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Sun 5:37pm: Justice Dept. reviewing Zimmerman case

July 14, 2013

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department said Sunday it is looking into the shooting death of Trayvon Martin to determine whether federal prosecutors will file criminal civil rights charges now that......

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Jul-17-13 2:15 PM

Why do you keep attempting to get my attention, great it's over... so be gone already!

Try very hard to avoid folks who do not desire your company. It should be an easy task!

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Jul-16-13 4:55 PM

It was never "proven" who was yelling. If someone making a statement is all you need for proof, hey you made a verbal agreement to sign over the title to your car. See there is my proof, I said it!

See how dumb that sounds? Not even the experts could "prove" who was yelling, which is why they put both parents on the stand. And that still is not "proof"!

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Jul-16-13 3:44 PM

i thought mr zimmermin was guilty until it was proven to be his voice yelling for help and he was on the bottom when he fired his jackson and mr.sharpton will keep this case in the media in order to keep their jobs.

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Jul-16-13 3:35 PM

i thought mr zimmerman was guilty until it was proven to be zimmerman's voice yelling for help and he was on the bottom when he fired his pistol. j. jackson and a.sharpton will keep this case alive in the media so they can keep their jobs.feds need to keep out.they botch everything,especially wars.

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Jul-16-13 11:27 AM

If the CNN invented term "white hispanic" is now acceptable just because one of zimmerman's parents is white, then obonehead is our first white african American president.

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Jul-15-13 7:04 PM

Isn't it funny all this time and nothing was said, about the federal gov't filing charges. This should not happen, he was already found not guilty in a court of law for this crime. Now the federal gov't wants to jump in and pursue a hate crime against him. Sounds like someone in the black community just don't want to accept the decision of not guilty. Maybe someone is still looking for that big payday.

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Jul-15-13 6:34 PM

Of course this is the same genius of an AG that promotes guns for gangs in Mexico to kill our own citizens and black panthers at polling stations. And he has the nerve to talk race with a straight face? I wonder if his kid looks like travon too?

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Jul-15-13 4:33 PM

"Can't we ALL just get along"

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Jul-15-13 2:39 PM

The news media ran with this story to stir up racial tensions. If it would have been black killed black, white killed white, black killed white or hispanic killed black or black killed hispanic it would only be a local story. When the media realized Zimmerman was hispanic they invented the term White Hispanic. Yea I believe Zim should have stayed in car, Martin should have been in Miami in school but he was expelled for being a Thug. The DOJ should investigate the Media!

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Jul-15-13 2:26 PM

The DOJ investigation was started a year ago, before the trial. It was agreed by all parties that the investigation would go on hold before and during the trial so as not to interfere with the court system.

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Jul-15-13 2:08 PM

The same crew happy about this verdict are also the same crew who have not accepted the Presidential election results. And won't join the rest of Americans in Support of our President! What does that tell thinking folks?

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Jul-15-13 1:46 PM

Do you mean like the Republicans accepted the Presidential results and moved on? Huh Family guy? Because last I checked you were still winning about that and talking trash about our President.

Very easy to say move on when you got what you want. Smashing how you support Mexicans

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Jul-15-13 1:39 PM

Do you remember all the "crackas" out in the streets rioting and looting after the OJ verdict?

Neither do I.

Seems that they all had to get to bed so they could get up and go to work the next day.

Theft, looting, and destruction of public and private property, or even threats of doing this, are totally inexcusable and unacceptable just because one, who was not present in the court room nor was privy to the evidence, happens to disagree with a jury verdict.

The judicial system, which was under immense scrutiny worked.

Time to accept the verdict and move on.

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Jul-15-13 1:14 PM

Ignorance IS bliss! Let's not bring up OJ. Of course the chorus was the same as it is here. Hahahaha

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Jul-15-13 11:59 AM

Travon Martin was murdered because HE was defending himself against a vigilante who accosted him in the dark.

Where's Travon's right to self-defense?

Travon's mistake? He didn't use the sidewalk to actually kill Zimmerman.

Claims of self-defense now only apply to the last one standing.

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Jul-15-13 6:33 AM

This trial was a waste of time and resources, we need to get back to Benghazi and Chis Stevens cry for help--4 Americans were assassinated and still Obama is blocking this terrible incident is attempting to find the truth..

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Jul-15-13 6:20 AM

Martin started a fight with a sucker punch, actually Martin was profiling Zimmerman while on the phone using racial epithet's describing Zimmerman.

Eric Holder should be charged with high crimes against the State of Florida.

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Jul-15-13 6:05 AM

Once again the so called -experts - are making statements when they have no idea what they are talking about. Half the evidence the defense had was not allowed in court because they had to do everythnig they could to try and get Zimmerman convicted. The evidence they were allowed to show proved Martin started it and Zimmerman finished it. Martin should have stayed in Miami, but he had to get out of town. DOJ has no reason to get involved. Since when is it a civil rights violation to save your own life?

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Jul-15-13 3:05 AM

I bet the conservatives here who are demanding immunity for Zimmerman were singing the same song right after the OJ trial. I can't imagine them wanting those civil charges filed against him either.

Hahahaha... I'm kidding, of course they screamed for "justice".

Besides, one of the top loudmouth legal eagles here stated with absolute certainty yesterday that a civil action is against Florida law and there's no chance of further charges, so I guess that's the end of that. ...Kidding again.

Personally, all I wanted was a fair trial. I can accept a jury decision, whether it was OJ, Casey Anthony, or this guy, but I bet karma will catch up with Zimmerman, just like it did with OJ Simpson.

People don't seem to realize that when they strap on a gun, they may shoot someone that day and their life can change in an instant. Carrying a firearm comes with a huge responsibility. It's a deadly weapon, not a trendy fashion accessory.

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Jul-15-13 2:14 AM

Well if he had a son he sure as h.ell wouldn't look like Justin Beiber. LOL How is this racially divided, may I remind you that one is Black an the other is some sort of half Latin immigrant. It's not like ones white. ummm he's (Zimmerman) NOT white last I looked.(just has a Jewish name is all) I seriously doubt the President has anything to do with the Justice Dept. How was that a jury of his peers? How many looked like him or his mom or dad? LOL And verdict seems kinda one sided considering one side is dead. LOL

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Jul-15-13 1:01 AM

Double jeopardy. He should be constitutionally protected against a Federal suit.

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Jul-15-13 12:37 AM

Why did they not have any character witnesses from Travons' school or his home town, Why was he just kicked out of school? What about his Criminal Record? What was the term yesterday on one of these threads "Thugism"

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Jul-14-13 10:41 PM


You need to go Time Out until you can think rationally and speak in a civil manner.

You talk like one scary person.

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Jul-14-13 10:12 PM

This administration is bound and determined to tear this nation apart with a race war. It is what his father taught him. Just be careful what you ask for.

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Jul-14-13 10:10 PM

Proof that there is nothing more racist than a colored. I am sure that WP boycotts winter because snow is white.

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