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Homeowners help bring city neighborhoods to life

August 25, 2013

Warren is being rebuilt. One house at a time. Some residents living in the area just north of downtown Warren are working diligently to turn houses into the homes of their dream....

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Aug-26-13 7:26 PM

79, I was the first to agree with you by the way.

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Aug-26-13 7:24 PM

Touched a nerve? Yes, 35 percent succeed. And the rest? With new schools, new Super, most tax dollars, as you said "advantages" that the township schools can't afford, Warren is rated as one of the 12 worst schools in the state. I'm sure that most will not want to face this fact and report this as "Abuse". IT'S A FACT

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Aug-26-13 1:14 PM

@ViennaResident -- for your information:

Over the past few years, the top graduates of Warren G. Harding are attending some of the best institutes of higher learning in the world! Some of these include The University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania (not Penn State), The Ohio State University, Case Western Reserve University, University of Mount Union, Capitol University, NYU, Youngstown State, and the list goes on. Many of these graduates are on full or partial scholarships. The academic offerings of WGH far exceed any other school in our area. Students just need to take advantage of what is offered and it will pay off.

As a local educator, I know that no other school in our area has a curriculum as good as WGH.

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Aug-26-13 11:28 AM

This is a terrific story about grassroots revitalization of my hometown. What these pioneers are doing is part of a larger national 'urban homestead' movement. Homesteading is nothing new. America settled the West by giving people a tract of land which they could own outright if they built a permanent structure on it, paid property taxes and lived in it for 5 years. Let's bring back this 'old' idea to the Sunshine Home parcels! I support any positive programs (including gregg's garden) that will bring families back into Warren to live. Let's support these 'enterprising' people and groups that are following in the footsteps of our 'enterprising' founders who left us one of the most beautiful river towns in America.

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Aug-25-13 10:28 PM

It is really no one's business where the child goes to school nor is it relevant to the article. I also looked on the auditor's website. The folks in the article own several homes. At least from the pictures on the auditor's site, none are eyesores. I commend these people for restoring the homes without taxpayer dollars and doing their part to improve Warren one house at a time. Being envious that someone has money to do this is counterproductive. They could have taken their money somewhere else rather than investing in Warren. More power to them for working so hard to improve this city and make a good living for themselves while they're at it. Warren could use more people like them.

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Aug-25-13 10:20 PM

Very insightful comment, Vienna. When we look at the alumni wall of Warren G. Harding High School and see the HUNDREDS of community leaders, nationally recognized business-people and professional sports icons who graduated from Warren schools, one can't help but be jealous of the dazzling accomplishments of Vienna's academic system. The depth of curriculum and opportunity for academic achievement offered in Warren's school system is unparalleled in our area. Put down your PBR and check it out someday.

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Aug-25-13 9:32 PM

Just a few points of clarification...their child does not go to private school. While they had a nice chunk to invest initially they have done nearly 100% of the work themselves through good old fashioned hard labor and smart buying of materials, and have turned a wreck into a showcase. Finally, their rental property, which I have been inside, is anything but an eyesore; it is, in fact, a beautifully restored, high quality home that is easily among the nicer homes in the area.

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Aug-25-13 8:32 PM

I don't think it is anyone's ******* business where the kid goes to school.

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Aug-25-13 3:03 PM

Good question Vienna. Probably private school.

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Aug-25-13 2:08 PM

Someone needs to ask this enterprising family about the other house they left. It is a real eyesore.

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Aug-25-13 2:00 PM

Great job on the restoration. Will you be home schooling or a private school?

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Aug-25-13 12:45 PM

LOL! @ Moonie

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Aug-25-13 12:41 PM

yea warren is being rebuilt with taxpayers money which us hard working taxpayers keep paying for everything, how about the sunshine program our taxes paid for them to become 2 million dollars in debt to warren wake up warren ohio get our tax money back from them and start putting it to good use and stop filling your pockets

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Aug-25-13 11:52 AM

DoubleDipper - "ice sickle"? How about icicle?

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Aug-25-13 10:42 AM

How about an ordinance that all rental property must have been originally built as rental property?

That would get rid of the slum lords.

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Aug-25-13 10:18 AM

Homeowners repairing, improving, and remodeling their property is news? This has been going on forever, and not just in blighted areas of Warren. Look at the nice homes in other parts of Warren, the suburbs, and the countryside. How do you think they stay maintained and functional? With wishful thinking and fairy dust? The home improvement stores are busy for good reasons.

The fact is, all owners will do what they can to protect and enhance the value of their private property. This article needed to be written 50 years ago, when public housing and subsidized rents began to be vastly expanded. The community leaders of that time might have learned the lesson that people have no incentive to take care of property they have no financial stake in.

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Aug-25-13 9:57 AM

they also need to investigate the slum lords who buy houses and rent them out and do not fix them up

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Aug-25-13 9:50 AM

In high crime areas cameras would be a big plus, for the police. Instead of using them for speed traps, use them to fight more serious crimes like drugs, gang activity, prostitution and killings. That would help deter crime and clean up the neighborhoods.

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Aug-25-13 8:27 AM

Wish I had $30,000.oo cash. I'd love to have one of those old Victorian homes.

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Aug-25-13 7:51 AM

This is what can happen when people decide to take it upon themselves to improve and rehab neighborhoods, and not look to the govt for their next handout.

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Aug-25-13 7:37 AM

Rebuilding a once great Warren city one home at a time. Excellent article!

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Aug-25-13 7:27 AM

Revitalization is a wonderful event and people should be recognized for their contributions to the event / events! Cameras are an effective way of eliminating criminal activity. The entire mentioned area would benefit from more of the same. Any attempt at trying to deter criminal activity in and around the area is very much welcomed. It would be really nice to see our own police force strengthened to take on the city's ongoing criminal enterprises. Residents can help but the city holds the key to eliminating this serious activity. Never the less, residents with the desire do make a difference and a positive "read" far outweighs "dismal" criminal publications! EXCELLENT FOR A CHANGE!

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Aug-25-13 6:31 AM

I just love it when people keep their ice sickle Christmas lights up all year round.

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