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Government still spending too much

August 16, 2013

Taxes have gone up, not just for ‘‘the wealthy’’ but for every American who works. The national debt is approaching $17 trillio....

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Aug-17-13 6:16 AM

Maybe it would be different if it was their money, Hey it's Our MONEY, Why would they care????

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Aug-16-13 10:27 PM





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Aug-16-13 5:45 PM

the 10 year actually hit 2.87%. lol!

zerohedge ‏@zerohedge 32 min No Joy In Hilsenratville: Stocks Have Worst Week Of 2013 With Bonds Massacred; Precious Metals Soar [link to ****zerohedge****]

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Aug-16-13 5:39 PM

the big countries and central banks holding our debt aren't just going to sit here an lose money day after day on junk US treasuries...and at 3.5% the Fed will totally lose it's ability to defend the dollar!

its coming to an end ladies and gentlemen.

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Aug-16-13 5:34 PM

it rose to 2.83% today.

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Aug-16-13 5:33 PM

If the Ten Year Treasury goes over 3.25% to 3.5-3.6% in the next few weeks it(the dollar and bond debt bubble) will go parabolic and the FED will have no way to control it anymore because they will go bust, Japan and Europe will fold up like a house of cards...

Somebody is dumping, and it appears it's the Japanese...but this could be the domino that starts the chain reaction, and once it reaches terminal velocity, I don't care how much control Bernanke and the boys think they have over the market, they will be like children in the dark.

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Aug-16-13 5:28 PM

obama had internet installed to citizens in montana. it was a nice thing that only cost the taxpayers 7 MILLION dollars per household that got new internet. lol! 7 million dollars per household!

the real national debt is not 17 trillion...its 70 trillion. the biggest majority of that happening under obammyand the massive derivative scheme that has exploded in the last 5 years to give you "recovery".

obammy is also a magician..."Accounting Magic: Treasury Ran $98 Billion Deficit in July--But Debt Stayed Exactly $16,699,396,000,000 - [2013-08-15] - ``Since Lew sent that letter--announcing that he would use "extraordinary measures"--the debt has remained stuck at exactly $16,699,396,000,000..."

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Aug-16-13 5:13 PM

Obama has cut absolutely positively nothing. He has even backed off of future spending cuts he promised. His spending and debt is the worst in the history of mankind. Not the US, but MANKIND!

this president funded a study for millions upon millions of dollars to see if rats that were high on c.o.c.aine liked the music of Miles Davis more than if the rats were sober listening to Miles Davis.

Your entire comment is nowhere near the fact you claim it to be. Its way way far from the truth.

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Aug-16-13 4:56 PM

Senator...i have been on this site for 1.5 years or more, reading and making comments. Your last post was probably the biggest load of BS I have ever read here. Whars worse is I don't think you are some obamabot just regurgitatimg democrat talking actually believe that absolute nonsense you posted.

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Aug-16-13 4:03 PM

Repeat After Me: Obama cut the deficit and slowed spending to lowest level in 50 Years. FACT Annualized federal spending growth under Obama has been 1.4%. Not only has the president cut the deficit by $312 billion during his first term,but he's cut the deficit by $200 billion in the past year alone. And the CBO projected that the 2013 Obama budget, if it had been enacted as proposed, would shrink the deficit to $977 billion -- a four year total of nearly $500 billion in deficit reduction.

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Aug-16-13 9:24 AM

the groups i just mentioned, according to Obammy and the DHS, are now considered more of a potential threat to this country, than al qeida, hezzbohlla, the muslim brotherhood, Iran or Nporth korea.

god bless america!

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Aug-16-13 9:20 AM

the currency you trade goods and services for has been intentionally destroyed to make you beg for more govt. you will get it.

according the obammy and the DHS, if you are a veteran that hhas served 2 or more tours in any theatre or war, no matter how many limbs you have had blown off fighting couragously for this country, you are now a potential domestic terrorist and an enemy of the US. obammy and the DHS consider any gun owner, ANY gunowner of ANY style gun, a potential domestic terrorist and a threat to national security. you got a CCW, you are a potential terrorist now.

any christian or right winger, you are now a potential domestic terrorist and considered any enemy of the US by obammy and the DHS.

any constitutionalist who beliieves in the rule of law and thinks we should adhere to it at the federal level, any libertarian who endorses this country and her freedoms is now considered a potential domestic terrorist and a threat to the USA according to Obammy and DHS.

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Aug-16-13 8:54 AM

....well, our govt is getting money to spend from somewhere, but where? they are raiding the equity of the good investments of govt pensions and replacing that cash with long term treasuries...aka junk....aka IOUs. they did it with social security already. if you have a govt pension, your govt is in the process of stealing it.

next, the govt will do the exact same thing with 4001Ks. they will theft that money and relace it with long term treasuries.

at that point, when interest rates a reforced WAY WAY up and the FED stops printing, all those govt pensions, social security payments you get, and all 401Ks will be gone, completely wiped out.

want to hear more?

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Aug-16-13 8:49 AM

the 10 year note isnaround 2,8% this morning, so getting ready(preparing yourself) for the collapse of paper money is is quickly approaching too late.

Japan is bailing on U.S. Treasuries, watch the 10 Yr U.S. Treasury, if it goes over 3.5 to 3.6 in the next few weeks% it will go parabolic...

Japan is in serious trouble, they're fixin' to fall flat on their faces, we're talking a bond implosion the likes of which no one has ever seen. When Japan goes, we have 2 weeks tops until thebond collapse downs china, downs all of europe, which is a liquidity crisis black hole of scum states, and comes to ourshores.

the FED hasnt raised the national debt in 89 straight days, even after posting a 98 billion dollar budget deficit in july alone. the US Treasuryis keeping the national debt exactly 25 million dollars under the legal limit set by congress in march of this year.....

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Aug-16-13 8:40 AM

interest rates are rising and the FED is out of options. printing debt to cover losses by the trillions of dollars has come to an end. WW3 is now a very real option for these bankers. it wont be regional, it will be a global war.

asi said, the FED doesnt print capital, it prints debt. it buys US debt with the money they print and the FED is now the largest owner of US debt on the planet, owning 2 times as much as 2nd place china now.

the FED is a private bank. if the 10 year note, which hhas been going up, goes above 3.25%, the FED is out of capital....bankrupt. what that means is they will no longer be able to purchase our debt and no other country on the planet wants our worthless paper or promises to pay anymore. when the FED goes belly up, they will no lobger be able to protect our currency for "speculators", or to buy up dumped treasuries/bonds off the open market. thats when their paper money goes bye-bye

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Aug-16-13 8:31 AM

there yasnt been a revenue increase. that number is pure inflation.

since sept 12, 2012, the FED has printed and spent enough money buying up toxic mortgage backed securitys to outright own 1.43 million homes. that accounts for your housing demand by 130,000 units a month...also an inflated bubble prime to pop now.

Dimitry Medvedev, has sent out a memo to all Russian embassies asking Russian ctizens to immediately withdrawl alltheir assests and cash from western banks in the US and Europe to prtoect their wealth from govt confiscation of accounts as those banks are about to fail. this isnt a conspiracy blogger asking this of Russians, it's the Prime minister and former President of RUSSIA.

matt shea, a washington state legislator is asking the citizens in his stae to store up on food, ammo, guns, and tobe learned in survival tactics dueto the "imminent collapse of theUS economy.

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Aug-16-13 8:21 AM

America has a SPENDING problem not a revenue problem.

Politicians of BOTH parties are guilty of a never ending list of out-right wasteful spending on absolutely ridiculous items.

The most painless approach would be to freeze ALL government expenditures at current levels and apply the increasing revenues to reduced borrowing and deficit reduction.

To back off on spending restraints now would be the epitome of dereliction of duty in office and anyone proposing this should be defeated at the polls.

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Aug-16-13 5:04 AM

Another Faux News editorial from the Trib. It just isn't true. The deficit is shrinking rapidly under President Obama's spending and tax reforms. I look forward to the government shutdown in September to show the American People how little the Republican NeoCons care about them and how they only care about the very richest Americans and their tax cuts and breaks. Bring it on - President Obama is ready to lead us on this issue.

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