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Tue., 11:24am: OH treasurer crashes twice, makes no staff report

August 27, 2013

COLUMBUS — Republican Josh Mandel has kept two traffic accidents quiet since becoming Ohio treasurer in 2011, including one involving a potential federal campaign finance law violation....

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Aug-27-13 8:39 PM

never seen before, but you think hes a nice guy so no big deal. Whats wrong with you?

I respect the office of the presidency, but the people who are working inside that office that last many decades are banker scumbags!

No, I in know way suppirt that ckass of people anymore. to me, its evil. Nothing less. Grow a pair man.

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Aug-27-13 8:36 PM

Thats because being conned. You respect Bush? His economic policies were fir corporations and bankers. He didnt give a lick about you, but you respect him?Under his terms tens of nillions of Americans lost all they had, their jobs, their money, and their homes. He brought us to the brink of disaster intentionally for the profits of corporate and banker interests. He launched a war that killed thlusands of Amerian soldiers lives and a half a nillion innocent iraqi lives on a bunch of LIES!!!, but yoUR dumb respects that scumbag??? your attitude is a huge problem for this country. Its apathy. hes a con artist criminal mass murder!!! Period. Thats what he is.

obama is even worse. Not a single wors he says is truthful. The UN right freaking now has evidence that the rebels obama suppirts used Sarin gas, not Assad and the govt. He is taking us to war on a lie! You respect that???

Eveything around us is falling apart. Under obama we are goung tosuffer a collapse never...

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Aug-27-13 6:30 PM

Wrong buddy, I don't support anyone exactly. Both parties are liars, cheats & crooks. I do however support the Office of President without regard to who is in it.

Although Bush made a few mistakes as all men do, I believe he's a decent well meaning human being.

I won't do like Republicans and call the President, or ex President a scumbag and degrade his family like you folks do Obama everyday!

I respect Bush, yet you're unable to respect Obama or his office? Has it ever occurred to you both sides are really friends until the camera rolls?

Or that each side is living the same good life on our dime? Politicians are the real Pimps...

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Aug-27-13 5:57 PM

This stuff is a non-issue.

Bigger news of the day is obama's saber rattling and beating of the war drums caused the market to tank, again, to the tune of DJIA- -170, NAS - -79. S&P - -26.

Pay attention to your IRA and 401(k) and see your personal costs associated with ill-conceived words from the inexperienced White House security "team".

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Aug-27-13 5:32 PM

nomorecrap....assuming u were talking to me, I get on all politicians, no matter party. you just happen to be from the communist party that I really dislike instead of from the facist party I dislike like just as much.

I dont care one bit your a communist...seriously. I just cant understand why you support the communist criminals in washington that are lying to you directly on a daily basis. I cant understand that.

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Aug-27-13 4:39 PM

Sounds like a Phony Scandel to me.

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Aug-27-13 1:56 PM

Yeah right, let's not concern ourselves with Josh Mandel, said by the same fool who never passes up an opportunity to ridicule any Democrat whom runs afoul of the law, no matter how small...

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Aug-27-13 12:54 PM

warrenproud...why you still on here today. thought you would be out blaming whitey by now.

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Aug-27-13 12:10 PM

not "care", "car"

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Aug-27-13 12:09 PM

oh my goodness....who cares???

we are about to go to war with syria, we are bankrupt, oil is nearing 110 a barrel, we are getting raped at the pump, interest rates that have been kept atrificially low for far to long are on the verge of rising.....on and on and on and all huge problems.

i could care less about this guys accidents and what care he was using.

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Aug-27-13 12:09 PM

Ha ha, you can't make this stuff up.

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