right across from another such store.

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Sep-01-13 11:56 AM

The recent influx of new part stores seems to say something about the US car industry. People cant afford new cars and are opting to fixup whatever they already own.

I will have to agree with WP views too ... hugging trees just doesnt pay the bills! LoL!

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Sep-01-13 11:52 AM

Im sure OReillys will plant some grass ... isnt that green? LoL!

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Sep-01-13 11:15 AM

Beansprout, it may not make economic sense to you, but I'd obviously did to them. Corporations don't just throw up buildings. They assess the market and decide if they can make money. They bought the land and they can do whatever they want with it. It's not up to the city to say we have enough auto parts stores on that road.

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Sep-01-13 10:24 AM

This is why I live in a township that is zoned agricualtural use. I live where I do for personal reasons. BUT, I also feel if an area iz zoned commercial, then allow any business that want to build, to build. My god, the area needs jobs, I do not care if it is another auto store, durg store or fast food joint,,,,jobs are jobs.

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Sep-01-13 8:40 AM

I totally agree with the writer.

WHY 3 stores within a mile of each other? It makes no economic sense.

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Sep-01-13 8:27 AM

It will be green space in the near future; O'Reilly's will make green and so will all the people filling the new jobs created.

If it's that important to you, maybe you and your friends can buy the old WalMart and turn it into "green" space. Just don't ask for government funds or tax breaks; I don't want to pay.

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Sep-01-13 7:00 AM

You want green space? Go 10 miles north where some of the townships have 30% of the total land owned by the State Game Refuge. Plenty 'o green there.

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Sep-01-13 6:43 AM

I guess some "Green People" could have bought the property and kept it green.

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Sep-01-13 6:39 AM

You tree huggers need to realize that new business create jobs. The space was in a nice retail zoned area and quite appropriate for Warren where many of the vehicles I see traveling down the road definitely need a stop at an auto parts store for spark plugs and a new muffler system.

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