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Face off on fracking

A heated issue (video)

July 30, 2013

WARREN — More than 250 visitors from around the state attended an anti-hydraulic fracturing rally behind the city’s historic courthouse, talking about possibly dangerous water being pumped into......

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Jul-30-13 12:56 AM

Another great Vic Rubinstein propaganda ploy! Good job!

And that is James Pirko, president elect of the board of realtors.... His credit under the pic needs correcting.

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Jul-30-13 1:06 AM

What a staged photo op. Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! Classic.

Wrong Mr Franklin, the energy companies only care about profits, they could care less about boosting the local economy, let alone safety.

Maybe they're concerned about their own risk in terms of safety, liabilities and all. This is BP we're talking about here.

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! indeed. Just big oil getting people to rally for them against their own self interests.

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Jul-30-13 2:59 AM

Most of the jobs will be filled by out of state workers. Drilling jobs will consist of pipe fitters, certified welders, and machinists. There are local people with these skills, but not at the volume in which they will need. Also, I bet a large percentage of the local workers who need a job will be unable to pass a drug test or possess the work ethic these companies will need.

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Jul-30-13 5:32 AM

The jobs are going to people from NY, PA, and TX. Just look at the Frackers' license plates. It is not about jobs for Ohio at all. It is all about Big Gas & Oil destroying our environment in search of BIG profits.

The Chamber is nothing but a PAC NeoCon Republican political organization these days caring only about business profits and income tax cuts.

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Jul-30-13 5:44 AM

Mr. Fuda I hope you don't have to eat your words...Jobs Jobs Jobs and not Quake Quake Quake!

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Jul-30-13 6:21 AM

There may be some out of state drillers working, but it doesn't take that many manhours to drill a well and then supervise it. Look at the hundreds of thousands of manhours local tradesmen have already earned on the V&M project. There are also many other spinoff projects from the gas industry in the works that will benefit local workers.

AP your comments about the local workforce being uneducated druggies is BS. I'm currently on a project far from home and I'd take the people I work with from Warren ten times out of ten compared with the people I work with from other parts of the world.

Are the jobs worth wasting our drinking water or environment? No. We just don't know if that will actually happen or not.

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Jul-30-13 6:44 AM

The actual Fracking process has been around for many years and is safe, this has been established over and over again thru the years, HOWEVER, I am against the waste product being injected back into the ground and I'm especially against OTHER states transporting their Frack waste to Ohio for disposal. There has to be a better way to treat this waste product so it can be disposed of safely for Ohioans, why is there so much silence from everyone concerning a safer way of disposal??

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Jul-30-13 6:52 AM

A whole 250 protesters? Wow, that ought to scare them away.

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Jul-30-13 6:55 AM

Congrats to everyone who has missed many points. The jobs ARE here, if you doubt it just try to hire a skilled person...the pool of applicants is small. Those wh want to work and have (or are willing to get) as skill are working in fields related to oil and gas. Fracking is here to stay, but the issue of water injection...we should be using the flowback water to re-frac other wells...the process works it is just inconvenient because there are not enough properly located treatment facilities. Folks, this is our opportunity. Do/Don't arent the options. The real option is to do it with as little ecolgical impact as possible. These are the same options we face with steelmaking, mining, auto manufacture, and even driving our cars.

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Jul-30-13 6:59 AM

Obama doesn't want Nuclear power, he doesn't coal generated power plants and with his latest appointment, Obama doesn't natural gas. Whether or not Obama is from Kenya, its apparent he wants the greatest nation in the world to look like Kenya.

It is not possible to have picked a Worst President. The damage this country can eventually be repaired, but who knows when.

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Jul-30-13 7:10 AM

"Visitors from around the state" pretty well sums up the impact of outside agitators.

Follow the money.

Who really is financing this road show?

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Jul-30-13 7:14 AM

mrright, maybe you could write a book called "That Darned *****".

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Jul-30-13 7:16 AM

Obama latest appointment Ron Binz to the Fed Energy Regulatory Comm Or FERC It oversees Electric transmission and Pipelines. Ron Binz believes this agency has the power to legislate rules and laws bypassing Congress. Obama is using EPA to crush power companies and will finish the job thur FERC and the radical Ron Binz

Where has Tim Ryan been? This man is silent on issues effecting Ohio. Oh,its not election time.

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Jul-30-13 8:32 AM

Fireball573 I said out of state workers. You're comparing workers from another country. Your right, I'd take American workers to. Where did I say our local workforce is uneducated? I said we don't have the skilled trades at the volume that will be needed. That means we have people in this area with those skills, but not enough of them. As for not passing a drug test, that's the disappointing truth. You need to take some reading comprehension classes.

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Jul-30-13 9:00 AM

NO MORE FRACKING, NO MORE MANUFACTURING, NO MORE JOBS, NO, NO, NO. If all of you no nos want to see the reason our manufacturing has left our country. Take a look in the mirror. Then think about life without oil and gas and all the products that YOU use everyday, while protesting the industry that created it. Just the thought of being more energy independent should excite every American. And remember economics 101, jobs are created by private industry that in business to make a profit. How many people did you hire this year?

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Jul-30-13 9:05 AM

NE Ohio has become a vast dumping ground for the out-of-state and foreign corporate vultures poisoning our water supply irrevocably. They get hundreds of millions of yankee dollars and we get billions of gallons of their pollution. Maybe after the destruction is complete the truth that water is more valuable than oil will finally sink into polluted minds and prostituted politicians; but then it will be too late.

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Jul-30-13 10:08 AM

The reason the EPA does not force companies to recycle and reuse the frac water is the same reason they went after Patriot Water. They don't get paid. They collect a fee for every gallon that gets injected, but nothing for recycled water. Seems counterproductive to what they are SUPPOSED to be doing which is protecting the environment, but they have lost their way and have become power hungry quasi-legislators. The technology is here. Let's use it.

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Jul-30-13 10:35 AM

AP- "Also, I bet a large percentage of the local workers who need a job will be unable to pass a drug test or possess the work ethic these companies will need."

I'm sorry, you said your fellow citizens were lazy(not uneducated) and drug users.

Does talking crap on the internet about other people make you feel better about yourself?

Very weak.

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Jul-30-13 10:59 AM

I love how not only all the posters and signs in that pic are printed in the same colors, their by the same designer.

Talk about AstroTurfing.

If enough people really believed the gas industry was the save all for Ohio, don't you think their public displays would be a bit more organic?

I bet there's on lobby staffer that carries a stack of these around in his van for photo ops just like this. I wonder who carries the rubble and mission accomplished banners.

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Jul-30-13 11:11 AM

Great rebuttal

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Jul-30-13 11:46 AM

Well, all money comes from the sale of goods and services. I actually think I'll request to have that engraved on my tombstone. The sale of natural gas and oil creates revenue in which employees pay income taxes as well as the business, which pays for their sorry arses. They are too stupid to know they are fighting for people to have less money, thereby there will be less to carry them. Fracking has been going on since 1970s and no one complained or even knew about it until now since we have an anti-energy admin in the house. If we're lucky one of those in the protest today could be our next pres, HA HA! No seriously, the frackers need to follow the rules and be good stewards of the earth.

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Jul-30-13 12:19 PM

These imported, protesting, activists without real jobs, claim to care and/or want able bodied workers to drink 'cleaner' water breathe 'cleaner' air all while they are spending your tax dollars, flying around in oil industry fueled private jets polluting and there are actually dumbassses that believe this propaganda! Amusing!

Anyone ever heard a kid say they wanted to grow up and be an activist? *SMH* LoL!

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Jul-30-13 1:36 PM

"Visitors from around the state" pretty well sums up the impact of outside agitators. Follow the money. Who really is financing this road show?

Look at the pictures. One side looks well financed and the other side not so much.

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Jul-30-13 2:26 PM

Does the money paid to Rubinstein and Associated also pay for the blogger comments against the protestors?

Just curious. I would love to get into low-rent PR in this area and was wondering what monies paid to me for propaganda actually pay for!

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Jul-30-13 2:54 PM

Everything i've read and seen points towards fracking (horizontal that is) being not really as dangerous as environmentalists depict it, but not really as safe as the gas companies depict it. Thats about the only thing i'm sure of.

Any time you see "Jobs Jobs Jobs" as a slogan, you can be sure you're being screwed over somehow. BP is the biggest player in this area, and to my knowledge they havent hired a single person here. They use all their own existing crews for everything. Look at their website, they have only 3 jobs available in the entire state of ohio.

If you think fracking is going to save this area and transform it back to the steel mill days, then you're dead wrong. At most it'll make a select few wealthy, and the already poor will be the same or worse.

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