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In life, no one is perfect

July 21, 2013

DEAR EDITOR: It would appear from Sunday’s poll — “Do you think Paula Deen was treated fairly?” 13 percent yes, 87 percent no — that a large majority of people are in sympathy with Paula Deen....

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Jul-23-13 9:56 PM

I will be in Savannah next week and will be eating till it hurts at her retaurant.

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Jul-23-13 9:25 PM

It's fine if you want to condemn Paula for long as you hold all the rap stars to the same level of accountability.

I can't agree with Walmart banning Paula while they sell rap.

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Jul-21-13 5:54 PM

According to WP ... Paula Deen is a racist but WP is NOT? Please! Ignorance begets ignorance and WP your ignorance is abounding once again!

Exactly why should anyone expect Paula Deen to "pay for sins of the past" with this financial lynching? Perhaps it is envy of her success?

Why would anyone wish demise on another? Does WP actually sit in judgement of self as WP judges the rest of us based on perception of skin color?

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Jul-21-13 1:07 PM

Paula Deen needs to be condemned for the awful fatty foods she cooked. Ick.


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Jul-21-13 10:21 AM

As I see it, Paula Dean made everything much worse than it was ... by her actions.

30...40...50... years ago things were different and most people worked to make changes about race relations, or to be a little more understanding about such.

But the "N" word went out of "style", way back in the 70's. Most level-headed, somewhat intelligent people learned the "N" word served no worthwhile purpose in our speech.

Maybe Paula Dean didn't get the memo.

In any case, why didn't Paula Dean just come out and said that the "N" word was imbedded into her speech vocabulary from birth and that she's since realized the hatefulness of the it's useage?

My Gawd... her diatribe about anyone who had never used a hurtful word to throw a stone at her head and kill her... please.

I think Paula Dean... herself, is the reason this issue has grown to envelope so much.

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Jul-21-13 8:42 AM

Another media manufactured racism story.

Wonder how many of the finger pointers over 50 ever played "eny meany, miny, moe..."?

Does that make us racists today?

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Jul-21-13 8:02 AM

Man, I saw the headline and thought I could show you all I really am perfect in every way, LOL LOL

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Jul-21-13 7:13 AM

I agree that she should have not been treated that way for something that happened 30 years ago. But that 84% should have done a little research on what kind of monster this lady is and the disgraceful manner in which she treated her employees. Just this alone would have educated that 84% enough to agree that she reaped what she sowed and got her just deserts.

After finding out that she had a God complex over her workers was sauce for the goose.

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Jul-21-13 6:26 AM

PAULA DEAN IS A SOUTHERN RACIST. She grew up in a time when that N-word was perfectly acceptable to much of our white population. Well that N-word is not acceptable now. She did not take responsibility for using the N-word in the past, but tried to blame others. I was so glad to see her punished financially for what she said.

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Jul-21-13 5:33 AM

Very true DoubleD.

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Jul-21-13 5:31 AM

3/4 of the people on here....Most will lie, most people lie if it's trendy. LOL

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Jul-21-13 5:28 AM

Paula is no racist. She simply was describing to her husband out of anger when a black man put a gun to her head demanding money. I would have referred to the situation in the same way and that does not make me a racist. I have several blacks friends. Besides, this was something stated over 30 years ago. There are black folks and then there are the "Ns." Just like there are gay folks and then *****s. A very big difference.

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