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City’s good side

Documentary looks at Warren positives

July 22, 2013

A local multimedia company is capturing the positive side of Warren one frame at a time....

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Jul-22-13 4:54 AM

To be fair, both the good and bad of Warren should be seen. Otherwise the new arrivals will be shocked by the bad like the streets that have not been repaved in many many years, the number of empty abandoned houses on almost every street, and the number of empty downtown store fronts.

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Jul-22-13 6:51 AM

Are you kidding? Warrens "good side". LOL!

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Jul-22-13 7:04 AM

Good article, I hope he is successful. It would be nice to try to attract some industry here to try to revitalize the area.

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Jul-22-13 7:18 AM

Once again WP...just spew your negativity! Can't be happy someone trying to spread good upon our city now can you? You just can't find anything good to say about Warren but yet use its name in your blogger name and offensively name it with "proud" but yet always the negative feedback. I won't stoop to hypocritical name calling because it is not needed beings almost everyone that comments on this board already know your level of incompetence.

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Jul-22-13 7:55 AM

Anytime somebody makes an effort to better the city or just takes time to enjoy what there is about it, is a winner in my opinion. Keep up the good work Mr. Ross!

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Jul-22-13 8:27 AM

I always appreciate reading the good news! I would enjoy watching the film as well.

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Jul-22-13 8:42 AM

There are warren citizens that do good all of the time it would have been nice if Mr Ross could have filmed the kids that had the lemonade stand to raise money for their school supplies. You can say what you want about our mayor but he was the only city official to show up both weekends to help donate to these two kids. Where was Jim Graham or any of the city council. I think it is about time to give some recognition to those who do good in the city of warren day in and day out.

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Jul-22-13 9:01 AM

mssmith, your example could be taken different ways such as things are so bad that kids have to sell lemonade to get money for school supplies. Congrats to the kids for doing that but it is also not a sign of a thriving community.

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Jul-22-13 9:18 AM

Geezzz MsSmith nice way to take an upbeat article and trash it. Good job. I hope the film is not only a success but a part of the revitalization. Kudos to this gent.

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Jul-22-13 9:40 AM

Great idea and article! I would like to see advertisement of the films release prior to the release, facilitating wider reception and success.

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Jul-22-13 9:50 AM

Crime is bad, God is good!

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Jul-22-13 9:56 AM

My point is the tribune was contacted by the mom several times to do a story on something positive that the kids are doing. They are not looking for a hand out and they are willing to work for it. There are to many people on here that say the residents of warren are lazy and looking for a handout.

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Jul-22-13 10:12 AM

A humble and sincere "THANK YOU" Mr. Ross. Positive attitude is always better than negative.

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Jul-22-13 10:34 AM

mrssmith: Please dont take offense but often things we say and do are not as well received as we expect; regardless of good intentions.

Look at it from the newspapers possible view. Some kids are selling lemonade for a good cause... ok. The mom is calling the paper to get publicity...why? Is this still a feel good story? What are the moms intentions? Oh wait is the money really for the kids?

Teaching kids responsibility is honorable but teaching them to be recognized for good deeds, well not so much. Biblically, we are to do do good for those in need as needed without recognition. (paraphrased)

Perhaps IF the mom would have just let the kids continue unnoticed, a neighbor or passerby would have called the paper, thus making it a viable feel good story.

I dont think anyone is suggesting the kids didnt deserve recognition but because some officials showed up is not confirmation of support for the kids its just another political photo op.

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Jul-22-13 10:49 AM

msmith, I am surprised at your reaction. When I read this story I thought to myself "msmith finally got a positive warren story" You are kinda looking a gift horse in the mouth. Be thankful.

This would be the equivalent of me dissing all the Veteran stories because they are not covering my husband- I am just thrilled they are honoring vets.

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Jul-22-13 10:55 AM

The best thing about Warren is its diversity. All income brackets, races and faiths.

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Jul-22-13 10:56 AM

Robinj the mom has been posting it on Facebook each kid has raised 75.00 for their school supplies and cloths they are even helping out a neighbor boy. They should be recognized for what they are doing if it was some teens from harding doing something bad the tribune would be posting stories like warren teens in trouble. The tribune has a funny way of posting everything that is bad in warren but nothing that is good in warren. It happened to me when I went to harding they found pot in a kids locker the tribune did a story on that but refused to do a story about Mr states and our horticulture class who grew plants and made crafts to sell that was a good program that never seen any publicity from the tribune it did not even make the community news.

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Jul-22-13 11:01 AM

2fishingfools my point is there is positive stuff that goes on in warren that the tribune refuses to do a story on they rather do a story on finding pot in a kids locker instead of doing a story on kids voulenteering their time to make downtown warren look better.

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Jul-22-13 11:03 AM

This man just inspired me today. Thanks for the positive message and positive attitude.

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Jul-22-13 11:04 AM

Yet Msmith this is a feel good story and you found a way to knock it. Which appears that only you know which feel good stories should show up in print. Others opinions of a good story don't seem to live up to your standards. And I am guessing that family isn't the only one who are proactive in earning $ for school supplies and clothes. I have done it both watched my kids, encouraged them, helped them and earned for my own supplies and clothes. I never expected to be in any paper for it, and especially on the front page. In fact I would have been mortified if my face was front page even for good reasons.

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Jul-22-13 11:05 AM

Again msmith you are unreasonable. Good day mam' good day.

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Jul-22-13 11:08 AM

Yes KSMITH _ VERY GOOD POINT! msmith, two boys from our church are roofing on their summer vacation to buy school supplies and help their families financially. Which story is more important- your friends with the lemonade stand or mine with teen boys doing a mans job?

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Jul-22-13 11:11 AM

2fishingfools there would be a lot more positive stories about warren if the tribune would report them. You get 10 bad stories for every one good story they post about warren. I went to school in warren I seen all the good warren students would do. How many food drives does the tribune report on that is done by the key club or the honor society. The food drives those kids do don't even make the paper.

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Jul-22-13 11:17 AM

Again msmith- you cannot answer any question posed directly to you. I am busy today- taking the husband to the doctor. Maybe I will cry later that the trib did not cover his trip to the Va as a disabled vet.

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Jul-22-13 11:18 AM

2fishingfools you have missed my point I grew up in warren and have seen good people doing good things all of the time. The residents who are doing good in the city get out shadowed by the ones who are thugs that the tribune love to report about. I think it is about time the tribune does a positive story about warren instead of all the negative ones.

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