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Man fatally shot in Niles

Killed in alleged burglary attempt

July 13, 2013

NILES — A Mineral Ridge man was fatally shot early Friday morning, apparently by the resident during a burglary attempt, police said. Niles police were called about 12:30 a.m....

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Jul-19-13 12:51 PM

It's very telling that someone does'nt want to focus on the legal implications of this shooting. All my comments have been deleted and not one violates Tribune policy!

I will simply re-post them later...

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Jul-15-13 7:27 AM

To the unnamed home owner;

Thank you for saving the tax-payers a ton of money.

Guess I missed Warrenproud's original post. She always provides a good laugh.

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Jul-14-13 7:20 PM

libh8ter--first I love you man. Second- reading your list of weapons made me think of Tackleberry in Police Third- who was involved in a murder in their past?

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Jul-14-13 1:59 AM

Can we say OVERKILL. LOL

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Jul-14-13 1:58 AM

I don't live in the hood, just have a .25 next to the bed and a 12 guage and a .22 in the corner of the bedroom. More worried about critters than Arab terrorists coming for me in my sleep...And not really worried about the critters since I've hunt and trapped as a kid for extra $$$. LOL

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Jul-14-13 1:43 AM

I wonder if 2 doors is a regular front doors an a ummm maybe a screen door? LOL

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Jul-14-13 1:38 AM

NomoreCrap... I love that word ( THUGISM ) That is now in my vocabulary, my new favorite word. Thanks. : )

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Jul-13-13 10:29 PM

Signman I have a biometric safe next to my bed that opens with my finger print in one second. Good luck getting to me before I get to that weapon first.

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Jul-13-13 9:27 PM

You are 100% right msmith82. Only an idiot would leave a loaded weapon around where some child can get it.

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Jul-13-13 9:18 PM

Sigman it is better than having a young kid getting a hold of one then shooting himself

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Jul-13-13 9:14 PM

good luck stopping an intruder with your guns locked in a safe............

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Jul-13-13 9:05 PM

Vampireweekend you are EXACTLY right. There is no shoot to injure in my book if someone is breaking into my house late at night. I'd much rather the law listen to one of side of the story, the truth, instead of some wounded criminal making up some BS that he was stopping by to borrow some eggs for the cake he was making. Try to break into my house, I'll unload the whole clip, all 17 rounds, which is the LAWFUL and PROPER amount of rounds that law abiding citizens should be able to carry, not 10.

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Jul-13-13 7:07 PM

I'd like to know what the victim saw through the two doors to shoot through them. The key to shooting someone breaking into your house is that you have to be in emminent fear of your life.

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Jul-13-13 4:40 PM

There is a saying that I live by " shoot until the event is over". The last witness you want is the one you just shot! One way! Empty that clip, after all you are in fear of loosing your life.....aren't you?? As a gun toter myself, all I will say is threaten my life, pay with yours.

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Jul-13-13 2:02 PM

I have heard of cases like that to where the home owner was then sued for protecting the property.I dont think they should be allowed to sue when they were the ones doing the crime. If the evidence comes out the home owner was in the right then. Out where we live the trumbull county would take 30 mins to an hour to get to us I would not wamt to wait that lomg especially with the fact you dont know that they are armed

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Jul-13-13 1:52 PM

The only thing that bothers me more than wp's original comment is that 4 people actually agree with it. If you are breaking in my house, prepare to die. How do you know if the bad guy has a gun or not? I'm not waiting around to find out. Believe me I will get off the first 10 shots.

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Jul-13-13 1:40 PM

nomorecrap i would like to know the details of what happened. If this guy was armed when he broke into his house then he has every right to defend his property. who knows if this guy was trying to protect his family.

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Jul-13-13 12:30 PM

Always amazed I never grew up with guns. I learned how to shoot because my ex thought I should learn I am glad I did learn. My husband and his family has guns they are in a safe locked up.

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Jul-13-13 12:10 PM

reallytiredofit I agree. Think there is more to this story>

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Jul-13-13 8:45 AM


I am also glad of the outcome. However, you should always have your target in sight. Never shoot blindly.

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Jul-13-13 8:37 AM

It might be just a tad early to make a judgment here. There are too many details missing here. Things like just who was Terry Allen? What was his criminal background? What was the probability that he was there to burglarize the home? What is meant by two doors? is that two doors together or two separate doors in different parts of the house? Did he make any announcements or warnings through the door to Mr. Allen before he shot. The fact that he shot through his door does indicate some panic on his part.

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Jul-13-13 8:29 AM

although I don't agree with firing through a closed door, I am pleased with the outcome.It could have been a young kid.

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Jul-13-13 8:22 AM

Thank you Home Owner for saving the tax payers and the community many dollars, years and heart ache with one well placed bullet!

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Jul-13-13 8:15 AM

Warrenproud not everyone lives in the city.People who live in the country depend on the sheriff department for their police support. I am sorry I am not waiting 30 mins to an hour for the cops to show up. If someone breaks in my house and I feel my life is at risk I will protect myself. You don't know if this guy was armed. Say this guy called 911 and did not shot him and let him break in and the bugler had a gun and shot the home owner then what will you say.

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Jul-13-13 8:02 AM

WP ALWAYS seems to have the answer to problems but is the first to criticize justice. Its time WP is voted into the President position for thugs rights and forgot to throw in the race card! Most people would reasonably think at 12:30 am a person is not trying to break in for a friendly chat and to bring up any charges would just waste taxpayer money on a trial. I believe this sends the proper message to the thugs that legal firearm owning citizens will not tolerate their criminal behavior!

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