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Fort Hood shooter being protected

August 18, 2013

DEAR EDITOR: How is it possible, and who is protecting the Fort Hood Muslim terrorist who murdered 13 and wounded 32 soldiers three-and-a-half years ago? Who are the corrupt politicians who called......

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Aug-25-13 9:52 PM

Joe, a fine letter. You are a great American!

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Aug-25-13 9:47 PM

Talk about handouts. Who do you think put this guy in office--Obama's goin' to give me money. Obama phones and whatever else we can get for FREE! No taxpayers money used here. These libs don't even know it is taxpayers money. Amazing. And you are against giving money to someone who is serving our country and killed by a terrorist. You are insane.

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Aug-25-13 1:24 PM

Joseph I was willing to consider your point until you started counting dollars. At that point it occurred to me you're just another Republican idiot chasing money & benefits for military families.

Let it go, they should have known better than signing up to possibly be killed fighting in Bush's war. Amazing you call this terrorism because the killer is Muslim, what do you call the two disgruntled idiots who did exactly the same thing last week?

They were angry at their supervisors & coworkers and decided to kill them, just like Nadal. Since you Republicans hate Pres. Obama so much quit signing up for military service.

That way you can quit begging for handouts & welfare from the Govt when you get killed. Leave that for the liberals, show us your strength by rejecting Govt handouts, benefits & compensation, deal?

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Aug-22-13 9:20 PM

There is a big difference, doc. If you can't figure it out on your own, I'd gladly explain it to you over a beer.

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Aug-22-13 12:20 PM

I think this man's crime was no more worse than George Bush's crimes. There's no difference.

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Aug-21-13 8:35 PM

Somewhat disturbing is the layers high grade Army, CIA, Homeland Security and FBI bureaucrats who allowed this terrorists to continue in the Army even after he posted hatred on facebook emails etc.

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Aug-21-13 1:22 AM

Sam: why don't you investigate for us & find out who claimed this as workplace violence, not terrorism! Maybe they should use the Terrorists Pay Checks to help support the families of the victoms.

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Aug-21-13 12:55 AM

Eagleye: I agree with your assessment, I remember about a year or so after his attack there was a story on the news about him still being paid & whoever was cashing his Pay Check was unaware who the check belonged to & when they found out they refused to cash his check! Maybe it should be investigated to find out how & where his checks are cashed! No bank would want the PUBLIC to know!!

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Aug-20-13 9:08 PM

There is no current mechanism to stop Hasan's pay. Any service member who's been charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty. Same for civlians. The problem we all have is that it's taken almost 4 years for this trial to start and hopefully get this scumbag executed. Legal delays and manuvering, to say nothing about government interference in the process have caused this to go far longer than it should have. The military is also jumpy about this case since there hasn't been a military member executed in 40 years. Most of the previous death sentence cases have been overturned and changed to life in prison. So....they are being very cautious that there are no reasons for appeal that can get the sentence overturned or reduced. Personally, I wish the police would have killed this terrorist at the shooting site.

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Aug-20-13 6:49 PM

Our phony president continues to pay his muslim TERRORIST friend too.

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Aug-18-13 8:31 PM

Seriously Earl, what are you a MAKER OR A TAKER?

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Aug-18-13 7:44 PM

EARL is a Section 8, Welfare-receiving, proud Food Stamp recipient who lives in a single-wide, 1955-built trailor. He has shown his colors here many times over. He is to be ignored and dismissed as the sorry excuse for a contributor to society he is.

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Aug-18-13 7:31 PM

No, he isn't ruining our country. He has ruined it and people like u can't see the forest for the trees. You on the dole, earl? Or did you get a free phone? Maybe you have been invited to a beer summit!

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Aug-18-13 7:14 PM

Obama was re-elected by the sane thinking americans..the real fools voted for bush TWICE,so who's really a moron. LOL

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Aug-18-13 7:11 PM

So,now obama is ruining our country,i take it bush had absolutely nothing to do with this it obamas polices,did they cause the economy to crash or it's just because he's not 100% gringo. Obama is not muslim,these clowns on the extreme right complained about jeremiah (******* america)wright being his pastor for 20 years,all of a sudden he's muslim. He's muslim because republican god rush limpballs says so.

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Aug-18-13 2:44 PM

I think Obama's idea of hope and change is to ignore anything that the Muslim world does to Any of our citizen, work place violence, what a load of crap, but you morons voted for this "representative of the Chicago machine" SO LIVE WITH IT like the fools that you are.

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Aug-18-13 2:16 PM

Joe, even in the army, a person is innocent until proven guilty. So, he continues to collect his pay. as for the motive, the administration wants to be able to claim that there were no terrorist attacks while Obama was president, so that is why this was called workplace violence. I hope that after the trial is over with, it can finally be called what it really is, a terrorist attack against our military and their families.

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Aug-18-13 1:23 PM

There is nothing to be gained by liberals by talking about this and calling it what it is. These people and their families are political collateral damage.

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Aug-18-13 9:17 AM

I agree with the letter writer and all previous posts! This is outrageous to call the slaughter of these soldiers workplace violence! What exactly does this administration think allah akbar mean? Hail to the chief?

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Aug-18-13 6:52 AM

This should serve as a wake up call to all Americans as to the extent of Muslim influence infiltrated thought our government, and sadly, into our military hierarchy also.

And it is a career ending move for a government employee or member of the military to point this out or to object.

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Aug-18-13 2:27 AM

I agree also Joe, We know who twisted the law to go against the victims! Are they recievein' their pay also? I don't know. The problem is he was shot, but it wasn't fatal! Thank-You Law Makers! NOT!

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