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Zimmerman verdict lacks answers

July 28, 2013

DEAR EDITOR: Please help me understand. Maybe I just don’t get it. I have tried over and over again to understand. Let me see if I have this straight....

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Jul-30-13 1:54 PM


Don't ever complain about the man, whatever you get you deserve.

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Jul-30-13 12:53 PM

"You baby killing cross burners can defend this white anchor baby all you want"

Earl, guaranteed u liberals kill more babies! That's all you effers ever talk about is the joy and freedom of killing babies. Its called abortion you racist pig.

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Jul-30-13 12:50 PM

This author has missed a lot. Maybe they should have paid attention to what was presented at the trail. Zimmerman did not commit any crimes, it was not proven that Zimmerman confronted Tryvon, yet the opposite was proven or at least a substantially more evidence to back it up. The first crime committed in this incident was Tryvon Martin assaulting Zimmerman by GZ's car, not behind the houses. ZERO evidence backs up any of the pro TM ding bats. Maybe you loser's should learn what "proof" means and how our judicial system works. YOU NEED PROOF! Go pound salt ignorant, simple, racist folk!

PS. It appears Tryvon went to buy products to mix with cough syrup to get high. His texts have been released on the night of the incident.

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Jul-30-13 11:42 AM

Interesting! All this talk about Zimmermans race and yet again he is called white or by 'Earl' an anchor baby! Perhaps the facts have evaded the issue once again? CNN, a liberal network, reported, in April of 2012, Zimmermans interracial heritage!!

Zimmermans father is a white US Citizen; thus proving 'Earl" theory wrong and moving it to the 'OPINION COLUMN!

Zimmermans Mother is of AFRO-Peruvian ancestry, and was not a US Citizen.

CNN published pictures of Zimmermans Mother with her BLACK GRANDFATHER!!

w w w (dot) (dot) html

So now these theories of killing outside of your race are also moved over to the 'OPINION COLUMN'

To the naysayers, well your opinion does NOT make fact, thus making it irrelevant as well! LoL!

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Jul-30-13 9:14 AM

No, if it was the other way around, we would have never heard about it! Guaranteed! Besides Zimmerman is a Hispanic!

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Jul-30-13 8:56 AM

You are correct Brian K. Robinson, if it were the other way around the verdict would have been entirely different.

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Jul-29-13 4:36 PM



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Jul-29-13 3:21 PM

Unitedforignorance dont you realize that whites killing each other or blacks killing each other is no big deal and raises no stink because there is no racial motivation? Only when you kill outside of your race does the red flag rise. So it's cool for you all to continue killing school kids and people in movie theaters and everywhere else white. The same for blacks in Chicago.

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Jul-29-13 2:05 PM

just while this case was going on, during july 4th weekend in chicago(i think) 70 blacks killed other blacks. i mean, its freaking ridiculous. where's al sharpton then? wheres the NAACP then? nowhere because there is no money in it.

the black leaders could care less about the black race and the black race rarely seems to care about the black race.

it's blame whitey!!!!

and to you white folks here saying justice wasnt served, where is your weak when its 50 times more likely for a black man to kill a white man than the other way around. where are you all at then? why arent you standing up for your own race. you cant...your too weak.

its 85 times more likely that a black man will rape a white woman than a white man raping a black woman. where you white fools at then? why arent you all rallying for the woman of your own race?

this trial and circus the media made of it is a freaking joke.

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Jul-29-13 10:50 AM

A Hispanic man shoots a Black man in self defense & yet it is a WHITE MANS FAULT!!!! It's all about creating extreme racial tension so the Government can enforce Marshall Law. When this happens, of course it will be blamed on the Conservatives.

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Jul-29-13 10:08 AM and racist pigs like you keeping racism alive by screaming it every chance you get make me sick! you whackos are weak as individuals and easy manipulated and controlled.

by a HUGE margin the biggest threat blacks face is from their own race. i mean its not even close....93% my man. yet you racist pick one case, ignore the 93%, and pick 1 case and scream everyone is racist.

you make me sick!!!

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Jul-29-13 10:06 AM

you all pick one case, a case that makes up less than 3% of all the murders committed annually, and scream racism. you say end the "Stand Your Ground Law" although in florida alone blacks have gotten off murder charges by a 2-1 margin over whites using that very law in florida dude! so, what is it then? you want justice or do you want more black men in jail? sounds like you want more black men in jail to me.

the racist element in this country now comes almost entirely from those of us that screamracism all the time. you people are the racists. you follow al sharpton, NAACP, jesse Jackson and others who only survive and make profits if they keep racism alive....which makes them racist.

then you say anyone who is against the president is not against him because he is a bigger criminal than bush, but because we are now racists since the president is now a black man.

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Jul-29-13 10:00 AM

I really wonder where some of these commenters get their mis-information, it's like they DREAMED it so that makes it true in their warped mind. Maybe all the Disagrees kinda proves the point. I was not there, but I do believe Zim should have stayed in his car & Martin should have been in Miami but he was expelled from school & sent to his fathers ( for being such a wonderful student? ) Well I don't think so. Evidence & testimony from the trial tells us that Martin confronted Zim to show he was a hard-azz. Well like I said, Zim should have stayed in his car, Martin should have went home! It didn't happen that way so the news media ran with the story to divide the country even further. When the media found out Zim was Hispanic, they invented White-Hispanic. Go Figure!

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Jul-29-13 9:59 AM

thedifference...93% of all blacks who are murdered are murdered by other blacks, and that makes up half of all the murders in the USA annually, even though blacks make up only 12% of the population. why arenbt you rallying against that?

every week....every single chicago alone 15 black teens are killed by other blacks. why arent you rallying to fix that?

less than half of black kids graduate from h.s. why arent you rllying to change that problem?

during the 513 days from the time trayvon died until zimmerman was acquitted, 11,106 blacks murdered other blacks. 11,106!!! why arent you rallying to find out why?

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Jul-29-13 8:58 AM

The jury did their job they could not find him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. You may not like the verdict but that is the outcome of the trial. Our justice system is not perfect but I am glad we have it. We have a justice system where you get tried by a jury of your peers. Would you want to have a justice system where you get tried in front of a crooked judge then get thrown in a work camp for something you did not do?

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Jul-28-13 10:29 PM

Dif, you have done quite a job in spreading the flames of racism with your misinformation quotes. I guess if you're not happy with a jury verdict what do you plan to do to change it beside constantly run your mouth of things about the trial and evidence that were NEVER brought up. You just keep on hating and spreading your viper tainted words, you have done so much for racial harmony, maybe one of the race baiters from MSNBC will call on you for a consultant job, at least that may get you off the comment line.

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Jul-28-13 7:53 PM

"YOu want to talk about speculation"

Nah, this is an internet board. We don't "talk.," illiterate.



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Jul-28-13 7:17 PM

Tell me why Zimmerman was affraid of Travon? YOu want to talk about speculation it is speculation that made Zimmerwuss affraid of Travon in the first place for no reason at all.Then if Zimmerman was affraid why did he even approach Travon? The fact remains that had Zimmerman obeyed the police and his training Travon would be alive and we would not be having these discussions. Zimmerman is entirely at fault and got away with murder and that is what the evidense" is.

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Jul-28-13 7:15 PM

The one thing you can never prove is how someone is feeling. It's impossible to prove fear because people can act any emotion. You can make an assumsion someone was feeling one way or another but you can never prove it. This verdict makes people say that Zimmerman, a 28 year old ARMED man was affraid for his life from a 16 year old UNARMED boy walking home from the store. Affraid enough to allow him to kill him. Make sense out of that? There is none.

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Jul-28-13 7:02 PM

Travon DID try an run away. Zimmerman chased him down. Travon though he was making it home he was 3 houses away when Zimmerman killed him.

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Jul-28-13 7:01 PM

The evidense is he was stalking Travon from Travon's point of view. That is clear. Even the police saw this which is why he was told not to follow or approach Travon. You ignore the evidense. The stand your ground law is based not on any condition or what caused the condition it is based on fear for your life. Pick a fight and then start losing the fight pull out a gun, muirder and claim self defense for a fight you started. That IS EXACTLY WHAT ZIMMERMAN DID.

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Jul-28-13 5:35 PM

Here is the one thing that I have not heard said yet. Why did Travon not RUN away? Why when he was supposedly confronted, why did he not haul tail right then and there. When I was younger, if a man followed me I would have ran, or knocked on a door for help. Instead, he took on the " cracker "

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Jul-28-13 4:55 PM

Difference, NO COP ever gave Zimmerman advice during this episode.

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Jul-28-13 4:53 PM

Even Martin's girlfriend, Precious, who was on the phone with him admitted that Martin struck first. He was the aggressor.

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Jul-28-13 4:08 PM




See Leif.

Maybe you should turn of the MSnBatV and learn what you're talking about... and some basic English while you're at it.

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