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Time to take action on voting

July 21, 2013

DEAR EDITOR: With the recent Supreme Court decisions on the Voting Rights Act, it is apparent that Congress needs to act....

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Jul-21-13 3:24 AM

Voter suppression in Ohio? Really?! The rest of the country sees Ohio rife with voter fraud! One of the most blatant voter fraud perpetrators was just sent to jail for 5 years.

The writers partisan views are clear with this statement, a long held liberal mantra "The Republican strategy now is to block as many people from being able to exercise their Constitutional right to vote"

In its opinion in Shelby County v. Holder, the US Supreme court said "the language is outdated and UNCONSTITUTIONAL, as it does not reflect the changes in the country since the act became law in 1965."

Oddly, this writer would like the readers to believe the liberal social engineers are concerned with ones constitutional rights when in fact it is quite the opposite.

Notice the keyword in the US Supreme Courts decision being UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

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Jul-21-13 4:06 AM

Further, the writer failed to account for the apportionment loss of 2 congressional seats.

Factually, Ohio has 16 districts, currently, the congressional delegation is 12 Republicans and 4 Democrats.

Ohioans have 2 senators, currently, 1 Republican and 1 Democrat.

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Jul-21-13 4:08 AM

OMG, Loof Dumbtalk Strikes again!

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Jul-21-13 6:53 AM

While I agree that these are desperate times for the GOP and their last ditch effort to remain in existence as proved by their actions, the last thing we need is another Government department. Just let them, 1. Fade out of existence, 2. Change their ways and get with the program of the American people. and not Corporations.

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Jul-21-13 8:20 AM


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Jul-21-13 8:27 AM

Time for voters to act now to get a proper photo ID before the elections occur.

Lots of time.

Make some arrangements.

Ask a senior if they need transportation.

But, quit your incessant bytching about a solvable issue. We are tired of listening to it.

Getting an ID is a small price to pay to help ensure the integrity of our vote.

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Jul-21-13 9:08 AM

ANYONE who feels it's wrong to require an ID for such an important event such as voting, definitely has another agenda other than wanting any election to be fair and legal.

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Jul-21-13 9:36 AM

Clean, absolutely correct, however, these "rabbits" will tell us that it's their RIGHT to have as many children as they wish to, my QUESTION is: WHERE IS IT WRITTEN THAT MY TAX DOLLARS HAVE TO SUPPORT THEM?

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Jul-21-13 11:03 AM

I am amazed how so many liberal posters actually dont know the facts concerning the positions they take on issues they post! Example, the disagrees on the factual composition of the Ohio Congressional Delegation. Discourse 101: Your opinion does NOT make fact! Surprise!

WP: Gerrymandering, interesting use of buzz word! The Voters Right Act of 1965 was SIMPLY MODIFIED by the U.S. Supreme Court NOT as you state, inaccurately, by the Republicans!

Daniel: "Get with the program of the American people not corporations" You cannot be serious! Obamacare implementation was postponed for ONLY CORPORATIONS & UNIONS, the mandate is still in effect for ALL people who overwhelming cannot afford it! How about the fact 48% of Americans are against abortion while only 44% are in favor?

BTW, I am NOT a Republican! Certainly NOT a Democrat either! I was a registered Democrat for many years until, 15 yrs ago, the Dems lost touch with the heart, soul, and conscience of the Christian

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Jul-21-13 12:30 PM

so why mr trib editor not be letting ppls put up comments for what mr disablitiy lawyer Robert L. Heller write, or for Nat ?

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Jul-21-13 12:58 PM

WP, gerrymandering is no different than minority set aside districts that are democrat. Look at the diagram of Fudge's district.

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Jul-21-13 3:27 PM

I knew ,after reading the first paragraph, who the dumb a.. was that wrote it.

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Jul-21-13 4:20 PM

Yea Builderbob, he's on some kinda ego trip to see how many comments he can get, look at how many times he rehashes the same old some old! This will be my last comment on this article. Why feed his ego!

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Jul-21-13 4:39 PM

'The rest of the country sees Ohio rife with voter fraud!'

If this is true shouldn't Secretary of State Husted be in jail for ignoring it?

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Jul-21-13 5:04 PM

You know guys, make all the fun up you want about me it just shows that you have no way to dispute the facts or the argument presented in the article. The fact is Republicans drew the map not democrats and if democrats did it for there favor I would be saying the same thing it's not right or representative of what our country is “supposed” to be about. Republicans like yourselves so brag about this being a Republic and not a democracy should understand that a republic is a form of a democracy and is based on having representatives that reflect the will of the people so that the government will be run by that will. Republicans are obstructing that will and therefore obstructing this republic.

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Jul-21-13 6:24 PM

The USA has, over history, proudly led the way in expanding voting rights. Now we have the embarrassment of those who wish to constrict them. Small minds.

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Jul-21-13 9:43 PM

"You know guys, make all the fun up you want about me.."

Keep making it easy.

"it just shows that you have no way to dispute the facts or the argument presented in the article."

Anyone that with two brain cells could dispute the Rachael Madcow episode you're regurgitating.

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Jul-21-13 9:55 PM

how about that poll worker in cinci that just got 5 years in the can for voting 7 times for obama. she represented the voting rights that you liberal alinsky commies want.

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Jul-21-13 10:57 PM

Get an ID.

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Jul-22-13 2:19 AM

Yes Husted should be held accountable, after all he is in charge. If you are obstructing the Country from going forward then by definition you are a traitor and should be shot!....Impeachment, OMGosh your nuts good luck with that! What was the agenda when they changed the ID law and changed to the diebold machines which are crap by the way after many many many years? What a bunch of freaking liars it's amazing! this is called being racists dummies...Well if you people didn't reproduce like rabbittsk our nation wouldn't be getting drained by so many people on entitlements. 73% of all black children today are born out of wedlock....I don't like it either but dang admit it!

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Jul-22-13 2:25 AM

What a small memory we have about all the Bush voter fraud. hahaha

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Jul-22-13 8:10 AM

Warrenproud, I believe it was the Dumbocrats that bused voters to the polls in 08 and ACORN who threated voters to vote dumbocrat and was creating the most voter fraud all for the Dems. I don't understand whys dems have a problem with voters having a ID to vote, OH I know because of all the fraud!!!!

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Jul-22-13 8:40 AM

Democrats hate laws that even the playing field. As see with cinci and Cleveland Dems cheat where ever possible. That's why they don't want voter ID laws, that's why they don't enforce immigration laws. Doesn't take much thought to figure these scumbags out.

Funny how u petty fools blame the republican house for Obama's failed Presidency yet you don't blame the democrat house and senates for crashing the economy 2 years after they took super majorities in Bush's 2nd term. Proof positive of your childish, subjective, easily manipulated mindset.

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Jul-22-13 12:01 PM

80% of incumbents are returned to office at the federal level year after year after year.

Currently, there are 234 Republicans and 200 Democrats in The House. 187 Republicans will be re elected. 160 Democrats will be re elected.

Not requiring federal pre approval for redistricting, as SCOTUS has decided, will not change the fact, that we the people, keep voting for the same incompetence, election, after election.

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Jul-22-13 4:06 PM

like i commented earliier, you liberals make life interesting. look at detroit, hasn't elected a republican to office since 1957. oops i'm sorry'they elected one republican councilman one time. you libs don't get do you?

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