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Demand honesty in local media

August 18, 2013

DEAR EDITOR: This article is written in response to the editorial “Obamacare set to hit wallet.” Every single paragraph of that editorial published on Aug....

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Aug-23-13 10:15 PM

I checked out that link the user "insider" posted and the article does NOT fault the insurance mandate for the rise in costs for Massachusetts.

Per the cited Kaiser article:

"Residents get most of their care at the most expensive hospitals, instead of going to the nearest community hospital...."

There were many reasons regarding the price increases but it had nothing to do with the mandate. So.....

Forward with Obamacare! And let's have an honest debate about it while we're at it!

Preferably in the forum. Not in a comments section.

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Aug-23-13 6:09 PM

Read about the wonderful results of mandated health insurance in Mass: "*******capsules.kaiserhealthnews****/index.php/2013/08/report-mass-residents-pay-more-get-less-from-health-insurance/ass:"

For further reading, look up the stories of the younger healthy Mass. people who are still refusing to join that Utopian system. Sham, when push comes to shove, mainstream Americans won't think twice about gaming the rules to get out from under this Obamacare mess.

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Aug-23-13 9:36 AM

It's wishful thinking by the Obamanauts if they think mainstream Americans will meekly accept Obama's Medicare For All. Americans are a resourceful bunch and will find loopholes in this Obamacare fiasco to get economical, timely, needed care for themselves and their families. They will use legal and extralegal methods to bypass the bureaucrats and the IPAB death panelists. Concierge medicine, private membership plans, and off the books direct payments will be popping up, despite the best efforts of the ruling class statists.

I repeat. Civil disobedience to an unjust law is honorable.

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Aug-22-13 7:42 PM

"thirty Million wheather heshe likes it or not."



Got it, tard?

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Aug-22-13 12:16 PM

To Mr. Heltzel, Horatio, and anyone else concerned; § 1.21,(A)of the Ohio Constitution: "No federal, state, or local law or rule shall compel, directly or indirectly, any person, employer, or health care provider to participate in a health care system."

Yes, for Ohioans, Obamacare is null and void. We can ignore it with impunity. There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that authorizes the federal government to force you to fund your neighbor's medical care. Civil disobedience to this illegal scheme is honorable.

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Aug-22-13 8:41 AM

You're getting worked and don't even know it. "free" ha ha. The poorest people already get it free with Medicaid. They don't pay for anything. You can't take blood from a turnip. There us no "free" anything, SOMEONE has to pay for it and it will be middle class people. The rich already carry these slugs, ACA is about extorting more from the middle class. You'll see.

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Aug-21-13 4:54 PM

"30 million people could aquire health insurance they do not have now.. "


A true lie, but she believes all she spoon-fed.

Wasn't the point of the act either!

Affordable Care Act.

Got it, simp?

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Aug-21-13 4:38 PM

@insider,your 9:15 AM 8/18/13 post is very interesting.It is part of the Affordable Healthcare Act that you are perfectly with-in your rights to IGNORE IT!You will simply be taxed for it,thus insuring that all can enjoy the laws benefits.Thank you for helping all Americans in need of health insurance.I realize that I may be incorrect due to you possibly being a non-tax paying,non-productive member of society.

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Aug-20-13 9:19 PM

Did you try?


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Aug-20-13 9:19 PM

"Not a single Tribune editor read the Affordable Care Act "

Guess they'd qualify to run for congress. Get it, bot?

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Aug-20-13 6:07 AM

Lillymonger, your so obvious It's sad.

Just as obvious on craigslist rants&raves

You may even be in the personals under "Inbred hilltard wants barnyard fun, pigs, foul, cattle goat all Ok".

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Aug-20-13 4:02 AM

Seems like the Affordable Care Act will work for every Politician BUT President Obama and Universal Health Coverage will work for every other Country but OURS. ( so says the people who will someday drool through their piercings on their faces).....HAHAHAHA Goof balls...One drinks tea the other drinks kool aid...I think you all are just drunk an stupid. Daniel has the facts correct, liemonger well your name says it all, you just lie period and others are just followers. Most don't know what's going on an might as well be gossiping. Do you know the difference between Fox and MSNBC? About 4-6 more years of a college degree. Try watchin CNBC they don't like what's going on as well and see it's all BS and lies.

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Aug-20-13 1:58 AM

It's these Misinformed that voted for the Socialist President we now have as their Messiah!

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Aug-19-13 3:29 PM

"Twizzle: You are wrong"

She should be used to it by now.

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Aug-19-13 1:23 PM

Twizzle: You are wrong, the amount is $85/single and $170/couple, as of 2011.

I was NOT speaking of the maximum or the minimum deductions, I was speaking of the standard deductions. There are always exceptions!

If your taxable income is over a certain level ($85,000 for a single person or $170,000 for a married couple filing a joint tax return) you'll pay higher Part B premiums of between $161.50 and $369.10 a month according to income level in 2011.

If you pay higher-income premiums for Part B, you'll also pay more for Part D prescription drug coverage in 2011. Surcharges range from $12 to $69.10 a month, according to income level, in addition to the premiums that your Part D drug plan charges. You'll pay the regular premium to your plan and the surcharge separately to Medicare.

If you're among the relatively few people who pay premiums for Part A, which covers hospital care, because you did not pay enough payroll taxes while working to qualify for premium-free coverage.

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Aug-19-13 1:02 PM

You are WRONG Robin J. Now there are IRMAA (Income Rate monthly adjusted amounts) which applies to those who are earning over $100K per year. But everyone is paying the same amts for part B premiums.

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Aug-19-13 1:01 PM

Twizzle: Obviously you are citing MINIMUM possible Medicare premiums of persons already paying the mandatory Medicare premiums rather than accurately stating facts for Medicare as it is today!

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Aug-19-13 12:57 PM

Twizzle: LOL! LOL! LOL!

Mandatory Medicare premiums are based on your taxable income! You my friend are assuming everyone pays the same amount! Its obvious you are unaware of the sliding scale!

I cited my source, reading comprehension lacking?

SOURCE: AARP If you pay $96.40 a month for Part B in 2010, you'll pay the same in 2011.

If you pay $110.50 a month in 2010, and your Part B premiums are deducted from your Social Security checks, you'll pay the same in 2011.

If you are enrolled in Part B but are not receiving Social Security payments or the premiums are not deducted from them, you'll pay $115.40 a month in 2011.

==>>If you enroll in Part B for the first time in 2011 — regardless of whether you are receiving Social Security payments — you will pay $115.40 a month.

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Aug-19-13 12:55 PM

Twizz, thanks for reminding us that he is half black (and of course half white). We have moved past it and really don't have an issue with it whatsoever. It's the liberalism that we oppose, not half of this guy's ethnic heritage. It's the constant dividing by liberals of using people's race to create victims. Where's the national outrage over the three black kids beating up the white kid on the bus? The racial card is a weak and tired talking point, please discard it. You can make better points.

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Aug-19-13 12:35 PM

No, or definitely not many conservatives wants the federal government to take over American's health care. Conservatives want the government to be what it was founded to be, not a source of hand outs and redistributions. Probably part of the reason Romney lost. It's a shame because he would have done good things instead of further dividing the people of this country. Not to mention that he actually had earned his money and knows how business works. Too bad for all of us.

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Aug-19-13 12:23 PM

If the Affordable Healthcare Act was initiated by Mitt Romney (had he got elected) NONE of the republicans in the house would be complaining. It's mind boggling how much of a "CRIME" a skin tone can be.

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Aug-19-13 12:21 PM

Robin J.....WRONG 100%!!!!!!

Medicare part B premium for 2013 is $104.90

In 2012 it was $99.90 In 2011 it was $115.40

I don't know where you get your facts from but it couldn't be any more wrong that what I just read.

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Aug-19-13 8:46 AM

Thediff lives in a padded reality that doesn't require real truth. Must be nice in there. You say premiums are going to decrease by 50% in some states. I'm gonna have to call a Missouri on that - show me. Take the padding off the wall and realize that no insurance company is going to lower their rates by 50% because of a law. Premiums will go down for people that receive subsidies, js that what you are referring to? Guess where subsidies come from? You do realize that the gov does not produce anything, right. They have to take that from other people and businesses.

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Aug-18-13 10:13 PM

All the right has are lies about the Obamacare. The fact that costs are going down and in some states over 50% for insurance is always left out. By 2016 Republicans will be left trying to defend the undefendable position from the lies they spread and this paper is known for being right winged in its ownership. Always was surprised that they would publish some of my letters but they have to print some oposition or risk losing circulation numbers. Lost cause for credibility for both the right and their editorials.

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Aug-18-13 9:26 PM

"The GOP has been proven wrong on every issue since Obama was elected the first time. "

Wrong and PATHETIC.


Understand, libtard?

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