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More meth labs in Ohio

Officials have found 770 drug operations so far this yearOfficials have found 770 drug operations so far this year

August 27, 2013

COLUMBUS — The number of methamphetamine labs found in the state has spiked to 770 cases, according to the Attorney General’s Offic....

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Aug-27-13 6:42 PM

I have to again agree with NMC. Its NOT necessarily a moral issue at first, but I do believe some eventually surrender what morals they may have had to obtain another high. Its a vicious circle of need and grows into demand.

I also believe NMC is correct on the quitting part of being disciplined, however I dont buy the lucky part. Seems to me there are few ways to break the grip of drug addiction, ie. prison, death or discipline.

I suppose Artic the difference is those who choose to live on the edge seem to go further each time, rather than those who occasionally experiment.

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Aug-27-13 6:15 PM

If it were only so easy Artic, and it never is. I'm not sure morals have anything to do with drug use. The fact is most people like the feeling of being high. Anyone who quits is simply lucky or well disciplined.

Everyone likes cocaine, even you Artic. It does something to the mind, body & ego that is irresistible. I will never buy the statement "I don't like drugs" because it's not genuine.

If cocaine were free we'd all be snorting, puffing & injecting. The problem with cocaine is the price, what it eventually does to the user and the seediness involved in it's subculture (not necessarily in that order).

My ego is too big to get hooked on drugs, I like having money, being able to vacation and afford things and give my children a good life. I could never subordinate myself to ever "need" something any idiot on the block is selling...

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Aug-27-13 5:52 PM

Let me ask this. Why not blame the ever ending decline of morals in the country? If the people snorting, shooting or smoking this crap would live a decent life, MAYBE just maybe the demand would dry up. Please do not tell me about how once hooked they are out of control. I know that, but it was a lack of morals and good judgment that made them take that first hit. Yes, I admit, I puffed a doobie many years ago. I figured out REAL fast it was not a road I wanted to travel. I also knew it was illegal and wrong. Now it is socially acceptable to pop a pill, snort a line or toke a joint.

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Aug-27-13 4:55 PM

The Gov. is so involve & getting to much $$$$ to make it legal.

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Aug-27-13 4:17 PM

I agree with NMC 1st paragraph. I also believe border control will have zero effect on the drug wars/problems.

The drugs making it thru the borders are NOT the problem, it is the drugs derived from them as well as other manufactured drugs.

The manufactured and derivatives like craack or meeth have a far greater street value that the plain old white stuff being transported.

The 'control' of the potential income is the problem. There you will find thugs, guns, hoookers, and other unsavorys.

Its as simple as following the money! To throw more cash certainly wont solve this problem, it will just cost us taxpayers more of our tax dollars and the unsavorys will end up spending fast and easy tax dollars!

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Aug-27-13 1:04 PM

I don't believe throwing any amount of money at the drug problem will ever make a dent. Anyone who has actually known drug addicts would say the same. I'm not talking the weekend coke snorting lawyer, I'm talking serious fiends. The only cure is death!

Furthermore the Govt really doesn't want to close it's borders to narcotic smuggling, too many law enforcement related jobs depend on it. Ending drug dependency could put 1/4th of all enforcement support personnel out of work.

I bet nearly every American household has at least one member somehow connected to the support end of narcotic enforcement & addiction.

I'm sure the Govt would like an end to the associated violence & stealing but not addiction, smuggling & dealing...

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Aug-27-13 11:07 AM

We just need to up the war on drugs budget to 500 quadrillion, that should fix the drug problem! When it coms to meth i'm all for tough laws, raids etc. It is a dangerous drug and making it could blow up the neighbors house. Marijuana should be legalized so they can divert resources to the meth epidemic. it's 1000 times more dangerous and harmful to society than pot.

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Aug-27-13 7:16 AM

Diminished law enforcement capabilities equal growing problematic drug problems. What's new?

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Aug-27-13 5:45 AM

Wow, too early in the morning for dumb comments, even if they're attempting to be trolls.

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Aug-27-13 2:58 AM

Just watch the news, You'd have to be REALLY in the DARK not to think there is no DRUG Problem around here, Or maybe brain dead.

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