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Lights out in Warren

Company pulls plug on locating plant here

July 16, 2013

WARREN — Officials with a California-based lighting company that had been close to striking a deal to manufacture energy-efficient bulbs here said the deal is dead for now....

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Jul-17-13 5:30 PM

Doug if you are reading, I have confidence in you to know what needs to be done to bring in the right businesses in Warren. You can't hit a home run every time but I believe you will hit more than most.

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Jul-16-13 11:45 PM

A few people here crying about unions are missing the point that this manufacturer was already well aware of the organized labor background of our community and WANTED to come here. It was our local government officials that did not complete the deal, and I don't even know if that is a bad thing. Some of these companies pit communities against each other to see who will build buildings for them and subsidize their employee's wages and not have to pay any taxes, and when the benefit is used up move on to the next town. I do know that the local company VEC, whose growth the Tribune keeps writing about, is union signatory everywhere they work in the U.S.

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Jul-16-13 10:11 PM

The manufacturing sector is alive and well and will continue to improve slowly but steadily, especially in ohio.mayor franklyn is totally right.

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Jul-16-13 10:04 PM

They changed their mind and went in a different direction. It's as simple as that. Purely a business decision. It has nothing to do unions, welfare, or anything else being thrown around on here..

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Jul-16-13 8:35 PM

The union mentality of the past, the politics of the past and present, and the brain drain over the last couple of decades have made the Mahoning Valley an undesireable place to open and run a legitimate self-supporting business.

Don't believe it, look at the mayor of Youngstown trying just last week to play politics with the water issue - still - after all these years. Some will never learn, and only when they die off and are gone may the area hope to prosper.

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Jul-16-13 7:20 PM

Great comments here...can't recall everyone, but thebear and signman make valid points. You REALLY have to take into consideration the job pool, i.e., what qualifications they bring and who can actually pass a drug test. Welfare abounds. Why work when you can sit on the couch all day on my dime? And the company elite probably took a litle tour around Warren & Youngstown - looked at the roads, crumbing infrastructure, maybe took a look at crime statistics and used any excuse to say, "No. Thank You".

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Jul-16-13 6:32 PM

Motherof2, you are correct in stating that most jobs in this area barely pay a living wage, if that, BUT you never, ever, ever walk away from a job unless you've got something else lined up--and these people don't, except welfare.

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Jul-16-13 4:26 PM

Ohhh...half the town is on food stamps, 10% or so getting workmans compensation monies, another double percentage getting unemployment, and you keep voting for losers. Mayor Franklin and Sarah Boyarko should have gone to California and kissed Titan's rear end instead of having conference calls. Work is work, jobs follow jobs. Wages rise when companies make money. LED lighting is the future....and it's passing ole Warren up!

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Jul-16-13 2:49 PM

There was nothing to talk about - you can't bring your company to Warren without government grants? An already super-cheap workforce isn't enough? Good riddance!

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Jul-16-13 9:15 AM

Sounds like the grant writing process is what fell through the cracks.

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Jul-16-13 8:09 AM

The Bear, that is not totally true. Do you know what Delphi and Kmart Distribution pays nowadays? Delphi starts you at $10 hr, you have to be able to work all shifts and weekends, lift up to 70lbs, take an assessment screening and NOT BENEFITS. Kmart Distribution is the same way. Sure, right out of HS these would be ok jobs but not for someone in their 30's/40's. Like I keep telling people: GO LOOK ON THE JOB BOARDS. Indeed**** is good. They want people with 2 and 4 year degrees and all this experience and they are paying them squat. We should not be excited about $10 and $12 jobs....that is not even $25,000 a year!!!

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Jul-16-13 8:03 AM

Perhaps Solyndra can lend them some cash?

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Jul-16-13 7:50 AM

If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, it would be Christmas year round in Warren, Ohio.

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Jul-16-13 7:45 AM

I have confidence in Doug Franklin that he will find business to come to Warren.

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Jul-16-13 7:09 AM

From what I am reading the company dropped the ball on this one not the workers in the mahoning valley. The company was the one who did not provide additional details that they needed. It was not the job of someone who did not work there to provide the paper work. I am questioning what paper work they would not turn in and why did they not turn it in does that company have something to hide?

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Jul-16-13 6:29 AM

WP, up until ten years ago, I would have agreed with you, but I think that this generation of workers coming up does not have the union mentality ("sorry, not my job," "more money, less work," "don't confuse me with the facts, all management and the company I work for is evil and greedy and deserving of my hate," "I don't have to think for myself, the union will do it for me," etc), they have a WELFARE mentality. They don't know how to work. All they know is to do drugs, reproduce and collect a welfare check.

I have a friend who works at the KMart distribution center. She says they hire these people all the time, and by their first break, they're out the door and never come back. It's easier to collect welfare than to work. THAT is the mantra of the new generation coming up in the Youngstown-Warren area.

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Jul-16-13 5:56 AM

We spend $59 billion on social welfare programs, but more than $92 billion on corporate subsidies.

Corporations are given another $58 billion a year in tax breaks.

Hedge fund managers avoid at least $2.1 billion in taxes a year. This sweet deal – not available to the ninety-nine percenters, by the way – lets hedge fund managers and other selected fat cats take what amounts to ordinary wages and have them taxed as if they were capital gains. So instead of being taxed at 35% (39.5% if we eliminate Bush’s tax cuts for the rich) it’s taxed at 15%.

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Jul-16-13 5:53 AM

The local UNION mentality keeps employers from coming here and bringing good jobs with them. I don't know how you get rid of that mentality in the valley except wait for the unionites to die off then maybe.

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Jul-16-13 5:53 AM

"the company initially had been excited about the prospect of coming to Warren, but said talks fell silent largely after the potential for startup grants fell short of the company's needs."

What is there to talk about? Either you want your business here or you don't. Your Greedy rear did not get offered enough Corporate welfare money?

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