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Sat. 6:55pm: Rallies across Ohio for Martin

July 20, 2013

CINCINNATI (AP) — Thousands of protesters in Ohio voiced their frustration with George Zimmerman's acquittal in the shooting death of black teenager Trayvon Martin by joining a coordinated nationwid......

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Jul-23-13 9:46 PM


Although who was actually the aggressor makes no difference to me, that chain of events didnt need to happen. I think both of them were in the wrong and both of them could have done things differently to prevent what happened. I also believe that the jury verdict must be respected!!

As for the stand your ground laws, it was NOT part of Zimmerman's defense! Thirty states have similar laws, so I dont believe there is any problem leaving stand your ground in effect. As a woman, I want to be able to defend myself!

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Jul-23-13 9:32 PM

There was a witness, it was Rachel Jeantel on the phone. She said that Martin attacked Zimmerman first AND confirmed it with her attorney present on subsequent interviews.

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Jul-23-13 4:27 PM

All anybody can do is speculate Marmel since evidence dont always equal truth when the only other witness died. i dont always agree with crappola but his 11:07 is totally on point. if zimmerman pursued the boy never saying who he was, well??????? everybody using hindsight but no man can pursue people at night never expressing who he is and what he want without anticipating a fight. your 12:28 post is way way way off.

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Jul-23-13 12:28 PM

There is racism involved in this case however. It is very clear that the true Racism resides with the DOJ and all the people protesting this trail. If you are Black and protesting you hate whites (invented a race called white Hispanics in order to hate Zimmerman). If you are white and protesting you hate latinos. All you bigots would rather look at this case through the prism of race and something that happened 150 years ago instead of through proof.

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Jul-23-13 12:25 PM

NMC your post at 11:07 is speculation at best. The facts of the case (which you are obviously ignoring) point to Martin confronting Zimmerman. Your story would require Zimmerman running up to and confronting Martin, which based on all the evidence, cell phone calls, DID NOT HAPPEN! JC people they had a trail and evidence was presented. Why would you still sit hear and make stupid assumptions after the fact and contradictory to the facts that were freely presented to you FYI. INSANE, SIMPLY INSANE!

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Jul-23-13 12:15 PM

So, a coordinated effort could only muster 1,000 people in Cincy. LOL!

What liberals don't understand is Justice is blind, doesn't matter what color someone is, all that matter are facts. Doesn't matter what happened 50 years ago, doesn't matter what happened 150 years ago. Justice is based on facts, whether you like it or not. Handing down legal punishment is contingent on proving a law was broken beyond doubt.

Why can't you people wrap your head around this???

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Jul-23-13 8:59 AM

NMC, your comment on 07/22/2013 @ 11:07 was SPOT-ON!!! Great post.

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Jul-22-13 10:35 PM

I would not brag about meeting Tyson.

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Jul-22-13 8:56 PM

He lived in the Orwell Village apts. and all the fighters hung out at the T&C but what do you care? How are you "sure" who did what? A few years ago a blogger challenged him on that question and he named the cook for the camp, where she lived, where Don's daughters live on rt 45 and even the guy who drives the transport bus to and from airports and stuff only an insider would know. blogger ended up looking stupid! I can tell you from my sister living there you never talked to Mike Tyson or had beers with any black guys from the camp. Remember all the derogatory comments you make about blacks? Now suddenly you want to pretend you buddy around with them? Stop dude, you really are making yourself appear jealous and stupid. There were no white fighters or sparring partners in Orwell. You obviously hate blacks and will never convince anyone they would accept you in their circle. Remain racist all alone where you belong.

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Jul-22-13 7:00 PM

We do know that Martin a was pot head and thief that enjoyed fighting and burglarizing

Martin's tweets are too vulgar for this comment line.

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Jul-22-13 5:59 PM

When obonehead was in Illinois, he was a cosponsor and voted for expanding Stand Your Ground to Illinois. Once again, the divider in chief is BUSTED.

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Jul-22-13 5:34 PM

True AC/DC my sister remembers him from the Boxing camp in Orwell. You can't always judge people by what they say on a blog, you have to see what they do in their lives. He definitely is no racist!

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Jul-22-13 5:17 PM

Big difference, he try's to educate and keep the dialog intellectual. You only spew hate racism and arrange to meet readers to fight. Or allow African American people to fill out applications just to turn them down for jobs. I saw it myself you can't deny it, we can do without that! You're much too obsessed with NMC, who apparently won't give you the time of day now that your purpose here is clear. He's been around long enough to we know where his heart is, even donates his own money. You do nothing but create trouble and degrade African Americans!

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Jul-22-13 4:05 PM

Libh8ter & cleanupwarren must have bricks for brains because you can't see by now that the editor won't let you keep this racial hate going? Can't you also see that certain posters want absolutely nothing to do with you? Never acknowledge or respond to your stupid attempts to engage in this arguing and hate spewing you do everyday? I predict your accounts will be deleted before the weekend if you continue. it's just not allowed!

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Jul-22-13 3:12 PM

libh8ter those are the statistics from the Trumbull County Coroner. I don't make things up. If I am guessing I say so. If it is my opinion I say so.

'The 59 deaths in 2011 was the highest number since 2007. The 36 deaths in 2012 is the lowest number since at least 2006.' These are the numbers. Do the math.

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Jul-22-13 2:11 PM

Zimmerman rescued a still in identified man from an over turned truck. And his parents are still getting death threats and cannot return to their home. What are the chances that Eric Holder is looking into the hate crime death threats?

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Jul-22-13 1:51 PM

'The percentage of whites dying from drug overdoses compared with blacks remains high — with 97 percent being white in 2012, compared with 95 percent in 2011.'

These are the statistics in Trumbull County because you know....white kids never do anything wrong.

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Jul-22-13 1:39 PM

2ff: Some valid arguments. This recent mantra of whites are perverts, rapists & molestors is simply not true! My position is evil comes in ALL skin colors.

Total US population is roughly 54% European or white, 17% hispanic, 12% black, 10% multiracial, 6% asian, 1% native american

Comprising the largest sector, it is reasonable whites would have the highest number if incidents for any crime.

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Jul-22-13 1:11 PM

RobinJ-I read the same stats and thought of posting it here but did not because it can be argued that the 52% of whites includes hispanics. And hispanics have the highest sexual offense rates. Also it could be argued that it is under-reported in the black community- to that it can be countered it is also under-reported in some white communities (amish,extreme mormons) Additional facts are that forcible rape is almost always within the same race. When it is not it is ALWAYS a black on white crime and there were no reports of white on black rape. Also add the prison rape stats and it is majority blacks raping others.

Just giving you the arguements you will hear. I will concede that it does appear more whites than blacks are child molesters. I say "appears" because rape and child molestation are the MOST UNDER REPORTED crimes.The results don't factor in how much it is hidden in any culture.

I want all children to be safe from these monsters and all cultures to be at war with

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Jul-22-13 12:59 PM

Well guess what guys, Zimmerman just rescued someone from an overturned truck.

If he rescued a white man you will say he only rescued him because he was white. If it was a black man, you will say he only did it to look good.

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Jul-22-13 12:57 PM

The average age of a rapist is 31 years old.

52% are white.

22% of imprisoned rapists report that they are married.

Juveniles accounted for 16% of forcible rape arrestees in 1995 and 17% of those arrested for other sex offenses.

In 1 in 3 sexual assaults, the perpetrator was intoxicated — 30% with alcohol, 4% with drugs.

In 2001, 11% of rapes involved the use of a weapon — 3% used a gun, 6% used a knife, and 2 % used another form of weapon.

84% of victims reported the use of physical force only.

Source: U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Statistics. 1997 Sex Offenses and Offenders Study. 1997.

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Jul-22-13 12:52 PM

According to the U. S. Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics, on any given day there are approximately 234,000 sex offenders who were convicted of rape or sexual assault and are in the custody or control of correction agencies.

The median age of the victims of convicted sex offenders was less than 13 years old.

Approximately 24% of those offenders confined for rape and 19% of those imprisoned for sexual assault had been on parole or probation at the time of the crime.

In one year alone, approximately 4,300 child molesters in 15 states were released from imprisonment.

Of the 4,300 child molesters released, approximately 3.3% were rearrested within three years for another sex offense against a child.

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Jul-22-13 12:42 PM

Can I comment on a rally that I found to be completely distasteful.

The past week the families and victims gathered in Aurora Colorado. This was the one year anniversary.

Across the way gun proponents held a rally, guns and all. There are 364 other days for the gun lobby to protest.

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Jul-22-13 12:39 PM

Reality check. All the things that you know about Trayvon Martin were NOT know to George Zimmerman the night of the shooting.

He did not where he had been or where he was going. He did not know if he had been outside for 10 hours or 10 minutes.

What he know was that he saw a young man walking down the sidewalk. The young man was dressed in a hoody on a rainy February evening at about 7:15 in the evening. The young man was on the phone. He saw him walk up the sidewalk into a condo complex and around the corner. That is what he knew by his own admission.

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Jul-22-13 12:21 PM

NMC: I disagreed with your 11:35 post simply because I am NOT a pervert!

I disagreed with your 11:40 post because I dont believe that drugs and street crimes are black problems. Nor do I believe molestation is worse, I believe they are equally bad and that it is a problem for the entire community.

Not sure why you insist that kidnaps, rapes, molestation, and the like are only perpetrated by whites; or that these kids dont tell. Evil comes in ALL skin colors!

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