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Pipe profits in peril

Vallourec, others argue for a level playing field

August 9, 2013

WARREN — The resurgence in U.....

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Oct-16-13 5:06 PM

Steel dumping has been happening for many many years,And guess what..Naftaure helps this dumping,America needs to wake up and do for America.Maybe 50% unemployememt might wake up those in power,When they have to start cutting back

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Aug-15-13 8:34 AM


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Aug-15-13 8:33 AM

I'm sure the ones who disagreed work at GM and don't want theat info getting out

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Aug-13-13 10:29 AM

Remember the big brooha about tires being dumped here? Yea bunch of BS since denman has closed and tires cost more than they ever have. I think you can predict what will happen here

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Aug-10-13 8:28 AM

this is a problem created by our massive debt. we just cant compete anymore.

workers shoukd strike and demand more pay and better benifits. the minimum wage(which is a sham for the corporations to increase prices here....simple economics) should be raised to 30$ an hour. those things will help/ LOL

we are losing because we are so bankrupt its pathetic. good job!

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Aug-09-13 9:59 PM

Aw, what a cute little headline.

Too bad the Hillbillies simply can't compete.


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Aug-09-13 7:20 PM

So your disagreeing about the truth? It's a fact. Family member of mine works there and told us about it.

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Aug-09-13 2:41 PM

Oldmantown: GM use to get some of their steel from a specialty shop, (liberty Steel) best quality, precise gauge but guess what??? GM refused business with them because they are non union.

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Aug-09-13 11:13 AM

And Clinton signed NAFTA, if you want to be objective call out your favorite team also, the democrats also could give two flips about the working man.

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Aug-09-13 11:05 AM

Why does everyone want to blame Ryan for what is happening in this area. Think people should put the blame where it really belongs, not on just one elected official. First place Bush lied to us about Iraq, then sold us a bill of goods on the WTA which was a lie. Our elected officials from both party's know, what the problems are in this country. But yet they turn a deaf ear to our complaints and do nothing about it. Until we stop company's from making campaign donations to politicians, and outlaw lobbyist nothing is ever going to change. Most politicians are owned by big business and lobbyists. The al mighty buck is the only thing important, not what is right for this country's people. Heck we even have foreign govt's making contributions or being heads of super pacts influencing our election process. They sure aren't worried about the us surviving, that's for sure. Until we fix our election process and outlaw any type of donations to any politician nothing will change.

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Aug-09-13 10:43 AM

Most of our elected officials don't care that we are losing good paying jobs, to foreign country's. They are more worried about helping foreign country's, than fixing this country's problems. No type of steel imports should be allowed in this country, unless US producers can't keep up with the demand. Also foreign made steel and steel products are far from being the quality produced here. Under the World Trade agreement, Bush and the GOP opened up borders for foreign country's to sell their cheap junk here. Years ago GM tried to use foreign made steel in Lordstown Fab plant, and the union protested it. Even though it was the right gauge of steel, it had lamination and was pron to split in the stamping process, and the Rockwell hardness was way off from our standards. Why we are doing business with any communist country in the first place, is unbelievable. Years ago imports from Japan was our biggest threat, but under the Bush WTA China, and Asia are now our biggest threat.

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Aug-09-13 9:50 AM

One thing is certain, we need more free trade agreements like NAFTA. They are good for us!

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Aug-09-13 9:25 AM

You cannot blame foreign pipe producers for selling their cheap, poor quality products here. You must put the blame where it belongs. THE OIL/GAS COMPANIES THAT ARE BUYING IT TO BETTER THEIR PROFITS!!! This has been our (the great U.S. of A's.)problem all along! We, the working class, have no say-so in where our companies buy their products. It's what has put this country in the state it's in now - CORPORATE GREED!!! Instead of going after the foreign companies for trying to make a buck, go after the heads of the companies here that buy outside of America! Keep jobs here - PERIOD!

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Aug-09-13 9:12 AM

On August 7, 2013, President Barack Obama issued an Executive Order easing restrictions of imports into the U.S. of goods originating from Burma, except for rubies or jadeites, or articles of jewelry containing rubies or jadeites, which were either mined or extracted from Burma. HAHAHA, BURMA, are you kidding me????

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Aug-09-13 8:17 AM

For those who don't know what steel dumping is I will give you a quick lesson my dad works for Wheatland tube. Steel dumping occurred when other countries sell steel to America and they charge their currency rates so for instance the pipe cost 500.00 in their currency that is what they charge for it. Our currency is more so the pipe cost what are currency is. My dad's work has been busy he said their are some companies who buy American tube because the quality is better. If you are drilling you don't want a weld to break.

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Aug-09-13 8:12 AM

The voters should dump Tim Ryan.

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Aug-09-13 7:51 AM

Bush made a campaign promise to impose a tariff on subsidized steel. Several months after he was elected he removed the tariffs and said they had done their job.

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Aug-09-13 6:26 AM

Voters- The tribune should ask Tim Ryan one question. Will you have a townhall meeting this month in Trumbull County/

We need answers On the followingL

Steel Dumping

Obamacare costs

IRS abuse of individuals

He could also talk about the Federal Elections Committee violations, The Security Exchange violations,

Why is it? this man will not have a Townhall meeting with us voters.

When the French invested 400 million in the pipe plant, Ryan was the first one to get his Mug in the paper, even though it was a private matter. The real issues affecting US citizens--Tim Ryan is no where to be found.

Ask him where he spent his last birthday, if you guessed with the Rich- you would be right. Nothing against rich people after all that's all that Obama hangs around with and Tim has been an original Obama lapdog.

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Aug-09-13 6:20 AM

We believe in fair trade but on a level playing field.

Any sign of a foreign government giving support to a product to underprice American goods must be challenged and met with equal tariffs.

Sooner rather than later.

We do not support trade wars or tariffs to cover American inefficiencies, but we insist that America stop playing Mr. Nice Guy and start to fight for American manufacturing jobs by using all the arrows in our quiver. Now!

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Aug-09-13 6:12 AM

Protect our jobs and quality of life in this country STOP THE DUMPING!

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Aug-09-13 5:38 AM

Sounds like the Republican favored Free Market System is catching up with the steel pipe market. Senator Brown - D has already spoken out on this issue favoring tariffs, but Rob Portman - R is oh so silent.

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Aug-09-13 5:33 AM

Ryan accepts this dumping, at least George Bush stopped illegal steel dumping, When it comes to American interest, Mr Bush was there for us.

Mr Obama only gives lip service,keep in mind, elections have consequences and Yes obama is changing the USA

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Aug-09-13 4:45 AM

Those numbers don't really mean anything. I know what steel dumping is, but it kind of just looks like a normal supply issue.

Yes, If we're going to do a bunch of drilling here, companies are going to bring in supplies to sell to that industry.

How does it constitute dumping?

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Aug-09-13 3:51 AM

This country can ill afford to lose one of the few heavy manufacturing industries we have.

These domestic pipe producers have invested billions in America and have provided Americans with good paying jobs.

We can not and absolutely should not sit quietly and allow foreign companies to destroy the domestic pipe industry costing our people jobs while our so called political leaders look the other way .

Let's let these worthless political hacks know they will be held accountable for any plant closing,jobs lost and all harm done to our people and economy if they don't put a stop to this offshore invasion immediately.

Remember how Rayan ran his mouth and was more than happy to take credit for V&M investing in this valley ?

Let's make sure he does his job by keeping them here and keeping our people working Don't let any of these political weasels off the hook on this issue

They work for us and they have an obligation to do what's best for the American people !

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Aug-09-13 3:21 AM

Traficant would have fought tooth and nail and headed up an anti dumping campaign. I would love to hear him speak on this.

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