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Warren continues work on house demolitions

July 21, 2013

WARREN — M&M Demolition Inc. likely will receive the contract to tear down the second set of houses being demolished in Warren using Moving Ohio Forward grant funds....

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Jul-22-13 7:13 PM

i wonder... did the press in Loraine and Youngstown and Toledo have to write articles like this regarding the AG settlement demolition spending?

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Jul-22-13 1:21 PM

Mr. Franklin, Tear that house down.

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Jul-21-13 8:09 PM

People also forgot to mention that for decades the fed subsidized highways, housing, and loans geared towards zero-growth automobile centered suburbs. Warren city lost 1/3 of it's population across a period that Trumbull County overall lost more like 1/6... and this happened in pretty much every American metro area, big and small, and especially in the industrial midwest. It's called sprawl, and it means that we killed our own cities just as much as any outsourcing did.

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Jul-21-13 2:05 PM

M&M are you hire

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Jul-21-13 12:39 PM

So Warren takes the lowest bid to demolish houses....

Too bad that did not apply that to Sunshine in the remodeling fiasco.

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Jul-21-13 11:20 AM

Insider, you forgot to mention that, around 1960, there was a huge manufacturing tax base in Warren which helped pay for everything. That no longer exists. The manufacturing jobs are all in foreign countries thanks to unpatriotic, treasonist, greedy capitalists.

You also forgot to mention that nearly everyone who wanted a job had a decent one & was therefore able to maintain his home. Unions were largely to thank for that.

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Jul-21-13 10:50 AM

So, first the asbestos has to be removed costing more money. Sad thing is, this asbestos ends up in the land fill. This is a fact.

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Jul-21-13 9:57 AM

It is interesting that an auto, after years of wear and tear, becomes more expensive to fix than it is worth and needs to be junked. However, a house, with routine maintenance, should keep it's value for a century or more. So why are there hundreds of abandoned homes in Warren (and other central cities)? I would guess that these soon to be demolished homes weren't abandoned because they were damaged by lightning, flood, tornado, or Martian death ray; but because it was cheaper to just walk away from a home that couldn't even be sold for one dollar.

Someone in Warren, circa 1960, would see a bustling city of 60,000, good schools, clean parks, and no boarded up houses. All this with only a one percent city income tax, no food stamps, no free school lunches, no Medicare, no community development grants, no brick crosswalks, no Obamaphones, and no thousands of people relying on EBT cards.

Warren's Democrat voters have gotten the city they deserve. The others have moved out.

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Jul-21-13 8:13 AM


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Jul-21-13 8:12 AM

Natvio maybe I have been out of warren to long but how does mike lays still have a job. I would not be covering for him if I was the mayor or any of his bosses if he is not doing good for the city then why is he still there and has his job.

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Jul-21-13 8:00 AM

May as well tear down the clubhouse at Avalon Golf abandoned that building.

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Jul-21-13 6:07 AM

Better late then never. Mayor Franklin has shown us how his failure to lead stands out in this long delayed house tear down project. Warren needs new direction. I hope Jim Graham will once again run for the mayor's office. We need new leadership here in warren badly.

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Jul-21-13 4:37 AM

John May is by all accounts a very credible and knowledgeable member of Warren's Community Development office. He is a credit and probably does a lot to make Mike Keys appear competent.

But hey, isn't he leaving CD ?

Golly! Sad how the good CD employees leave that department soon as they can make a move to any other city position that pays more.

I hope Mr. May does not get blamed for any failings of the CD department once he leaves CD by mike keys... Hate to see Mr. may be given the same treatment by Keys that he gave Ms. O'Brien once she left.... Only so much room under that bus.

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